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Picture Perfect Piss Slut

July 31, 2008

piss slut
In the weeks leading up to our last visit, i found my fantasies frequently turning to piss. i often fantasize about being forced to drink my Master’s piss – it’s not something i enjoy, but in fantasies it’s the thing that pushes me over edge to orgasm. But this time, i found myself fantasizing about the feeling of my Master’s piss on my body – the heat and wetness on my breasts, my stomach, my pussy. By the time our visit came around, that fantasy had become an overwhelming craving.

After a busy afternoon of shopping, we stopped into the bar for a drink before heading upstairs. By the time we got up to the room i really needed to pee, and when i asked Master for permission to go, He told me strip and get into the bathtub.

i knelt on my hands and knees, and as i peed my piss flowed down the bathtub past my face to the drain. My Master pushed my face down into it as it passed. When i was finished He ordered me to flip over onto my back, and then He began to piss on me as i lied in the bathtub.

At first it was just like my fantasy – that warm flow, the smell, the feeling of being covered by my Master. But if there’s one thing i have learned, it’s that my Master never gives me only what i want, He takes what He wants too. This time He took it by ordering me to open my mouth as He directed His stream towards my face, pissing in my mouth and ordering me to swallow.

When He finished, He told me to stay still, that He’d be back in a moment, and i knew (even with my eyes tightly shut against the piss that was all over my face) that He had gone to get His camera. i masturbated for Him as He photographed me, surprised at what a good lubricant His piss was as my fingers twirled around my clit.

“Your clavicle is full of piss,” He said to me. “Like a little cup. Use your fingers to scoop it out and drink it all.” i dipped my fingers into that divot in my neck, and finding the little pool of piss there, i dragged my fingers through it and sucked them off until the pool was empty and my Master was satisfied.



July 29, 2008

The kneeling slavegirl was thoroughly bound, her hands tied behind her back, a spreader bar at her thighs keeping her legs spread wide and her cunt open for His access. Her Master toyed with her, flicking her back and breasts and ass with the tips of the bright red flogger, watching the pink marks appear on her pale whiteness. Standing behind her, where she couldn’t see Him, He pulled out a tiny toy, just a thin and flexible rod with a black leather handle. An observer unfamiliar with its charms would have been surprised by the reaction of the slavegirl when He laid His first strike, high on her shoulder blade. The way her face grew horrified in that split second before the pain came, as she realized what He now held in His hand. Her cries and futile attempts to move away as He snapped the rod on her thighs and ass and breasts and stomach. The bright red lines that appeared wherever the rod had touched, marking her as her Master’s property.


Club Visit, Part 2

July 28, 2008

After i’d recovered a little from our first scene, my Master had me get up into the leather swing. He put my wrists into the cuffs. i spread my legs and put them high up on the chains that held the bottom of swing up. He clipped my cuffs to the chain, and then used some wide cloth straps to distribute the weight and further secure my legs. i was wide open, with my cunt and breasts easily accessible, right out there for anyone to see.

Being on my back, this time i was able to tell that we had watchers, and although i closed my eyes to stay focused in my space, i was always aware that they were there, watching me. i like to be watched, so this was a big turn on for me.

i had my suspicions about what my Master wanted to do to my bound and helpless front and cunt, so i was not surprised when He applied the first clothespin to me. i was surprised, however, by how much it hurt! We’ve used clothespins quite a bit before, and usually i tolerate them much better. It must have been something about where i was in my endorphin cycle after coming down from the evil stick, because this time every single clothespin felt like fire.

My Master is not a sadist. He just gets off on reaction, and inflicting pain is a good way to get lets of reaction from me. But since i was giving Him plenty of reaction from just a few pins, He was happy to use only that many. He put a few on each breast, and a few more on my cunt lips. Perhaps 10 in total. Our clothespin play is less about endurance than some – He likes to watch my face as He puts them on and takes them off too, so He moved the clothespins around as He likes to do.

Every sensation was heightened, and i was moaning and writhing and thrashing and crying out. My movements would rock the swing, and i’d be aware of the sensation of being suspended. He was standing between my spread legs, and from time to time between applying clothespins He would lean in to kiss me, pressing His body against mine and driving the clothespins painfully into my skin.

