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Strap-on Fantasy

May 14, 2010


Last night i masturbated on the floor for my Master, with the pointy toe of a stiletto pump in my cunt, and the head of my Magic Wand on my clit. As he’d instructed, i was fantasizing about the hot woman i’d met online, who wears garters and stockings and pumps like me, and wants me to strap my cock on and fuck her. i fantasized about her legs up over my shoulders, imagined experiencing the view my Master gets when He’s fucking me that way. With that image in my mind, i begged my Master for permission to come and shuddered my orgasm all over my pretty shoe.


Being my Master’s shoe slut

December 27, 2009


After we all woke up on Sunday morning and had room service breakfast, there ensued some conversation about what outfits everyone should wear, and then we moved onto the next highly anticipated plan for our weekend. A photo shoot.

Rita sat posed on the couch, sexy as could be in a blue shirt, black pencil skirt and black stiletto pumps. My Master had his camera at the ready. “Okay,” He said, “you know what to do.”

And i squirmed on the floor and blushed bright red and made false attempts and just couldn’t do it. This amused Rita to no end… “lyn, this is a side of you i wasn’t expecting!”

Finally i got on to the floor in front of her wearing a black pencil skirt of my own, black and white shirt, and my collar. (And – strangely – no shoes for me, since they weren’t going to be in the picture and it’s really hard to kneel in pointy toe stilettos.) i finally worked up my courage and began kissing and licking her pretty shoes.

And then it was just the click of the camera and my Master’s instructions to move my hands or try another position. Because we were so focused on the photography, it wasn’t as erotic for me – i was keeping track of so many different things that it was hard to just be in the moment.


After a lot of shoe sucking and licking and kissing shots, we started experimenting with shoe fucking. We talk about this a lot, but it turns out that there’s more to the logistics of the positions than we’d anticipated. This time, even with the emphasis on photography, my cunt was not about to let itself be distracted, and i was both embarrassed and titillated to hear the sucking sound of my cunt juices as i moved my self up and down on the toe of her shoe. And when she breathed out “this is so fucking hot…” well, that just made it even better for me, and we had a lot of fun trying out a number of different shoe fucking positions.



And there were no cameras clicking when i cleaned her shoes off afterward, which made for a much more focused experience for me. Mmmmm.

i don’t recall how we transitioned from there to all three of us in a pile on the couch again, but we did. After i’d sucked my Master’s cock for a while i moved away and offered Him to Rita, and she took over while i licked and played with His nipples. Listening to Him moaning and groaning and crying out as she finished Him off was really incredibly hot to me, and i felt really grateful and happy to have been able to give Him this lovely threesome gift (His first!).


(There are a few more shoe fucking pictures on Flickr.)


Swing clubs and cowboys and farmers, oh my!

December 23, 2009


This past Saturday night my Master and i were thrilled to be entertaining a special visitor, the fun and fabulous Rita Seagrave. We first met Rita at Beat Me in St. Louis in the spring, and through a series of favorable coincidences, her visit to a location near me coincided with my Master’s visit, and a plot was hatched.

We met up Saturday evening and checked into our hotel, then went out for a nice dinner and got reacquainted. Then it was time to head off on our adventure for the evening… a visit to a swing club. This particular club alternates Saturday nights between BDSM and swing events. We would have rather gone to the BDSM night, but this was the weekend we had available, and we figured it would be a fun adventure.

Rita’s twitter from the following day summed it up the best, i think:
“Fantastic night with longdistancesub and her man. She and I wore matching red pumps! We visited a swing club populated by farmers + cowboys.”

Our matching red pumps did garner quite a few comments.[1]  And our two on one lap dance of my Master (which started with us crawling across the floor towards Him) got some attention too. Then the three of us ended up on a couch off to one side of the main space. Most of the action at this club happened in a big really-sleazy-but-in-a-good-way room with a bunch of mattresses on the floor, but my Master likes couches, so that’s where we camped out.

We hadn’t really talked beforehand about what the plans for the evening were – we were all still just feeling each other out, i think. And while my Master and i have been a bit smitten with Rita from the time we first met her, we have almost zero experience playing with other people, and we were both a bit nervous and unsure of where the limits were.

