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“Please Touch”

November 8, 2010

My back pain had put a crimp in our plans for the weekend. We tried to work around it as much as possible, but some things – like impact play, and even vigorous sex – were just not going to be okay. Since one of the things we like about going to these event is having good furniture to scene on, this was a bit of a disappointment. And then there was the matter of my period to complicate everything.

Well, luck shone on us, because by the time we were done the photo shoot on Saturday, my period was pretty much gone. We talked about it and decided that we could try one of our exposure scenes – there was a nice flat padded bed-like-thing right across from the entryway into the dungeon that would be an absolutely perfect spot to park a half-naked girl to be seen and played with.

My Master dressed me up in a cute little schoolgirl outfit (you can see it in my “fashion show” post), and we headed down to the dungeon. Only to find that the piece of furniture we had in mind was occupied, and the couple on it showed no sign of vacating it any time soon. We waited for a while, then started scoping around for other options. We ended up settling for a small raised platform, almost like a little stage. It had a piece of equipment on it, but we were just able to move it to one side. My Master put down a couple of blankets to make it a little softer, put out a box of latex gloves next to me, and then it was time to start.

When we’ve tried this kind of scene before, it’s been difficult to get anyone to engage. There’s a very clear etiquette that you don’t interfere with other people’s scenes at events, but in this instance interference was the goal. Fortunately, my Master had come prepared with signs. (Although he wouldn’t let me see what was on them until after.)

i laid on my back on the platform, blindfolded, legs spread wide, hands at my side. i could feel my Master’s hands on me, and soon after that, more hands. Something tickling my face – i thought it was a feather, but my Master told me later it was actually someone’s hair. The touches were mostly gentle, with occasional pinching and hair pulling and the like. (My Master told me later that he’d steered people away from impact/pain activities because of my back – He takes such good care of me!) People started pretty tame, with my face and my breasts, but then some ambitious souls started exploring my cunt.

i couldn’t keep track of the hands, or really make any kind of guess as to how many people were touching me. i just let myself be carried away on the wave of sensation. At one point my back was bothering me, so i called out “Sir” and my Master was right there to take care of me – i asked for a couple of rolled up towels to put under my knees, and that made everything better. Later, my panties were pulled down mid-thigh, and as things started getting more intense – fingers on my clit, the glass wand inserted in my cunt, it was driving me crazy not to be able to spread my legs. i begged “Would someone PLEASE take off my panties!” and one of the participants obliged.

Things got pretty crazy after that. So many hands, so much sensation, i was getting more and more aroused and closer and closer to coming, then… pfft. Overstimulated. i’m sure some people thought i’d come, because i’d been making so much noise and then pretty much stopped, but my Master knew what had happened and quickly ramped things down. Soon there was just one hand on me, and i reached up to touch it, recognizing my Master and feeling so close to Him. He stroked me and petted me, then took off my blindfold and gathered me in His arms.

We debriefed the scene. He said the most people touching me at any one time was around 8, and the total was somewhere around 20. The participants were much more likely to be women than men. Then there was the much larger crowd of spectators. i could see the signs then, which simply said “please touch.” 🙂 i told my Master about how i’d been so close to coming, but had gotten overstimulated and it hadn’t been quite the right sensation. “If it had been the purple dildo,” i said, “then i would have come for sure.” My Master said that we did have the purple dildo in my bag, and asked if i wanted to try again. Little attention slut that i am, i wasn’t going to turn down that chance, so i took a little break to go to the bathroom and get a drink. In the hallway i met Jade and W and Ad, who’d just arrived to the dungeon, and told them what was going on.

Then it was time to start up again. This time was much more goal oriented. There was a little bit of playing, but my Master pretty quickly inserted the purple dildo into me. When a second person joined him i was nearly certain it was Jade. i didn’t much care, because whoever she was, she was rubbing my clit in a lovely way while my Master pumped the dildo in and out of my cunt, and before long i was giving the crowd my best long screaming orgasm. Man, i needed that. When the blindfold came off i saw that it was indeed Jade, and thanked her for her able assistance! 🙂 We stayed in the dungeon or a little while, but i was pretty spent and needed to just melt into my Master for a while, so we went back upstairs shortly after that.

It was really interesting being around the event the next day, not knowing who had been touching me, or who had been watching. A few people did come up and compliment us on a really hot scene, and that was cool.