For all i said above that He’s not about endurance, by the end of the scene some of the clothespins (particularly the ones on my nipples) had been on for quite a while. i was still incredibly sensitive to sensation at that point, and as the final few came off i completely lost control of my body. i’d been balancing my legs up on top of the chains so i was very happy that my Master had bound my legs so carefully and securely as they dropped off from my reaction. i was taking long shuddering breaths as i processed the sensation of the blood flowing back into deprived skin and nipples, and i was so grateful when my Master leaned into me again and held me so tight.



July 27, 2008

Your bracelet is my connection to You. When we’re apart, when we’re busy, when we can’t communicate as much as we like to, Your bracelet is my reminder and my connection, to You and to my submission. It wraps itself around my wrist like You have wrapped Yourself around my life. It contains me and encircles me and reminds me. It gives me comfort when i am upset, and focus when i am scattered. Every time i look at it, i am reminded that i love You, and You love me, and what a wonderful love it is.



July 26, 2008

We’re at the club, and i’m wearing my sheer black spider dress. You’re leading me around by my leash connected to a chain in my cunt. People are doing double takes as they look through the sheer fabric and see the chain peeking out. i’m doing my best to hold the tight chain in place in my cunt, but i let my muscles relax for a moment and a few inches slip out. You feel the slack in the leash increase and order me to present myself for punishment. i lean over the back of the couch, clenching my muscles as tightly as i can to keep the rest of the chain in as You apply the crop hard to my ass.


i’m on my back in the swing, arms and legs stretched and bound, my cunt wide open and available. You lube up a thin chain and push it fingerlength by fingerlength into my cunt. You rub my clit with the end of it until i’m thrashing in the swing, and then ask one of the watchers if they want to pull it out. He does, and You take another thicker chain and begin the process again. Again it is pulled out, and finally You take a thick heavy chain and begin working it into my cunt. When i am stuffed full and my cunt is heavy with the weight, You take me out of the swing and we walk around the club, stopping to watch other scenes, You letting me feel the weight and fullness inside of me. You reach between my legs and rub my clit and my arousal is causing me to move shamelessly against Your hand. You continue to rub my clit as You pull the chain slowly out.


i’m strapped to a cross. My cunt is filled with a long chain, inserted from the middle, leaving two loops sticking out of my cunt. You attach clover clips to my labia, then hook the other end of the clips into the loops. The pinching of the clips is intense all on it’s own, but i know that if i let the chain slip out from my cunt, its weight will be added to the clips, causing them to tighten and the pain to intensify. i’m managing to keep my muscles under control and the chain in place as you start placing clothespins on my breasts and nipples. But when You pull out the flogger and begin to flog them off, i lose control, the chain falls out, and i scream.


Photo Essay

July 22, 2008

i still have a few great tales from the weekend, but no time to write a post right now. So i hope you won’t mind if i let the pictures do the talking…



schoolgirl undressing

yet more panties and shoes


Trying on new shoes, Saturday morning edition

July 19, 2008

Just because it’s morning sex, doesn’t mean there can’t be shoes.

We wake up around the same time, and snuggle in together. It’s a short snuggle, though, before He’s pushing my head down to His crotch. i eagerly take His cock into my mouth, using my hands on His shaft and His balls, just the way He likes it, using my saliva to make everything slippery. He’s full and hard in my mouth and i’m loving every minute of it.

Then He pulls out. “I’ll be back in a minute,” He says. “I’m going to fuck you when I get back, so you’d better make yourself wet if you aren’t already.”

i am wet, a little bit, from sucking Him, but i work my clit all the same while He’s in the bathroom. When He comes back out He grabs a shoe box and sets it on the bed. i spread my legs for Him, and He drives His cock straight into my cunt, hitting bottom and making me gasp with pain and pleasure.

He’s driving His cock in and out of me, as he reaches over to push the shoe box closer to my hand. i pull out a pair of the most utterly gorgeous Stuart Weitzman ankle strap sandals and slip them on feet that are up over His shoulders. i can’t do up the straps when i’m being fucked, but He’s happy to take care of that for me. Now my feet are like my cunt – both being used for their proper purpose, in service to their Master.