But we managed to figure something out, at least judging from my Master’s moans of “oh my god” when we were both sucking His nipples, or later, when each of us was licking one side of the head of His cock or taking turns sucking Him. And feeling Rita come as i rubbed her clit through lacy panties, and then watching her quiver through a continuous series of orgasms as i slowly fucked her with the glass wand until she begged me to stop. Then my Master fucking me as i was draped across her lap, sucking her nipples. Or my own orgasm, with her hands on my breasts while i rubbed my clit and my Master fucked me with my big purple dildo until i begged Him for permission to come and shouted my orgasm for all to hear.

My, my, that was a lot of fun.

i don’t know that i’d go back for another swing night. Rita says she’d go back for the cowboys, but the crowd wasn’t really our crowd – although it was a particularly quiet night, probably thanks to the weather, with just enough snow to make going out possible but not necessarily appealing. But the space is definitely interesting, and i hope we can make it back for a BDSM night, which i think would be even more fun.

After my Master folded me in half and fucked me until He came, we all agreed that we’d had enough, said good night to our host, and piled back into my car for the snowy trip back to our hotel rooms. We were tired and needed to rest up, because the next morning was the photo shoot my Master and Rita had been planning, and for which we’d purchased her 3 brand new pairs of shoes. Hmmm… i wonder what those could possibly be used for?

[1] Basic red stilettos, not the stunning pair of Dolce & Gabbana‘s in the picture above. Deemed too impractical, they’re going back. So sad. 😦


Office Party

December 6, 2009


The office holiday party is always a really strange experience for me. For one thing, I get to wear clothes – that’s a real novelty, and completely unheard of except for that one time I swapped with Jenny. Tonight i’d chosen slinky black backless dress and a pair of Betsey Johnson party shoes in black and gold.

And then there are the clients, some of who receive our “special services,” but many who do not. And lastly, there are the wives. Who most certainly do not know about the unique perks that keep their husbands happily working overtime.

But it’s a good time nonetheless, and with copious food and wine flowing, if someone grabs the administrative assistant’s ass, well… it’s just a holiday office party and isn’t that practically de rigueur?

This year’s party was in full swing when I decided I needed a break from the action. The cool air of the hallway was a welcome relief from the steamy room filled with alcoholic breath and sweaty hands slipping where they shouldn’t. And once I got down to the executive wing, even the sounds of the party had slipped away.

Which is why I was able to hear her. Some quiet sniffles, a blowing nose, the soft sound of tears held inside but threatening to slip out.

I poked my head into the little conference room, and there was Peterson’s wife, sitting in the high back roller chair at the head of the table, try unsuccessfully not to cry.

I’m really not so good with the gal pal thing, so I quickly turned to leave, only to be betrayed by that damn jingle bell bracelet one of our clients had been passing out as party favors.

“Lyn, is that you?”

I went back into the conference room. “Yes, Mrs. Peterson,” I answered. And then, because it seemed the thing to do, “Is everything okay?”

Well, of course everything was not okay. Turns out she’d caught Mr. Peterson in a clutch with that “hussy” Jenny (i had to stifle a snicker at that), and she was pissed about it.

“I don’t know what he sees in that little tramp,” she said tipsily. “Especially when he’s got *these* waiting for him at home.” And with that, she pulled down the front of her (already low cut) dress to reveal those delightfully perky tits that I’d fantasized about many a time while blowing her husband.

“Very impressive indeed,” I agreed. “But why don’t you put them away and I’ll help you get back to the party?”

She was having none of it. “They’re all natural, you know. Still look as good as they did when I was 20. And they feel fantastic – c’mere Lyn, come see what I mean.”

I looked down the empty hallway, then back at Mrs. Peterson. And then I did just what you’d expect the office slut to do – I went over to other side of the conference table and put my hands on her glorious breasts.

She was right – they did feel fantastic. A generous handful, but not too much. The perfect balance of soft and firm. At first my touch was tentative (I was *trying* to be good!), but when she reached up and put her hand over mine, squeezing them around her breasts, I gave up and just went with it.

Her generous nipples grew hard in my palms, and as her hands released mine, I slid my fingers down to stroke them. Tentatively at first, in case she was going to freak out, but no, she tilted her head back and moaned, clearly enjoying the attention. I couldn’t help but wonder if they tasted as good as the looked, so – throwing caution to the wind – I took one in my mouth.