This kind of scene has been a fantasy of ours for a while, so it was fun to play it out. In my fantasies it often requires more active submission on my part, as my tormentors are more cruel, and there’s more pain or humiliation or violation involved. i almost felt guilty during parts of this because i was enjoying myself so much! But my Master assured me that He was very happy with my performance, and felt very connected to me throughout. One of the main outcomes He looks for out of scenes with me is that complete single-minded attention to the moment, and this scene gave Him that because of His need to focus on how i was being handled and to keep me safe.

It was a lovely experience for both of us, and i hope for everyone else who participated by playing or watching! Thank you for helping make our fantasies reality!


Everyone’s watching…

March 30, 2010


My Master and i had a really wonderful scene on Friday night. We were at our favorite BDSM club and were having a relaxing time just being close to each other, when He decided it was time to give me the spanking that He’d been craving for the long weeks since our last visit. i was craving it too, so was happy to kneel over the spanking bench and settle into the moment as He clipped my cuffs to the rings on the side of the bench.

He pushed up my flirty and short ruffled skirt, revealing my cunt lips spilling out of the crotchless panties i was wearing. And then He started spanking me, softly at first, but building harder and harder. Mostly my ass, but my pussy too. Soon His hand gave way to other implements – like the bundle of canes, with tips that wrapped ever so slightly and caused me to yelp every time it came down on me. The suede flogger, wielded with a precision that had me wondering if He’d been practicing – He was alternating ass cheeks, in a perfect rhythm to build my arousal, but hitting the same exact spot on each cheek every (damn) time. Which was the same spot – on the outside of my butt cheeks – that the cane tips had been torturing earlier. So i was torn between getting off on the rhythm and the growing pain of those points of contact. A paddle of some sort was next, i think, just to keep me on my toes, then the stingy red flogger, not just on my ass but on my pussy too. i was getting pretty floaty at this point, so i don’t remember what He was doing near the end that had me yelping so loud, arching my back, kicking my feet, and otherwise thrashing all over the bench.

Then it wasn’t pain He was giving me, but pleasure, as His fingers (or some object, i couldn’t tell in the moment) began moving in and out of my cunt and i was thrusting my body back at him. He undid the clips and flipped me over then, the position of the spanking bench forcing my legs spread wide, making room for His hand to keep working at my cunt. i pulled my shirt down and started rubbing my nipples, and soon He was asking me if i was going to orgasm for Him. i was hot – oh so hot – but i wasn’t there yet, although i was close enough and blissed out and endorphined enough to be nearly inarticulate telling Him that. i did manage to beg for my dildo, but it had been left behind at the hotel. So He brought me the shoe, and i fucked myself with that a bit, but was mewling with frustration and so much arousal. When He slid the glass wand into my cunt i knew release wasn’t far off. i rubbed my clit as He thrust the wand against my g-spot and pulled at my nipples.

“Come for me,” he told me again “everyone’s watching and they want to see You come.”

Knowing i was being watched pushed all my objectification and exhibitionist buttons, and finally i was begging my Master for permission to come, and then coming so so so hard, screaming out my orgasm for everyone to hear. It was a long orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure and release, that continued long after my hand had left my cunt and my Master was holding me against His body. We clutched each other, emotion so strong i was crying tearless sobs into His shoulder as He held me.



Swing clubs and cowboys and farmers, oh my!

December 23, 2009


This past Saturday night my Master and i were thrilled to be entertaining a special visitor, the fun and fabulous Rita Seagrave. We first met Rita at Beat Me in St. Louis in the spring, and through a series of favorable coincidences, her visit to a location near me coincided with my Master’s visit, and a plot was hatched.

We met up Saturday evening and checked into our hotel, then went out for a nice dinner and got reacquainted. Then it was time to head off on our adventure for the evening… a visit to a swing club. This particular club alternates Saturday nights between BDSM and swing events. We would have rather gone to the BDSM night, but this was the weekend we had available, and we figured it would be a fun adventure.

Rita’s twitter from the following day summed it up the best, i think:
“Fantastic night with longdistancesub and her man. She and I wore matching red pumps! We visited a swing club populated by farmers + cowboys.”

Our matching red pumps did garner quite a few comments.[1]  And our two on one lap dance of my Master (which started with us crawling across the floor towards Him) got some attention too. Then the three of us ended up on a couch off to one side of the main space. Most of the action at this club happened in a big really-sleazy-but-in-a-good-way room with a bunch of mattresses on the floor, but my Master likes couches, so that’s where we camped out.

