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A paragraph for my Master

January 15, 2011

We’re at Winter Fire, and you’ve stationed me by the entrance into one of the rooms. Every time i woman enters i have to ask her if i can kiss her shoes, and then bend and do that. Some are willing to play a peripheral part in the game, and allow me a quick peck before moving on. Others, though, get into it, press my head down to their feet, tell me to lick their shoe, clean it up. A few recognize me from my blog, or heard about our the gangbang class at Kinky Kollege, and they know what i really want. One pushes my legs apart with her shoe and presses her shoe into my crotch. “Beg for it” she tells me, “beg me to rub my shoe against your cunt.” i beg her for exactly that, and she tells me i should show her how much i want it, so i rub myself all over her shoe, until i’m so hot and wet that the toe of her shoe is sticky with my juices and she orders me to lick it clean before she goes on her way.

(And yes, my Master and i are planning to be at Winter Fire in February in DC. Are any readers going and want to meet up?)


Wax off

January 6, 2011

My phone rang in the middle of my waxing, and seeing that it was my Master, i reached out to grab it. And that was when my fabulous aesthetician finally succeeded in freeing a pesky ingrown hair that had been plaguing me. As she started squeezing out the collected inflammation, i couldn’t help but yelp in pain in my Master’s ear. And with His voice in my ear, i couldn’t help but be aware of how similar my yelps were to those i make with my Master, when He yanks the clothespins off, or hits me with the evil stick. And once that thought was in my head, well, i couldn’t help but get a little turned on.

i hung up the phone, but the heat lingered between my legs, and as my aesthetician spread my legs wide to get every lingering hair from the crack of my ass, a trickle of cunt juice slid out of my cunt and onto the blanket beneath me. i knew she couldn’t have helped but notice, and i swear i blushed from head to toe, my voice faltering in the midst of our usual waxing chit chat about sex and kink.

“Wow, that phone call really had an effect on you, didn’t it,” she asked. “I’ve never seen you get quite so worked up before.” i nodded, too embarrassed to speak. “Well,” she said, “good thing that we’re about done here.” And then she slid a finger of her gloved hand down across my clit, and to the slippery opening of my cunt.

i could have closed my legs, ignored the suggestion, moved on to the upcoming facial and eyebrow waxing. But i didn’t. Instead, i spread my legs farther apart. Lifted up my hips to engulf the tip of the finger waiting passively at my opening. And that was all the invitation she needed. First one finger, then another slide into me, as she curled her fingers up to press on my g-spot, while her thumb rubbed my clit. i was hypersensitive from my waxing, and every passing touch on my newly waxed skin only heightened my arousal, as did the voices of the hairstylists chattering on the other side of the thin door. Only a moan escaped from my throat as i came, shuddering around her hand, my hands gripping the sides of the table.

“Okay, turn around and put your head up here now,” she said, indicating the end of the table were the steamer was located, “it’s time to start your facial now.” Just like nothing had ever happened.

[Private to LF, should she see this: The preceding is a work of fiction, not an invitation or a suggestion! And thanks for getting that hair out!]


Bathroom Blowjobs

August 17, 2010


Last night when i was masturbating for You (but not coming), i fantasized about meeting You in the airport (tomorrow!), and us stopping in a family restroom along the way so i could give You a blowjob right then and there. Then, because i’m slutty and like to fantasize about objectification, i imagined that You’d arranged for another man to follow us into the bathroom, and i had to give him a blowjob when i was done with You. i imagined that You’d undone my shirt while i was sucking You, so You could look at my bra, and that this second man shot his come all over my chest and bra. You wouldn’t let me wipe it off, i just had to do up my shirt over the sticky mess, and then follow You out of the airport to our taxi and hotel.


Strap-on Fantasy

May 14, 2010


Last night i masturbated on the floor for my Master, with the pointy toe of a stiletto pump in my cunt, and the head of my Magic Wand on my clit. As he’d instructed, i was fantasizing about the hot woman i’d met online, who wears garters and stockings and pumps like me, and wants me to strap my cock on and fuck her. i fantasized about her legs up over my shoulders, imagined experiencing the view my Master gets when He’s fucking me that way. With that image in my mind, i begged my Master for permission to come and shuddered my orgasm all over my pretty shoe.



April 22, 2010


She comes home from her business trip. Her husband greets her at the door, kisses her passionately on the mouth, asks her how things went. She starts to tell him about the meeting, but the look on his face tells her it’s really something else he wants to hear.

As she heads into the bedroom to change, she says “Three.”

“Three?” he responds. “Sounds like a good day. Tell me about them?”

“The first was after breakfast – you know how Hampton Inns have that free continental breakfast in the lobby? I caught his eye across the room. All it took was for me to motion towards the elevator with my chin, and he was happy to follow. We went to my room, and he bent me over the bed and took me from behind.”