Her hand on the back of my head, pushing me into her chest, told me that she had no objections to this next step. “Harder,” she moaned. “Suck them hard, Lyn.”

After that, I didn’t worry about any more caution, and didn’t need any more prompting either. After I’d paid her breasts their due attention (and believe me, they really did deserve some attention), I slipped one hand up under her short skirt. Her legs spread eagerly apart for me, and I wasn’t surprised to discover that she wasn’t wearing any panties with her garter belt and stockings. Her cunt was already wet as I slipped one, then two, and finally three fingers inside of her.

Unsatisfied with my position, I slid my fingers out. She groaned in frustration, but as I motioned her up on the conference table she got the picture. On top of the table (where I had been too many times to count) I was able to get my fingers really working inside of her, and to get my mouth down on her clit at the same time.

Sweet, salty, and tangy, her copious juices filled my mouth as I licked her cunt and fingered her. Her moans and panting breath filled my ears, growing faster and more guttural as she reached the edge and then fell over it, her orgasm wetting my hand even more. I paused for only a moment to let her catch her breath, then kept going until she had a second climax, and then a third.

“Enough, enough!” she panted, pushing herself back away my hand, leaving a puddle of cunt juices on the table where she had been.

I gave her a minute to collect herself, and she slowly climbed off the table. I was sad to see her spectacular breasts confined to her bodice once again as she straightened herself out.

She pushed me up against the wall, and leaned in very close to my face. “Thank you, Lyn,” she said, and kissed me tenderly on the lips. Then she darted off, blond hair swinging as she flipped her head back at me from the door. “That’ll show him,” she said, smugly, “that two can play at that game.”

I let her go down the hall, waiting a full two or three minutes before I headed back to the party myself. When I got there, she had just finished downing a glass of champagne and was heading over for a refill. Peterson was on the other side of the room, in the middle of a vigorous debate with the other partners about football or something equally as trivial.

“Peterson,” I said, swinging my hand over his shoulder and resting it on his cheek, “I think your wife’s had a few too many – you might want to take her home.”

He looked at me, with a curious look in his eyes. The look of a man who’s trying to decide if that’s really the smell of his wife’s cunt on the hand resting on his face.

“Thank you, Lyn,” he replied. “I think I will do just that.”


On display, Kinky Kollege version

November 9, 2009


Saturday night my Master dressed me up and took me down to the dungeon. It was time for another round of putting lyn on display.

He scouted around the dungeon for a good place to do it, and ended up settling on a wooden platform. He pulled me shirt open and pulled my panties halfway down my thighs, then had me pull my skirt up and hold it there. Topping it all off with a blindfold, He left me there on display.

Although there were many more people around than the last time we did this, i didn’t feel nearly as conspicuous. For one, i was slightly more clothed than last time. But mostly it was that i knew there was a lot of action going on in the dungeon, and wondered if anyone would even notice me there. In my fantasies about these scenes there’s a sign inviting people to help themselves, or a box of clothepins in my outstretched hand, but my Master chose not to push things in that direction.

i posed like that for a while, then started when my Master slid up to me and whispered in my ear. Unlike last time, where i was leaning up against a wall, this time i was standing free, and because of the (very sexy, but uncomfortable) boots i was wearing, i found that i was having a really hard time maintaining my position. i told me Master all of this, and He had me switch to the position You see in the picture above – sitting on my butt, legs spread, cunt wide open and exposed.

Once again, He left me alone. i didn’t know if anyone was looking or noticing. Certainly no one was interacting, as they had at the other club. The norms of dungeon etiquette call for observing from a distance and not interrupting a scene, so without a clear signal that interaction was desired, there wasn’t much. At one point i did hear someone say “Is she yours? That’s fucking hot,” so it was nice to know i was being appreciated. Every so often my Master would slip up and kiss me, but i immediately recognized His lips.

Then, THUMP. THUMP. All of a sudden, things changed. The platform i was on shook a little bit as hard boots hit the wood on either side of me. This was not my Master, i was sure – He just doesn’t move like that. And when all of a sudden my mouth was being devoured by a very different pair of lips, then i knew for certain that this was someone new.