We hadn’t really talked beforehand about what the plans for the evening were – we were all still just feeling each other out, i think. And while my Master and i have been a bit smitten with Rita from the time we first met her, we have almost zero experience playing with other people, and we were both a bit nervous and unsure of where the limits were.

But we managed to figure something out, at least judging from my Master’s moans of “oh my god” when we were both sucking His nipples, or later, when each of us was licking one side of the head of His cock or taking turns sucking Him. And feeling Rita come as i rubbed her clit through lacy panties, and then watching her quiver through a continuous series of orgasms as i slowly fucked her with the glass wand until she begged me to stop. Then my Master fucking me as i was draped across her lap, sucking her nipples. Or my own orgasm, with her hands on my breasts while i rubbed my clit and my Master fucked me with my big purple dildo until i begged Him for permission to come and shouted my orgasm for all to hear.

My, my, that was a lot of fun.

i don’t know that i’d go back for another swing night. Rita says she’d go back for the cowboys, but the crowd wasn’t really our crowd – although it was a particularly quiet night, probably thanks to the weather, with just enough snow to make going out possible but not necessarily appealing. But the space is definitely interesting, and i hope we can make it back for a BDSM night, which i think would be even more fun.

After my Master folded me in half and fucked me until He came, we all agreed that we’d had enough, said good night to our host, and piled back into my car for the snowy trip back to our hotel rooms. We were tired and needed to rest up, because the next morning was the photo shoot my Master and Rita had been planning, and for which we’d purchased her 3 brand new pairs of shoes. Hmmm… i wonder what those could possibly be used for?

[1] Basic red stilettos, not the stunning pair of Dolce & Gabbana‘s in the picture above. Deemed too impractical, they’re going back. So sad. 😦


On display, Kinky Kollege version

November 9, 2009


Saturday night my Master dressed me up and took me down to the dungeon. It was time for another round of putting lyn on display.

He scouted around the dungeon for a good place to do it, and ended up settling on a wooden platform. He pulled me shirt open and pulled my panties halfway down my thighs, then had me pull my skirt up and hold it there. Topping it all off with a blindfold, He left me there on display.

Although there were many more people around than the last time we did this, i didn’t feel nearly as conspicuous. For one, i was slightly more clothed than last time. But mostly it was that i knew there was a lot of action going on in the dungeon, and wondered if anyone would even notice me there. In my fantasies about these scenes there’s a sign inviting people to help themselves, or a box of clothepins in my outstretched hand, but my Master chose not to push things in that direction.

i posed like that for a while, then started when my Master slid up to me and whispered in my ear. Unlike last time, where i was leaning up against a wall, this time i was standing free, and because of the (very sexy, but uncomfortable) boots i was wearing, i found that i was having a really hard time maintaining my position. i told me Master all of this, and He had me switch to the position You see in the picture above – sitting on my butt, legs spread, cunt wide open and exposed.

Once again, He left me alone. i didn’t know if anyone was looking or noticing. Certainly no one was interacting, as they had at the other club. The norms of dungeon etiquette call for observing from a distance and not interrupting a scene, so without a clear signal that interaction was desired, there wasn’t much. At one point i did hear someone say “Is she yours? That’s fucking hot,” so it was nice to know i was being appreciated. Every so often my Master would slip up and kiss me, but i immediately recognized His lips.

Then, THUMP. THUMP. All of a sudden, things changed. The platform i was on shook a little bit as hard boots hit the wood on either side of me. This was not my Master, i was sure – He just doesn’t move like that. And when all of a sudden my mouth was being devoured by a very different pair of lips, then i knew for certain that this was someone new.

Female, i quickly decided, as she growled a little in my ear, sniffing me along the way. Lips still on mine, soon her hands were exploring my body, pinching my nipples and making me squirm, and even straying down to my exposed nether bits.

i figured that a total stranger wouldn’t be so forward, and that this had to be the one person i knew at this event, a blog reader named Roxi that i’ve corresponded with via email on and off over the years. We’d found each other at a panel earlier in the day, and then connected in the dungeon when we’d arrived, but she was busy DM-ing at the time. So, 80% sure that it was her, i tried to quiet my feelings of “oh my god, what’s happening!?” and just enjoy the ride.

And what a ride it was, as my Master soon joined in on the fun and i was treated to two pairs of hands taking liberties with my body, two pairs of lips taking turns with my mouth, two nipples being sucked at once. At one point i could tell from the shifting of bodies that the two of them must be kissing, and i was suprised but pleased that my Master was getting some of the fun too.

