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Fetish Friday – Watersports

June 13, 2008

We don’t call it watersports, we call it being my Master’s piss slut. If you’ve read Long Distance Sub for very long at all, then you’ve probably read about some of our experiences. It started with my Master making me beg Him to piss in my mouth if i wanted to suck His cock. At the time, we were still very new to our D/s roles, and i “knew” he’d never actually do it, so i had no compunctions begging Him for it. Not today, He said. But someday.

And someday came. And there have been many more somedays since then.

Piss play can come in so many different forms. It’s common to read about it as a form of humiliation, and it’s easy to see how it could be played that way. But that’s never been our dynamic. What exactly is our dynamic? It’s complex. In the beginning, it was about my Master wanting to get completely inside of me, in every cell, to become a part of me. And this was one means to do that. It’s also about Him restructuring my sexuality. i had no inclination towards watersports before He came along – in fact, i would have put it on my limit list, if i had one. And now it’s embedded so deeply in my sexuality and my brain that it’s the fantasy that i most often turn to when i need a little extra something to get over the edge. Most fundamentally, it’s about submission. i don’t actually like it (more on that in a moment), but i do it because my Master tells me to. i do it because i am His. And that’s incredibly powerful for both of us.

i’m on a watersports group over on FetLife and there are people there (mostly men, come to think of it) who talk about how much they love the smell and the taste of piss. i am not one of those people. i love the feeling of submission that i get from obeying my Master in this, but that mostly come after. i don’t love the act itself. At point one during our visit to La Domaine, my Master had me kneel in the bathroom. At His instruction, i took His cock in my mouth and He began pissing. i tried to swallow as it came, but soon the taste overwhelmed me and i gagged and had to pull away. He let me do that – but as soon as i had recovered, He guided my face back to His cock and made me do it again. Three times in total, with me shaking my head and gasping, even a tear or two running down my face. It was hard. It was disgusting, at times. It doesn’t taste good, and the taste lingers. But i don’t do it for me, i do it for Him, and that’s really what it’s all about.

There have been times that it’s been more erotic for me, and i commented to my Master that perhaps i needed to be retrained to find the eroticism in it again. His response was “Unless I prefer it when you actually don’t like it when I piss all over your face.” Which makes sense – i don’t have a lot of limits (at least not ones that He’s interested in pushing) and sometimes that makes it hard to feel my submission. The less eager i am to do this, the more it signifies about His ownership of me.

But even though i’m not exactly eager, i do have some element of pride about it. i’m proud that i’m able to submit in this way and please my Master. And i’m proud that i’ve been able to write about it in a way that hasn’t necessarily grossed people out. In fact, about once a month or so i get an email or comment from someone saying “I’d never really considered doing this before, but you’ve made me see that it could be worth exploring.” And i think that’s really cool.

What about you, readers? Have you played with watersports, on the giving or receiving end? Do you like, or do you just put up with it? If you haven’t, is it something you’ve ever thought about doing?

piss slut 2

Fetish Friday – Shoes

April 12, 2008
shoe fetish

It always surprises me a little when coworkers or neighbors or friends will comment on my large (and growing) array of (mostly high heeled) shoes, usually with a little joke about my “shoe fetish.” It surprises me because a year ago, i owned 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, none with a heel over 2 inches. i bought shoes to be comfortable and functional, and that was as much thought as i gave them.

Enter my Master, who really does have a shoe fetish. One which He has so kindly given to me. For a long time i didn’t adopt it as my own at all, which is why it was such a surprise when i’d get those “shoe fetish” comments – i didn’t have a shoe fetish, He did, and i was merely the canvas on which He expressed it.

But today, as i put away my latest acquisition – an adorable pair of gradient-tone pink pumps that are the 20th pair of shoes acquired since i became my Master’s property – i had to face up to my own place in shoe fetish land. i’ve been begging Him for a pair (or two) of pink shoes for weeks. Lusting after them, really.

And then the other day, i was walking around the grocery store, and got to wondering why all of a sudden i was feeling really sexy and a little aroused, and then i figured it out – it was the click of my own heels, the way they clicked “slut, slut, slut” as i walked, reminding me of my place and my role.

