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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

July 18, 2010


The strains of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” drifted from the stadium’s speakers into my company’s private box.

“You know what that means, don’t you?” said Ken, one of our company’s most important clients, who currently had his fist buried deep in my cunt. “It’s time for the seventh inning stretch.” He pulled his hand out, and while I was still gasping from the sudden departure, I felt the cold metal of an aluminum baseball bat press against the opening of my cunt. “Open up for me, Lyn. Show me what the little slut can really take.” Wet and slippery from lube and my own juices, the head of the bat slipped into my cunt, filling me up like I’d never been filled before.

The evening hadn’t started off this way. Usually when we have our annual client event at the company’s box at the baseball stadium, things are not quite this interesting. And at the beginning of the night, it had started off in the usual way. Me, naked except for a sexy pair of stiletto pumps, kneeling on the floor between the bar and the bathroom. Most of the clients would stop into the bathroom to unload their last beer, then stop off for a quick blow job, shooting their load down my throat before grabbing another beer and heading back to watch the game. But I could always count on Davis and a couple of the other more sadistic clients to use me as a urinal first, just to keep things interesting.

But when the opposing team was already up by 6 runs at the end of the 5th inning, people started losing interest in the game, and taking advantage of the “other entertainment.” Also known as me.

With the beer flowing freely, the clients had been less inhibited than usual, and were taking turns using me two at once, one cock in my cunt and another in my mouth. After the initial frenzy had passed there was a lull while they got ready for another round, and that was when Ken had moved in.

Ken was one of our best clients. He kept us busy with a steady stream of contracts, and was frequently the beneficiary of my services as a “signing bonus.”

“Enjoying yourself tonight, Lyn?” he’d asked as he sat down next to me on the floor where I was leaning against the wall, having just finished off clients seven and eight.

“You know I love my work, Ken. Anything I can do for you?”

“Yes, I do having something in mind for you,” he said, slipping his hand between my legs, then two fingers into my cunt. I was so wet and sloppy from all the fucking that I didn’t feel much of anything until his third finger went in.

“You do enjoy your work, I can tell that. You’re very proud of yourself, I think.”

He paused, three fingers working my cunt hard and deep. “You think you can take a lot, don’t you?”

I wasn’t sure where he was going with this, and the tone of his voice was making me a little nervous. But he’s the client and I know my job, so I just nodded, distracted by his hand at my cunt as he began working a fourth finger in.

“Well, let’s see if you can take what I have in mind for you, then. I’ve been thinking about this ever since last year’s baseball game.”

He got quiet then, and I could hear the clients’ drunken banter from the front of the box, talking shop and thanking the boss for the invitation to the game. Then I couldn’t hear them any more over the sound of my own breathing and moaning as Ken added his thumb to the rest of the fingers in my cunt, and began fisting me.

It wasn’t long after that before the infamous song began to play, and Ken picked up that baseball bat that was leaned up against the wall. The bat he must have brought along with this exact scenario in mind.

I’d been fisted before, but this was like nothing I’d ever felt before. Thick, of course. But hard and unyielding in a way a hand or cock was not. Cold, too, although the heat of my cunt was quickly warming up the metal. As Ken was slowly fucking me with the bat and I was struggling to process everything I was feeling, another client wandered up, ready for a second go round.

“Holy shit,” I heard him call to the others, “Lyn’s got a baseball bat in her cunt.” And then any feigned interest in the game was lost, as they all gathered around to watch the show.

The client who’d called to the others took advantage of his position at the front of the queue to drop his pants down and start using my mouth, while the others gathered around.  Drunk as he was, and with me being distracted by the intensity of that bat in my cunt, it was taking a long time for him to get off. “Fuck this,” I heard another client say, “this is too fucking hot to wait.” Between thrusts of the man in my mouth, I saw him drop his pants and take his already erect cock into his hand. It wasn’t long before I felt warm spurts of sticky come on my stomach. Then more, on my legs. The man using my mouth finished up, and as he moved away someone came in right behind him, not to have me suck him, but to shoot a load of come all over my face.  And then they just kept coming, all over me – on my breasts and face, in my hair.

I was sticky and covered with come by the time Ken pulled the bat from my cunt.”I don’t think her cunt will be much use to us for a while. But fortunately she’s got a couple other holes for us to use,” he said, as he took his own cock out of his pants, smeared it with the pussy juice that had flowed out my cunt as the bat left it, and pushed his cock full hilt into my ass.

After that, no one cared even a little bit who won the baseball game.


In search of pervertables

July 15, 2010


i’m in the midst of writing a new office slut story for my Master, and i always get really really turned on while i’m writing. Fortunately, the night i finished my first draft of the story, my Master’s instructions were for me to masturbate. i don’t want to spoil the story for when you all get to read it, but it involves Lyn being really stretched to her limit, and after writing all that, i wanted some of that same feeling for myself. But i only have my regular dildo, so i had to think creatively to find something i could use to fulfill my need to be stretched. i did find something, and here’s what i wrote to my Master about it the next day…


i was really aroused when i went upstairs, and rushed through my bedtime preparations so i could go masturbate for You. i looked around the bathroom to see if i could find anything to meet my desire for a thicker masturbation toy, and my eyes set upon my mousse canister, which was just a little thicker than my dildo. i had another mousse canister in the drawer, and that one was a little thicker yet, so i took both of them into the bedroom.

i’d been rubbing my nipples downstairs, so i was already feeling pretty wet. i lubed up my purple dildo, and it slid right into my cunt. i masturbated with it for a little bit, just stretching myself a little, then lubed up the smaller of the two mousse canisters. i was thinking about the images from my story, but also just turned on by the sluttiness of using found objects to masturbate, and by that feeling of wanting to be stretched and full. i pressed the canister to my opening, and it wasn’t quite going in. So i buzzed the vibrator on my clit to help it along, and it slid right in. i almost came right then, it made me so hot. i liked the firmness of it, and the cold, and the stretch of feeling it against the sides of my cunt. i masturbated with it for a bit, using the vibe off and on, stopping before i got too close to coming.

But i knew i wanted to at least try the bigger one, so i took it out, and lubed up the next size. It was quite a bit bigger, and i stretched my legs wide to try to open myself as much as i could. Buzzed my clit a little, but i was so close that i stopped, and just concentrated on trying to get it in. i never did, because a few seconds later i started coming just from all the sensation at my opening – i didn’t have anything on my clit. Rather than fight it, i just grabbed the vibrator and rode out a long long orgasm.

Then i had to get up to clean everything up and put it away. My cunt was very wet and slippery from all the lube, and i could feel the stickiness between my thighs as i returned to bed and knelt for You, wondering what You would think of my story and my size queen sluttiness, and looking forward to connecting with You today.

(and i’m aroused all over again now, just writing this, and fantasizing about You instructing me to masturbate again and not stop until i get the bigger one in next time.)


Image hosting?

July 11, 2010

Flickr is imposing some unwritten definitions of what is and is not obscene on my photos, and i need to find a different photo hosting site. Does anyone have a recommendation for a site that is reliable and doesn’t restrict adult images? It doesn’t have to be free, i’m happy to pay a moderate amount for hosting.


EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for the recommendations, everyone. i did some scouting around and ended up at – they’re one of the few sites that allows for larger than thumbnail image links.  i’m planning to keep my flickr account as well (so long as they don’t keep changing the bar on what’s too dirty for them), and just post the “obscene” ones on the new site.  i’m in the process of fixing links, so if some pics go missing for a while, that’s why.


ILLP #39

July 10, 2010



ILLP #38

July 7, 2010



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July 4, 2010



ILLP #36

July 1, 2010