Nipple kisses and sucking turned to biting, and i was squirming and eeping as i am wont to do in situations like that. Such a mix of emotions – nervous, excited, aroused, unsure – all swirling around in my head at once. Before long, my Master took off my blindfold and i had my suspicions confirmed. It was indeed the hot and sexy Roxi. With a big grin on her face.

Having anonymous fun turn into known person made me suddenly go shy, but we all shared a few more kisses after i retreated into the known safety of my Master’s arms. And then, the night being young, she slipped off to her next bit of fun, and my Master helped me pull myself together so we could figure out what we wanted to do next.



October 1, 2009


My Master takes me a to the hotel room of a friend who is visiting. He’s seated in one arm chair, and motions to my Master to take the the other. My Master tells me to present myself to his friend, to stand in front of him so he can look at me. He’s read my blog, and comments on how nice it is to have a chance to finally see my face, and tells my Master that he is very lucky to have such a pretty submissive.

My Master gives me a series of instructions – raise my skirt, turn around, pull down my panties, and i follow them to the letter. His friend comments appreciatively about my bottom – he’s admired it in pictures, he says, but it’s even better in real life. My Master asks if he’d like to spank it, and he readily agrees. i lie across his lap as he proceeds to give me a thorough spanking. He starts off pretty easy, and my Master points out to him the little moaning sighs i’m making, telling him that means i’m getting turned on from the rhythm of the spanking. That excites him, and he starts spanking me harder, eventually very hard. i try not to squirm too much, or cry out too much, but it’s difficult. Whenever it seems like i’m having particular trouble, my Master reaches out to stroke my hair and face and neck, and that helps me center, focus, and keep going.

Finally, the friend is done – his hand is as sore as my bottom. As i stand up, he wonders aloud if i get as wet from a spanking as his submissive does, and my Master invites him to check. i spread my legs obediently as he slips two fingers under the cloth of my skimpy panties and into my cunt. He pulls out his fingers, which glisten with my juices, and gives them a sniff and then sucks my fluids from them.

“Oh yes, very wet indeed,” he says.


Out on the town

July 14, 2009


One of the things my Master and i like to do when we’re travelling is to go to any local BDSM clubs or parties that are going on. We’ve had amazing experiences at clubs in Chicago and Seattle, and we’re always looking for a similar spot in whatever city we’re visiting.

So i was tasked with checking out the scene in NYC, and discovered that there was going to be a “Suspension” party while we were visiting. Suspension is the name of party, not necessarily the theme. There’s no website for it, but you can check out the NYC Fetish Tribe group on Fetlife for more details.

We weren’t really sure what to expect, but we dressed me up, packed a toy bag and headed off. Our first impressions weren’t great, as the space seemed really small, but then we realized that there was a whole back room we’d missed on our initial walkthrough of the space, and that made a big difference! As did the all of the beautiful people in amazing fetishwear. i felt totally underdressed.

But that didn’t stop us from having a good time. We watched some beautiful rope bondage and suspension, then moved into the back room and settled into a comfy little nook. The party was in the basement of a bar, so not really laid out for playing, but people made do.  My Master put me across His lap and gave me a really nice warm up spanking leading into flogging and paddling.  At various points both of my Master’s hands would be on my body AND there’d be someone flogging my ass, so i quickly figured out that He was pulling passerbys into the action, and that really got me turned on. My ass got so hot from the flogging that when my Master ran an ice cube (from a cup of ice someone had given Him to play with – such friendly helpful folks, lol) over my ass, it felt absolutely heavenly. And usually i hate ice!  This sort of thing went on for a quite a while until i gave a really big yelp over something (probably the paddle) and He decided i was done.

After that, i was feeling randy and exhibitionistic, and discovered that the sides of the booth we were in were perfectly spaced for me to lie on my back and hook my legs up on either side of the booth. i swear i wasn’t actually trying to invite my Master to spank my cunt, but of course that’s what ended up happening.  He spanked hard, and then in little light smacks that were just arousing and not painful. And then He slid a piece of leftover ice under my g-string and started spanking me hard with that against my cunt. This time the ice was NOT my friend and he got some really loud yelps, and maybe even swearing.