Female, i quickly decided, as she growled a little in my ear, sniffing me along the way. Lips still on mine, soon her hands were exploring my body, pinching my nipples and making me squirm, and even straying down to my exposed nether bits.

i figured that a total stranger wouldn’t be so forward, and that this had to be the one person i knew at this event, a blog reader named Roxi that i’ve corresponded with via email on and off over the years. We’d found each other at a panel earlier in the day, and then connected in the dungeon when we’d arrived, but she was busy DM-ing at the time. So, 80% sure that it was her, i tried to quiet my feelings of “oh my god, what’s happening!?” and just enjoy the ride.

And what a ride it was, as my Master soon joined in on the fun and i was treated to two pairs of hands taking liberties with my body, two pairs of lips taking turns with my mouth, two nipples being sucked at once. At one point i could tell from the shifting of bodies that the two of them must be kissing, and i was suprised but pleased that my Master was getting some of the fun too.

Nipple kisses and sucking turned to biting, and i was squirming and eeping as i am wont to do in situations like that. Such a mix of emotions – nervous, excited, aroused, unsure – all swirling around in my head at once. Before long, my Master took off my blindfold and i had my suspicions confirmed. It was indeed the hot and sexy Roxi. With a big grin on her face.

Having anonymous fun turn into known person made me suddenly go shy, but we all shared a few more kisses after i retreated into the known safety of my Master’s arms. And then, the night being young, she slipped off to her next bit of fun, and my Master helped me pull myself together so we could figure out what we wanted to do next.



August 17, 2009


We pick up a girl in the bar. She’s cute and sexy. Long dark hair, short sequined dress, amazing platform sandals. We’re making out in the taxi all the way back to the hotel, and the taxi driver keeps looking in the rear view mirror, checking us out, checking You out, probably wondering how You got so lucky.

Back in the room we head straight to the bed, and she and i keep making out, hands slipping up under tops and skirts now that the tiny bit of modesty we were preserving in the taxi is no longer necessary. You sit back and watch us as bit by bit our clothes come off. Her dress is first, when i get frustrated that i can’t get to her nipples because of the cut of the dress. So off it goes, revealing a sexy matching bra and panty set. i pull the cups of her bra down and start sucking her ample breasts, alternating nipples and keeping the other nipple occupied with my fingers pulling and tugging and stroking.

After a while, she pulls away and slides down between my legs tugging off my short skirt and g-string panties to reveal my smooth and wet pussy. She slides two fingers into my cunt and moves them against my g-spot as she licks and sucks my clit, and i’m in heaven. Only made better when You decide to join the fun and start passionately kissing me and playing with my nipples.

i’m shuddering and nearly out of control when she slides up my body and plants her cunt on my face. You take her place at the end of the bed, but instead of sucking me, You slide Your cock into me and fuck me as she rides my face, pressing herself against me and covering my face with her juices. When she comes the sight and sound of her orgasm makes You come too, and we all collapse on the bed in a sweaty heap.


Sick Day, Part 2

March 8, 2009

Read Part 1 first


I run into Jenny in the lunch room, her arms laden down with Davis’ wife’s excess zucchini crop. As they tumble down to the table there, I grab one.

“Oh, these must be from Davis! I love his wife’s zucchini,” I say, as I slice one and pop a piece into my mouth. “I don’t know what she does when she grows them, but they’re the most flavorful zucchini I’ve ever had.”

It’s hard to keep myself from laughing at the mortified look on Jenny’s bright red face, but somehow I manage.

“So, how’s it going back there?” I ask as we sit down at the lunch table. “Are the boys behaving themselves? Are you having fun?”

Jenny’s eyes are staring intently at her lunch as she mumbles her response. “It’s not exactly what I expected. But…” she pauses, obviously embarrassed. “But… well… it’s all making me pretty hot.”

“That’s the way you want it to be. Just don’t get any ideas – this is a one day swap. Monday all those cocks are mine again,” i say, grabbing another zucchini and slipping it whole in my mouth, deep throating it, as I watch Jenny’s whole body blush this time.

“Phones are ringing, so I must be going. Have a good afternoon,” I say sweetly, and manage not to bust a gut until I’m out of the room and halfway down the hall. Poor innocent Jenny.

