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November 22, 2007

Thank You, Sir, for making me Yours.

i love You, always and completely.


A spanking story

November 21, 2007

The other day, my Master told me that He wanted a fantasy in His inbox when He woke up – no excuses – and that i’d better make it one that He’d like. i had a really hard time coming up with something to write about – being made to write on command gives me performance anxiety like nothing else! i wished for a moment that we were like those couples for whom physical punishment was part of the dynamic – where if i didn’t follow His instructions, i’d get some theoretically awful (but ultimately delicious) punishment. But my punishments run to cold showers instead, and i really hate disappointing my Master (even aside from the cold shower part!) But now that i was thinking about punishment, i finally had something to write about.


“Get over here,” You commanded, and i moved quickly to kneel in front of You.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, and disappointed me. You know what happens to bad girls, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” i muttered quietly. “Bad girls get a spanking.”

“That’s right,” You said, and You pulled me up onto your lap, over your knee. Then You pulled my short schoolgirl skirt up (not that it needed much up) and pulled my lace panties down around my knees.

“Ten to begin, I think,” You said. “Count them for me.”

And then Your hand struck my bare bottom. Hard. This was not play. This was not a warm up. This was punishment for disappointing my Master. i yelped, but followed that up with a quick “One!”

By the time You reached ten, i could feel the heat radiating off my bottom, and i could imagine that it must be quite pink.

“What do you have to say for yourself, slavegirl?”

“Your slavegirl is very, very sorry, Sir. Please forgive me for my mistake?” i muttered meekly.

“I don’t think you’re nearly contrite enough yet,” You said. “Let’s see what I can do about that.”

And with that, You picked up a hard wooden paddle and began to spank me with it. i cried out in pain, and my body involuntarily tried to pull away, to escape the paddle on my behind.

“Stop squirming,” You commanded, and i did, steeling myself to stay in position, breathing deeply as You continued to spank my sore red bottom, alternating between the heavy thud of the paddle and the quick sting of your hand.

You hadn’t asked me to count, and i couldn’t have, i was so lost in the red hot pain, barely capable of breathing, but relying on those breaths to guide me through the pain. Eventually i began to shake, and then to cry, and then i was begging You between my sobs.

“Please, please, please, Sir, please forgive me. i promise i won’t do it again. i promise i’ll do anything You ask, be Your perfect slavegirl. i’m so sorry i disappointed You, please Sir, please forgive me.”

You never stopped spanking me as i sobbed out those words, but as my words evolved into simply moans, You stopped. And pulled me into Your arms. And kissed me deeply.

“Yes, my dearest slavegirl, i do forgive you.”


Tale of a Shoe Fucking Piss Slut

November 20, 2007

i went upstairs and got into bed. i was cold, so i curled up in bed for a while to warm up, throw off the stress of my day, and get into a submissive place. i thought about our visit in the fall, where You’d made me Your piss slut in truth, and how much that visit was enhanced by having the opportunity for so much build up beforehand. i started thinking about some of the things that You’d made me do, and in keeping with Your instructions for the evening, i thought about that time while i was away on a trip and You made me pee in my panties. i hadn’t thought about it in some time, and thinking about it made me very horny, and overwhelmed by the desire and need to do that for You again. i started playing with my nipples while i was thinking about that, thinking about walking down the street with You and telling You i really needed to pee. i imagined You guiding me into an alley and telling me i had to pee in my panties right there.

i reached into my drawer and got out a clothespin and clipped it behind my clit. it hurt a little more than usual, and i liked that. i kept rubbing my nipples, and thrust my hips so that the clothespin would hit the blankets above me. My mind went back to the alley, and i thought about lifting up my skirt and squatting a little, and then feeling the pee come, through my sheer g-string panties, and splattering on the ground beneath me, splashing up on my shoes and legs.

i was very aroused, and needed something inside of me. But i didn’t want my dildo. i wanted the toe of a shoe. Needed it. i pulled out a shoe from the drawer – with all the stuff in there, it took me a while to find it, and the pain and pleasure from the clothespin on my clit increased as i felt around for it. Finally i had it, and i sucked the toe it into my mouth, licking and kissing it before sliding it into my wet and slippery pussy.

i fucked myself with the toe of the shoe, continuing to play with my nipples with my free hand. i was so aroused, i thought i might come just like that, but i wanted to come to the the pain of the clothespin coming off. i took it off, and started rubbing my tender and swollen clit as i fucked myself and imagined You peeing on your piss slut. As i felt orgasm approach, i cried aloud, begging You to pee in my mouth, and as i imagined You doing it, i came very very hard. And then i lied there for quite a while, shoe still in my cunt, catching my breath as i felt my cunt muscles clench and unclench around the toe of the shoe.



November 16, 2007

i went out of town for business recently, and my Master instructed me to take my leather wrist and ankle cuffs with me. One day He had me wear them under my pants when i went to my meetings. When i was standing up, my pants were plenty long enough to cover them, but if i crossed my legs, my pants would creep up just enough to flash the cuffs. So i had to be very conscious of my body positioning at all times, and that made me feel wonderfully submissive.

Mostly, though, he just had me sleep in them every night. i loved waking up and feeling the leather against my skin. Having His bonds surrounding every limb made me feel so delightfully close to Him, especially during a time when we haven’t been able to be in as much constant contact as we usually are.

Thank You, Sir.


i’d like to thank the Academy…

November 5, 2007

Well, actually, i’d like to thank Shay’s The S-Spot. Today i woke up to the exciting news that my story Beep took first place in the Sexy Short Story Contest! i’m so thrilled, i’ve had a smile plastered on my face since i read the email this morning!

My prize is a $40 gift certificate from Babeland. What fabulous thing should i beg Master to let me spend it on?


Starting Slowly

November 5, 2007

My Master’s been under a lot of stress lately. So He warned me before He came to visit that we were going to be easing into D/s interaction. He even let me wear jeans to pick Him up.

Many kisses were had at the airport and in the car, and we finally got to the hotel and checked in and got into our room. My collar went on, and then i was pretty much immediately pushed onto the bed.

He was on me right away, His hands grabbing my hair hard as He shoved His mouth against mine, biting my lips between violent kisses. He pulled back, and slapped my face hard, three times. My mind was spinning – i thought we were starting slowly, easing in? My mind wasn’t ready. My body was responding to the situation like an assault. He pushed my legs apart and slapped my cunt hard, right through my jeans. Somehow it hurt more than when He does it against my bare skin – there was less sting, but more thud, and the seam of the jeans amplified the force. After the first time, i pulled my legs together, trying to curl up into myself. He forced my legs apart, and hit me again several times, fast and furious, not with His usual tight focus on hitting just the right spot. i struggled, and He growled at me to keep my legs apart. Slowly i managed to get some focus, to remember to submit, and though the slaps still hurt, i was able to keep my legs spread for Him.

i don’t remember all of what happened next (i’m always so impressed by those of you who manage to reconstruct coherent narrative descriptions of scenes). There was kissing and sucking, pinching and biting, the toe of a high heeled shoe shoved so far into my throat that i almost gagged. i know that eventually my pants came off, and my fishnet-stockinged-legs and stiletto-heeled feet were in the air as He shoved His cock through the hole in my crotchless panties and into my wet pussy. My wet pussy that was very tight from the big butt plug in my ass. Three or four strokes later He exploded into me, exploded with His passion and His need and His frustration and His stress. And then He collapsed on top of me, holding me tight against Him, trying to touch every bit of my body with His own, keeping His cock there inside of me as long as He could.