She’s undressed now, and he’s rubbing her shoulders, stripping away the stress of a travel day.

“And #2?” he asks.


“Oh really? You’ve been wanting in each others pants for years, haven’t you? That must have been a relief.”

“You could say that, yes. It was after our meeting with the client. We won the bid, and they’re even adding some money into the contract. Cliff was – needless to say – pretty happy about that. When we saw the open door to the janitor’s closet on our way out of the building, well, let’s just say the need to celebrate presented itself.”

He’s stroking more than her shoulders now, hands running down her back and back up her front, slipping quickly past her nipples, teasing her.

“First he pushed me up against the wall and just devoured my mouth. But didn’t take long for him to lift me up and onto his cock. He fucked me like that, my legs around his waist, pressed up against the wall. The brooms were shaking a bit – I wondered if they could hear us in the hall? I bit his neck when I came, so I wouldn’t scream.”

“And #3?”

Her hands are pulling her long hair up from her neck, coiling it into a bun on top of her head. “I’ll tell you when I get out of the shower,” she says. “I really need to clean up.”

“Tell me now,” he says, pushing her down on the bed. He spreads her legs and slides two fingers into her cunt, while his other hand reaches up to tug on a perky pink nipple.

“Airplane seat mate,” she says, words punctuated by little moans and pauses, distracted by his fingers working inside her cunt.

“You didn’t join the mile high club without me, did you?”

“No, not that… *mmm, yes, um, ah…* After we got off the plane. *Mmmmm.* He – *uhh* – followed me into the unisex bathroom. Pushed me to my knees and fucked my face until he – *awwwww* – came, then left while I was freshening up my lipstick. *pant* Can I please shower now?”

His hand slips from her cunt, and he pushes those same fingers under her nose. “Can you smell them? Smell the cum they left in you?”

“Yes, sir,” she says quietly, her hips thrusting a little, missing his fingers already.

He shoves his fingers into her mouth. “Can you taste them? Taste the cum they left in you?”

“Yes, sir,” she says again, a little louder this time, hips rising uncontrollably from the bed.

“Good,” he says, undoing his belt and dropping his pants, then sliding his cock balls deep into her wet cunt. “That’s the way I like you.”


In my Master’s mansion…

April 15, 2010

Yesterday my Master shared His latest fantasy with me.

My current fantasy involves living in a large Victorian manor house: dark wood, plus furniture, subdued lighting. I imagine a bevy of slaves also living in the house, under the supervision of a house mistress. She dresses them for my pleasure, in ways that I like and also surprise me. She sets them out for me as decoration around the house: standing in corners, tied to furniture, attached to tables and beds and chairs. She orchestrates scenes: sex scenes, submission scenes.

I imagine coming home after a long day to find them all standing in the hallway waiting for me, as a good house staff does. I imagine them waiting on me at dinner. I imagine one set up in the bathroom for me, another in the bedroom. I imagine the mistress walking them around on leashes.

Sexy stuff indeed. Last night He had me masturbate to His fantasy, and i took a little walk around the mansion in my mind.

Stopping in at the bathroom, i was the bathroom girl, carefully unbuckling my Master’s belt and unbuttoning and pulling down His pants before taking His cock in my mouth so He could relieve Himself. Then doing everything back up for Him when He was done, making sure His shirt was neatly tucked.

In the bedroom, maybe i was the one who got to sleep next to the bed, always on duty to suck His cock when he woke up in the morning, or maybe called into extra service if He woke up in the middle of the night.

Or maybe i was the new girl, learning the ropes, and for now my sole purpose was to lick and suck my Master’s nipples whenever His cock was  being serviced by another girl.

And maybe i’d done something wrong, and was bound over the spanking bench, my Master watching and listening to my cries as the Mistress caned me for my lapses.

What would *you* want to be, or see, in a mansion like my Master’s?


Midnight Visitor

February 16, 2010


i wake up with a start in the middle of the night. i can sense that something’s not quite right, and as i open my eyes and scan the darkened room, i see a shadowy figure move. i start to yell out, but i only get half a shout out before Your hand is clamped over my mouth. “Quiet,” You whisper in my ear, “It’s just me.” Confusion melds with happiness as my heart jumps at the sound of Your voice while my brain is befuddled as to how You got here. You take Your hand from my mouth and my questions start to tumble out. But before i can get more than a “What are You…” out, Your lips have pressed firmly onto mine and the “doing here” is left unsaid. As You kiss me, I can feel You using one hand to struggle out of Your clothes. Soon Your cool naked body is pressed against mine, so hot from my many layers of blankets, and i stop wondering how You get into my bedroom and why You are here, and am just happy that You are.