And of the shoes’ place and role. Because, as readers of my previous shoe slut posts will note, they don’t only stay on my feet. My Master picks out a pair for me to wear every time He fucks me, so we both have something pretty to look at when my legs are up over His shoulders and He’s slamming His cock deep into my cunt. New shoes that haven’t been worn outside yet end up shoved deep into my mouth, gagging me with beauty and elegant lines. Once they’re a little more worn, i’m limited to licking the tops, which i do with relish. The flicker of my tongue on a pair of patent or leather shoes is somehow linked to my cunt, and i feel the rhythm in my clit with every lick. And then there are my fucking shoes. That what we call the pair that are set aside for those times when i am not just my Master’s slut, but His shoe-fucking slut. i can truthfully say that i’ve never looked at pointy-toe shoes the same since the first time He told me just where He intended them to go.


And now, i suspect you won’t be able to either.

It’s Fetish Friday – what’s your shoe story? Do you have a shoe fetish too? Like them on others, but can’t wear them yourself? Think they’re just a tool of the patriarchy, and wish they weren’t so damn sexy? Tell all, readers.


Fetish Friday – Hypnosis

March 28, 2008

This is a new one for me. Master and i got to talking about it recently, and both agreed that it’s full of erotic D/s possibility. First off, it’s about the clearest indication of trust i can think of, and perfect example of power exchange, for a submissive to let her Dom really take her mind like that. And second, the opportunities for post-hypnotic suggestion are fascinating, and help extend the scene past the actual time of hypnosis (which, as my Master pointed out to me, i wouldn’t actually remember afterwards).

As i was thinking about writing this post, i got to thinking about submissives who have been trained to come on command, and thinking that it makes sense to think about that as a form of post-hypnotic suggestion. Some of it is simple conditioning (ring bell, dog salivates), but the deep trust and closeness between and a Dominant and submissive could be equivalent to a hypnotic state even if it wasn’t intended as such. And, if the Dom suggested that she come when He counted down from 10 (for example), then her body and mind might respond as if it were an actual post-hypnotic suggestion.

In any case, fascinating stuff! If you want to learn more, i’ve heard good things about this book from Peter Masters (who also wrote The Control Book, which i was utterly fascinated by when i was discovering my submissive nature).

Anyone out there been involved in hypnosis in a sexual or D/s context? Anyone else fantasizing about it?


Fetish Friday: Ojectification

March 21, 2008

Master and i talk about objectification a lot. It’s a common component of our shared fantasies, and takes a couple of different forms. There’s the objectification expressed by the picture above – taking a person and making them take the place of a physical object (in this case, a table). We’ve talked about me being the centerpiece of His dining table (anyone know where to get butt plug candles?). Deity had a great post sometime in the not-to-distant past with tons of pictures of women as furniture.

Then there’s another level of objectification. Where the submissive is still a person, just one whose purpose is simply to be used, in whatever manner someone might wish to make use of her. That’s a component of most D/s, i think, but is different in a relationship, where such acts can be constructed by the sub as directly serving her Master.

The kind of objectification that really gets my juices flowing is objectification by strangers. i first came across this idea when reading Jefferson‘s “Postcards from Sex Camp” – tales from Dark Odyssey‘s summer camp (i really want to go someday!). One of the locations at sex camp was the “objectification room” – a room with 5 cots, each with a woman on it, obscured from the waist up, naked from the waist down. And a sign on each specifying what acts were permissible with this body. If you follow the link above to “Postcards” you can search “object lesson” to read about his experience in that room.

Reading it, i experienced that potent mix of horror and fascination, titillation and apprehension. And ever since i read it, i haven’t been able to get the idea of being one of those women out of my mind. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you won’t be surprised, as it shows up (in a variety of different forms) rather frequently in the fantasies Master has me post. It’s second only to my piss slut fantasies in the power to turn me on and make me come. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), unlike my piss slut training, it’s harder to make fantasy reality when it requires external participation. But maybe someday.

So – what about you? Do you think about objectification? Does it turn you on or squick you? (Or both?) Any experience you want to share?