We wandered back out into the front room again to see what was going on, and ended up talking for a while with one of the party hosts and doing lots of people watching. The atmosphere at the party was really amazing. It was busy but not wall-to-wall people, which gave us lots to look at.  Nearly everyone was wearing great fetish clothes.  It was a pretty young crowd, the music was good, and the whole thing had really good energy. As i said to my Master, this is the sort of thing that people probably expect SM clubs/parties to be, but that in our experience they rarely are.

With all that great energy swirling through the air, it was no surprised that we ended up back in the back room for another scene. This time my Master had me lie down on a couch type bench along one wall. i don’t remember the sequence of it all, but there was more spanking and flogging, and lots more cunt spanking, which i found myself getting really into. Because i was wearing panties, it wasn’t as stingy as it can sometimes be. And we’d also been doing a lot of it that night, so my skin was more acclimated, and i was able to get past the pain to pure rhythmic pleasure from it. And it sure didn’t hurt that my Master was alternating the spanking with rubbing and patting. i came about as close to coming as that sort of thing will ever make me.

When He was done with me, it was pretty late by our standards (although the party goes until 4, so they were just getting going!) so we headed out. We’d had an early and light dinner, so after all that play we were starving. We grabbed pizza slices from a random pizza joint on the corner, and were sitting down at a table in the window to eat them when i realized that i was still wearing my collar. And not my pretty little dress collar that passes as a goth choker. No, my real, full on, inch wide collar with d-ring that you’ve seen in so many of these pictures. Neither my Master nor i had realized it until that very minute. Turning beet red, i slipped it off and into the toy bag, then finished my pizza and we headed out to a taxi, while i studiously avoided looking at the guy working behind the counter!



January 19, 2009


“Follow me,” my Master said. i got up from my position seated on His lap in the social lounge area of the BDSM club we were visiting. i followed him into one of the play rooms. He pointed to the wall. “Stand over there.”

i followed his instructions, leaning up against the wall, not sure at all what He had in mind.

“Time to say bye-bye,” He said, and pulled a blindfold over my eyes. Then He opened the buttons on my sheer blouse to reveal my breasts completely, pulled my skirt up in the front and had me hold it there, and pulled my panties halfway down my thighs.

And then He left me there.

It was a very cold night, and early, so the club was pretty quiet. But He’d positioned me directly across from the shelf unit where people store their toy bags, so every few minutes i’d hear the creak creak creak of someone walking past. But i had no idea if they were looking at me or not. My Master and i had been playing around a bit in the social area, with him revealing me and playing with my cunt, and we’d been surprised at how unwilling people were to look. So i wondered if this was the same, and i was just standing there exposed but unnoticed.

Every so often my Master would come over to check in on me. In the beginning, i thought i could tell when He was near, but then He managed to get much sneakier and would just appear out of nowhere. After i’d been standing for maybe 10 minutes, He had me start playing with my clit and nipples while i posed.

Through it all i was definitely getting aroused, but also embarrassed. i kept breaking out into a big grin to fight the embarassed giggles that wanted to come.

By the time someone actually came along who was willing to engage in the scene, i was very nervous. She complimented me on how nice i looked, exposed like that, and i got out a “thank you” and turned bright red. As she went on commenting about “how i looked like i wanted to pull my skirt down, but my nipples were telling another story,” i was totally trying to turn around to face the wall, i was so embarrassed.

Once one person engaged, that broke the ice for others, and at least a couple of male voices joined in the teasing. This lasted for a few minutes, in a couple of rounds. My Master let me stay there for a little bit after that, then came and took my blindfold off and let me throw my arms around Him and shower Him with kisses.

We talk a lot about putting me on display, and it was even more intense in reality than it had been in fantasy. (And this was without a “touch me” sign on the table beside me or around my neck, which is one of the things we’ve talked about.)  i definitely have an exhibitionistic streak, so i was surprised at how nervous it made me.

One of the things that made it work so well is that i had no idea it was coming. For all i talk about being a planner and overthinking, the fact that i just had to take this as it came was incredibly powerful. i told my Master that, and got back “You think i don’t know what you need?” He knows me so well.

Before we left the club He introduced me to the woman who had started the fun, and one other guy came up to me at one point while i was still standing against the wall, but without my blindfold, and commented that i could see them now, so i knew he had played. But i don’t know if there were others, or how many of them. For the rest of the night, whenever someone would give me a friendly nod, i’d have to wonder if they’d seen me standing there playing with myself like the little slut i am.

Great fun. Master told me later that someone had come up to Him while i was standing there and asked “Training exercise?” We’re not much on protocol, so my Master responded “No, she just likes it.”

And He’s right. As usual.