Back at my desk, I tuned the video feed into the lunch room, just in time to see Smith walk in and give Jenny the once over. She barely got the words out to explain when he had her bent over the lunch table, his hands working clumsily at his zipper. Pulling his half-hard cock out of his pants, he slapped it all over Jenny’s ass, his cock growing longer and stiffer with each slap.

Then he thrust into her, one long stroke, hands gripping her around the waist as he moved in and out. And then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over, Smith stepping away from her and zipping himself back up. Sucks to be a premature ejaculator in this office (and sucks to be fucked by one too – i never get off on Smith’s days). Jenny stands up and reaches for a napkin to wipe off the cum I can see glistening on the inside of her thighs, but I see Smith shake his head. It’s his day, and he wants her to wear it all day, so the other men will know who’s top dog today.

After lunch the phone calls come fast and furious, and the boss has some other work for me too. By the time I’m able to tune into Jenny again, the day is almost done.

I find her in Peterson’s office, laid out on his desk. He’s kneeling over her as she holds her breasts close together so he can fuck her tits. I can tell she’s really into it, as she’s eagerly reaching out her tongue to lick the head on the top of every thrust. Peterson is an attractive guy, and Jenny’s got nice tits, so it’s a lovely tableau to watch. I slip my hand up under my skirt again, gathering up my slippery cunt juices and gliding my fingers over and around my clit. Between the scene on the screen and the feeling between my legs, let’s just say I’m a little distracted.

So distracted, in fact, that I don’t notice the boss has come in behind me until I feel his hand clamp over my lips.

“And what have you found here, Lyn? I see you’ve been keeping a good eye on Jenny,” he says, and pulls me up with the hand gripping my face.

As that hand steers me towards the back office, his other hand is roughly undoing the buttons on my shirt, and one or two pop off. When we’re in his office he lets go of me and orders me to finish taking my clothes off. As I do, he pushes the button for speakerphone and dials Peterson’s office. Peterson is out of breath, and I hope that he had a chance to finish, because the boss orders him to send Jenny up at once.

“So you like to watch, do you Lyn?” he asks, hanging up the speakerphone. “Well, as it turns out, so do I.”

When Jenny walks into the office i’m kneeling on the floor, my hands bound behind my back.

“The boys tell me you did well today, Jenny. You can expect a bonus on your next check. And Lyn here has a bonus for you right now, don’t you Lyn?”

I nod, and the boss orders Jenny to kneel in front of me. Arms bound, I’m a little awkward, but as I lean forward and take first one nipple and then the other into my mouth, I can taste the fresh cum there, and I know that Peterson did manage to finish. I lick and suck her nipples and her collarbone – where his pearl necklace must have collected – until I can’t taste him any more, just her smooth skin and tight nipples, exuding her own scent and flavor of arousal and need.

The boss tells Jenny to lie down and then I’m bending over between her legs, struggling with my bound arms, and knowing that the boss is getting even more turned on from watching me struggle. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of tumbling over, I finally get my face down between her legs. I can taste Smith there as I begin to lick her mound, swirling my tongue between neatly trimmed pubic hair. Then I move down to her opening, sliding my tongue from her hole, sweet and tangy with her wetness, all the way up to her clit, feeling her body shudder under me as I lick and suck her clit.

I tease her a little more before I get into a rhythm and begin working her slowly but thoroughly to climax. My shoulders are aching with my arms bound behind me, but my breasts are thrust out in front, and every time my erect nipples brush against Jenny’s legs a little shock goes down to my own cunt. I’m rocking back and forth as I suck and lick her clit, and when she finally shudders and writhes beneath me, I feel like my own orgasm is just a couple more rocks forward away.

So of course the boss is there to pull me up right away, and slap my legs wide apart, so I can’t even push myself over with a couple of thigh squeezes. “Nice work, Lyn. But nothing for you today – remember, you’re just the receptionist.”

“Who should learn to pay attention to her job,” he growls under his breath in my ear.

“And nice work for you to Jenny. But I expect you to be back on the phones on Monday, understand?” Jenny nods, and with a hard swat to the ass of each of us the boss sends us out of his office.

And sure enough, on Monday Jenny’s voice was back, and I was back in my place, fucking and sucking. But somehow I don’t think this will be the last time Jenny gets to play the office slut.