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Kinky Kollege Fashion Show

October 28, 2009

When my Master sent me my packing list – complete with 10 different pairs of shoes – i did wonder for a moment if that might be excessive. But i managed to fit it all into one giant suitcase, so i was good to go.


IMG_7436 IMG_7457 IMG_7451

For traveling Friday, i wore skinny jeans, black lace bra and panties, a red striped button down shirt my Master is particularly fond of, and black knee-high stiletto boots (because wearing them is the easiest way to pack them!).[1]

After we’d checked in to the hotel and picked up our registration packages, we went back to our room to relax for while and get ready for the FetLife Meet and Greet event. This is when i realized that i’d forgotten my black garter belt set. No worries, because it turned out the pink set worked well with my red school girl skirt, white lace t-shirt, white stockings, and perfectly matchy fuchsia stiletto pumps. When we arrived at the Meet & Greet there was a scavenger hunt, and since i was the only person there wearing a garter belt for most of the event, i got to meet quite a few people!

After the Meet and Greet and Opening Ceremonies we headed back up to the room to change for Friday’s play party, with my open sided black stretchy dress and RSVP platform sandals.

Saturday Day

IMG_7463 IMG_7469 IMG_7488

Breakfast came bright and early, in Steve Madden platform sandals, dark jeans, a frilly white shirt and black leather jacket.

For our morning classes, a red corset top, girly cream skirt and mega-strappy red patent gladiator sandals[2] were just the ticket.

Lunch and afternoon wandering through the vendor area came in a new one-shoulder purple dress and NOT the gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana metallic snakeskin pumps that are pictured. Sadly, they were just for play, not keeping (and they didn’t fit right anyway), so for actually wearing the dress out of the room i wore the same platform sandals from breakfast. But the silver shoes were better with the outfit for sure.

Saturday Night

IMG_7508 IMG_7523

Master and i left campus for dinner, and i rocked this sexy backless dress with patterned hose and classic black stilettos.

Then it was play time, in smoking hot Carlos Santana boots, fishnet stocks, zebra bra-panty-garter set, new black leather skirt from the vendor’s area, and a crisp white blouse.


IMG_7533 IMG_7541

Sunday was a little more conservative, but no less hot for my Master who really likes the sexy secretary look. For breakfast and classes, a patterned white shirt (with black zebra bra peeking out from underneath), high waisted black skirt with leopard lining, and burgundy stilettos.

Lunch and travel saw me in black dress slacks, a black and white patterned shirt, and red stilettos.

3 days, 10 outfits, 10 pairs of shoes! That’s our idea of a good weekend!

(And yes, for anyone who followed the links, i do have 4 pairs of the same brand of stilettos, just in different colors. In fact, i have a 5th pair at home that didn’t get to make the trip with its siblings. What can i say? My Master knows *exactly* what He likes!)

[1] Nine West brand, bought last year at DSW, so no linky-love for the shoes sluts
[2] Also Nine West, also a DSW find – and the salesguy at the store thought they were so hot on me wasn’t going to let me leave without taking them home.


Room Service

October 27, 2009


My Master and i had a really great time at Kinky Kollege. We attended some interesting classes, had a couple of good scenes, met (and played a bit) with a sexy reader of my blog, and had some nicely concentrated time to focus on each other. i’m hoping to write up all the little bits of the weekend over the next few days, plus the fashion show post of my 9 different outfits with 9 different pairs of shoes!

But right now I want to write about Friday night. After a decent but not great scene in the dungeon, my Master dragged me up to the room. i had the post scene munchies, and as i was perusing the room service menu, my Master called me over to the bed.

“Keeping looking at that,” He said, “but get on top of me.” i straddled His face as instructed and was treated to a really delightful cuntlicking, with added nipple play, first rubbing and stroking, and eventually tugging and pinching. Both at once – swoon! i looked at the room service menu long enough to decide what i wanted, and then abandoned the menu to focus on the wonderful feelings in my cunt and my nipples.

