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Saying Hello

April 28, 2010


By the time my Master arrived last Friday, i was feeling pretty aroused and perhaps a wee bit desperate. He hadn’t let me orgasm in ages, and had made me masturbate without orgasm the previous two nights. So i was already wet by the time He pushed me down on the couch and started examining me – pushing up my skirt to check out my panties, unbuttoning my bra to make sure it matched.

We kissed, and He let me play with His nipples for a while. Finally He let me start to undo His pants, and it was all i could do not to lunge for His cock when i saw it straining against His underwear, i wanted to touch and taste it that badly. But i managed to control myself until He gave me permission to suck it. And then i did the best job i could as He rubbed my clit a bit, commenting on what a slutty little girl i was to be so wet already.

He asked me what i wanted, and i was so slutty that i told Him i wanted His cock in my cunt. After i begged Him some more, He took it out of my mouth and slid it straight into my cunt, hilt deep, in one push, commenting more on how wet and ready for Him i was. One, two, three, four strokes, and then He pulled Himself out and shoved His cock back into my mouth, ordering me to lick Him clean and taste my slutty self all over His cock. He repeated this cycle once or twice more before ordering me to spread my legs for Him, and this time when He stuck his cock in me He kept it there until He came deep and hard in my cunt, then collapsed on top of me.

That’s the kind of hello i can just never get enough of.


Not your usual stripper shoe

April 25, 2010




Fendi Cinderella Runway Platform Sandals (and no, we’re not keeping them)



April 22, 2010


She comes home from her business trip. Her husband greets her at the door, kisses her passionately on the mouth, asks her how things went. She starts to tell him about the meeting, but the look on his face tells her it’s really something else he wants to hear.

As she heads into the bedroom to change, she says “Three.”

“Three?” he responds. “Sounds like a good day. Tell me about them?”

“The first was after breakfast – you know how Hampton Inns have that free continental breakfast in the lobby? I caught his eye across the room. All it took was for me to motion towards the elevator with my chin, and he was happy to follow. We went to my room, and he bent me over the bed and took me from behind.”

She’s undressed now, and he’s rubbing her shoulders, stripping away the stress of a travel day.

“And #2?” he asks.


“Oh really? You’ve been wanting in each others pants for years, haven’t you? That must have been a relief.”

“You could say that, yes. It was after our meeting with the client. We won the bid, and they’re even adding some money into the contract. Cliff was – needless to say – pretty happy about that. When we saw the open door to the janitor’s closet on our way out of the building, well, let’s just say the need to celebrate presented itself.”

He’s stroking more than her shoulders now, hands running down her back and back up her front, slipping quickly past her nipples, teasing her.

“First he pushed me up against the wall and just devoured my mouth. But didn’t take long for him to lift me up and onto his cock. He fucked me like that, my legs around his waist, pressed up against the wall. The brooms were shaking a bit – I wondered if they could hear us in the hall? I bit his neck when I came, so I wouldn’t scream.”

“And #3?”

Her hands are pulling her long hair up from her neck, coiling it into a bun on top of her head. “I’ll tell you when I get out of the shower,” she says. “I really need to clean up.”

“Tell me now,” he says, pushing her down on the bed. He spreads her legs and slides two fingers into her cunt, while his other hand reaches up to tug on a perky pink nipple.

“Airplane seat mate,” she says, words punctuated by little moans and pauses, distracted by his fingers working inside her cunt.

“You didn’t join the mile high club without me, did you?”

“No, not that… *mmm, yes, um, ah…* After we got off the plane. *Mmmmm.* He – *uhh* – followed me into the unisex bathroom. Pushed me to my knees and fucked my face until he – *awwwww* – came, then left while I was freshening up my lipstick. *pant* Can I please shower now?”

His hand slips from her cunt, and he pushes those same fingers under her nose. “Can you smell them? Smell the cum they left in you?”

“Yes, sir,” she says quietly, her hips thrusting a little, missing his fingers already.

He shoves his fingers into her mouth. “Can you taste them? Taste the cum they left in you?”

“Yes, sir,” she says again, a little louder this time, hips rising uncontrollably from the bed.

“Good,” he says, undoing his belt and dropping his pants, then sliding his cock balls deep into her wet cunt. “That’s the way I like you.”


Three Random Pictures Makes a Post

April 18, 2010

On any given visit, my Master usually takes at least 100 pictures of me. Even filtering it down to the best few of any given pose/ outfit, this can create quite a backlog of photos! So here are a few random pictures from past visits, to help me get caught up in time for my Master’s visit in 5 days!





In my Master’s mansion…

April 15, 2010

Yesterday my Master shared His latest fantasy with me.

My current fantasy involves living in a large Victorian manor house: dark wood, plus furniture, subdued lighting. I imagine a bevy of slaves also living in the house, under the supervision of a house mistress. She dresses them for my pleasure, in ways that I like and also surprise me. She sets them out for me as decoration around the house: standing in corners, tied to furniture, attached to tables and beds and chairs. She orchestrates scenes: sex scenes, submission scenes.

I imagine coming home after a long day to find them all standing in the hallway waiting for me, as a good house staff does. I imagine them waiting on me at dinner. I imagine one set up in the bathroom for me, another in the bedroom. I imagine the mistress walking them around on leashes.

Sexy stuff indeed. Last night He had me masturbate to His fantasy, and i took a little walk around the mansion in my mind.

Stopping in at the bathroom, i was the bathroom girl, carefully unbuckling my Master’s belt and unbuttoning and pulling down His pants before taking His cock in my mouth so He could relieve Himself. Then doing everything back up for Him when He was done, making sure His shirt was neatly tucked.

In the bedroom, maybe i was the one who got to sleep next to the bed, always on duty to suck His cock when he woke up in the morning, or maybe called into extra service if He woke up in the middle of the night.

Or maybe i was the new girl, learning the ropes, and for now my sole purpose was to lick and suck my Master’s nipples whenever His cock was  being serviced by another girl.

And maybe i’d done something wrong, and was bound over the spanking bench, my Master watching and listening to my cries as the Mistress caned me for my lapses.

What would *you* want to be, or see, in a mansion like my Master’s?


ILLP #31

April 11, 2010



ILLP #30

April 10, 2010