As long-time readers of this blog will know, orgasm doesn’t come easily for me. So i can get self-conscious with oral sex (or any kind of sex, for that matter), because i “know” i’m not going to get off, and feel like i’m… i don’t know, inconveniencing (?) my partner. But this night i made a really conscious effort not to fall into those thought patterns. If my Master wanted to lick His slavegirl’s cunt, who was i to say that He should do otherwise? And i knew He’d lick me exactly as long as He wanted to and no longer, so i didn’t worry about the timing, i just enjoyed the sensations.

Before long, i started to feel little inklings of a possible orgasm. But as is usually the case for me, i’d peak a little, then back off again, just when it seemed i was about to get somewhere. But again, i made a conscious effort to think of this as a submissive act, and not to focus on some end goal for myself. i was enjoying something my Master wanted to do to me, and i committed to just enjoying what was happening and not to really “try” for any particular outcome.

After quite a while of this, my Master told me to undo His pants and take His cock into my mouth. Well, if i’d been enjoying myself before, this made it so much better. His cock was really hard and from my position above Him, i could slide it right into my throat, giving myself some little breath control thrills as His girth cut off my airway until i pulled myself up a bit to get a gasp of air.

As i was getting more and more aroused i found that i needed to change position, and i slid down so that i was lying right on my Master instead of on my hands and knees. This let my legs be closer together (which i realized later is something i usually need to orgasm), and also let me get a little more stimulation by humping my Master’s face a bit as He licked me and i sucked Him. Again, i felt a twinge of worry that He wouldn’t want me doing that, and again slammed it down, trusting that He’d take control of the situation if He wasn’t getting what He wanted out of it.

And then it happened. Something that hardly ever happens. Which is that i came to the feeling of my Master’s tongue on my clit. His cock was buried so deep in my throat that i didn’t actually manage to ask for permission first. (i got in a little bit of trouble for that the next day).

After i came, He dragged me to the edge of the bed, slid His cock in my cunt, and fucked me until it was His turn to come.

And then we ordered room service.


Ready for anything

October 22, 2009


It’s our long awaited weekend. Master and i are off to Chicago for a weekend of debauchery at Kinky Kollege. i’m very excited.

We both found our previous BDSM weekend event experience to be something that allowed us to deepen our relationship and come out feeling very renewed. i hope this weekend goes just as well.

Even better, actually, because i’m really hoping that i don’t get sick like i did last time. We had lots of plans that got dashed because i wasn’t feeling well. And i suspect my Master has some plans for me this weekend as well, and hope that He gets a chance to put them into motion. i’m a little scared about what they might be (there’s been lots of talk of exposure and objectification in my world lately), and of not performing up to His expectations. But mostly i’m excited about having this opportunity to serve Him, and maybe living out some fantasies in the process!


After His Arrival

October 19, 2009


(Read part one)

After that, things get a little hazy.

He lay me down on the bed and proceeded to play with me in various ways. Spanking my cunt (oh, how He loves to spank my cunt). Continuing to play with my nipples throughout everything, keep me aroused and hungry for Him. One thing that i found utterly agonizing was that He wouldn’t kiss me. He would lean into my face and touch my lips with His tongue, or brush His lips against me ever so briefly, but if i tried to engage Him in a kiss He’d pull right away. i quickly learned not to try, and to just savor the little tastes that He was giving me.

Soon i was begging to suck His cock. As before, he kept brushing that hardness up against me, and it was making me so hungry to have Him in my mouth. Cock was all i could think about. i was so desperate i was lying on the bed tilting my head back, trying to touch His cock with my tongue even through His jeans. He laughed at me, calling me His hungry little cock slut, and made me beg some more. Then He made me show Him how i would service Him by demonstrating on my sex shoe (one of the black patent stilettos we reserve for fucking and sucking). i licked it all over and took it in my mouth, as deep as i could and then deeper when He pushed it in so far that i began to gag.

i guess i did a good enough job demonstrating, because soon my head was tipped backwards over the edge of the bed as He fucked my face, hands still reaching down to play with and torment my nipples. Eventually we moved to a more usual position, one where i can use my hands on His shaft and balls in just the way He prefers, and my cock-hungry mouth became very happy. i love the way He tastes, and the way He feels in my mouth. i love the salty pre-cum at the tip as He gets close, and the way He just fits so perfectly.

i’d have been happy to take His cum in my mouth, but i was even happier when He chose instead to pull me to the side of bed, fucking me in one of my favorite postions, with Him standing at the side of the bed and my legs pulled up high over His shoulders, where all i can see is His face and whatever sexy pair of shoes i happen to be wearing. i love that first fuck of a visit, when He’s so hard that He completely impales me and it’s like my whole body has become nothing but cunt.

When He came, i shuddered with Him, with the electricity of His semen hitting my cervix. As He collapsed on to me we curled in on each other, bodies becoming as close to one as we could manage. i was almost entirely satisfied. Almost entirely happy. There was just one little thing.

“Please, Sir,” i begged. “PLEASE can i kiss You now?”

And as His mouth joined mine, all the “almosts” went away.


Awaiting His Arrival

October 18, 2009


Some of my best visits with my Master happen when we are meeting in a different city and one of us arrives at our hotel before the other. Last week that was me. As before, i was under instructions to have everything put away in the room, so that when my Master walked in it was like walking into His own brand new hotel room, one that just happened to have a wet and eager-to-please submissive waiting in it. Now wouldn’t that be a nice frequent traveler perk?

So there i was, kneeling by the door, wearing my zebra print bra-panty-garter set, nude stockings, a white button down shirt, my red schoolgirl skirt, and red stiletto pumps. i was tipsy – both from the glass of wine at my post-meeting reception and with arousal from my day long anticipation of my Master’s arrival. As i knelt, my arousal intensified even more, especially when the door clicked and my Master walked in.

He walked right past me, putting His things in the room, getting my collar and leash out and bringing them over to put on me. i’d been in my La Domaine posture – legs spread, palms up on my thighs, chin held high to show my pride at being His submissive, but eyes on the ground to signify my humility – and when He told me to look at Him i couldn’t help but break into a huge smile. Which seemed utterly inappropriate to the seriousness of the moment, but inescapable all the same, i was just so overjoyed to see His face and be in His presence.

When i was collared as He desired, He stood behind me, running His hands up and down my body as i knelt, reaching in to my shirt and playing with my nipples (both at once, guaranteed to make me oh-so-hot), and otherwise teasing me. If i moved my hands from my sides He’d order them back again, which was torture when i so needed to touch Him. Instead, He only touched me, and soon i could feel His growing erection pressing against the back of my head.

i was so aroused at this point that i couldn’t help but rub myself against it, feeling utterly submissive as i held my arms at my sides and sought all the contact that He would allow me with His cock.

It was such a relief when He pulled me up and pushed me on to the bed.

(to be continued…)


Serious Shoes

October 11, 2009

Seriously hot, that is. (More pics from this shoot on Flickr.) Shoes from Zappos.




Collar Shopping

October 8, 2009

IMG_7337 IMG_7338

Back when my Master and i first got together, He found a small choker style collar at a kink store near him. It was a thin black leather band, with a tiny d-ring in the front. We liked it because it just looked a little “goth” and not explicitly D/s, so i could wear it out in all sorts of environments where my real collar wouldn’t do. And it was the collar i could keep with me and where when i was apart from my Master, whereas He keeps my real one with Him.

But it was made of very thin leather, and in the last few months, the leather around the snaps in the back started to tear, and a couple months ago it tore right through. So we went looking online for something that might be a good replacement.

Neither of the two above is subtle enough, to serve the same purpose, but we decided to keep them anyway, since they were cheap enough that they weren’t worth sending back. i’ve been wearing the one on the left to sleep in when my Master tells me to, and i definitely like it for that.  (The one with the lace is prettier, but the lace is a bit too scratchy for sleeping in.) And we’re still looking for something that’s street-friendly.