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Kinky Kollege Shoe Slut Fun

October 31, 2010


In the weeks leading up to Kinky Kollege, my Master and i talked about using this as an opportunity to explore our shoe slut gang bang idea. We got even more excited about the possibility when Rita Seagrave invited us to be the class example in her “How to Have a Gang Bang” class. Then we looked at the calender, and realized that i’d almost certainly be in the middle of my period that weekend, so that put an end to the idea of actually holding the gang bang, as opposed to just talking about it in class.


But we had rented a suite for the weekend and were looking forward to taking pictures, so then we thought, well, if we can’t do the gang bang, we can at least have a photo shoot. i posted to the Kinky Kollege message board on Fetlife and a bunch of women volunteered. In the end we had 5 different (and awesome) women come out to take pics with us! Some of my favorites are scattered throughout this post, but all of the pics were amazing, and you can see them at this Flickr set.


Friday night was Domina Amy and Rita Seagrave. We’d already planned a photo session with Rita on Friday, and she’s friends with Domina Amy and suggested we invite her along. This was great as it gave us a chance to try out poses and ideas before the bigger photo shoot on Saturday. And being on a leash at Rita’s feet is certainly not a bad thing all on its own!  And things got pretty funny when the best way to get a certain pose was for me to stick my nose in Domina Amy’s butt.


Saturday morning we got up bright and early for the How to Have a Gang Bang class. The idea was that Rita would present some background and material, then we would “workshop” my gang bang fantasy as a way to bring up all the different things you need to consider when having a gang bang, like how to recruit people, and what kind of environment you want, and safe sex, etc. Obviously my fantasy was quite different than a typical gang bang, but that made it really interesting for people. i was a little nervous when i got up to the front of the room to describe it. i was worried that this kink would be just too crazy and people would think it was totally weird. But in fact, they were all really supportive and engaged in the idea, and generated a ton of new ideas about how we could actually pull it off. And the delightful FloggingMolly served as a our model so I could demonstrate different ideas. Working through Rita’s list of questions with my Master in advance, and then having to explain my/our ideas to an audience, really helped us both to crystallize what we want to get out of a scene like this.


Late Saturday afternoon Jade came up to our room for more photo shoot fun. Jade and i had totally missed each other at last year’s KK, so we made sure to connect this time around, and meeting and hanging out with her and Ad and W was a highlight of our weekend. We spent an hour taking a variety of pics and getting to know each other more, and then two more women showed up (out of the 3 we were expecting, not bad). KitKatt and MissJSwitch had volunteered through my FetLife post, and they were totally awesome and up for anything. With three women and me, we were able to try out some of the ideas for positions that we’d brainstormed in the gang bang class earlier that day. Just poses for pictures, but we could start to get a feel for how it would actually work.


Then it was time to wrap things up and get ready for the evening…


Kinky Kollege Fashion Show

October 25, 2010

When i put my back out the day before leaving for Kinky Kollege, i thought seriously about canceling. But boy am i ever glad i didn’t! My Master and i had an absolutely fantastic time, and can’t wait to tell you all about it. But i’m still tired from my weekend and not feeling up to actually writing, so for now you just get the cavalcade of outfits…

Because of my back, we couldn’t actually spend very much time attending classes or the like, so a lot of these outfits only got worn long enough for a photo or a meal, then i’d change into something comfier (and *gasp* bare feet) to take the long walks through the hotel hallways that were the thing that was able to get rid of most of the pain, at least temporarily.

img_0354 img_0359 img_0406

For registration and our first pass through the space on Friday, we went with the leopard print skirt. i changed into the fabulous purple ensemble for the mixer. Because of my back, we weren’t playing on Friday night, so i got to dress for comfort when we went to check out the dungeon on Friday.

img_0410 img_0411

img_0565 img_0569

Saturday morning i dressed in signature leopard print to talk about my fantasies in front of a crowd of 40 people in Rita Seagrave‘s  “How to Have a Gangbang” class (much more on that later). Lunchtime saw me VERY overdressed (or is that underdressed?) for the taco bar in the not so private room off the hotel restaurant…  i wore a one-shouldered red dress for dinner with Jade, W and Ad, but it was so cold in the restaurant i never got to take my jacket off. And then a much more revealing outfit for our scene Saturday night in the dungeon.

img_0571 img_0573

Casual chic for breakfast on Sunday, followed by office girl in boots for lunch and afternoon classes. We didn’t take a picture of my traveling outfit, but it was the leopard print cowl neck from above with jeans and comfy heels.


Love Our Lurkers Day

October 21, 2010

Apparently today is the fifth annual Love Our Lurkers Day organised by Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts.

My blog gets around 500 visits every day, and i’m always a little in awe over that when i look at my stats. Thank you lurkers, for being out there and reading.

i’m as guilty of lurking as anyone – i do most of my blog reading through Google Reader, and rarely click through to share a note with the author.  But in honor of Love Our Lurkers Day, i intend to delurk (for a moment, anyway) on some of my favorite blogs, and invite you to leave a comment of your own below! It can be as long or short as you choose. You can use a fake name or no name at all. Just say hi, if you want to.

In any case, I look forward to meeting you! If this is your first time here due to following a link from love our lurkers day please stay and take a look around. Read my Fairytale to find out some of back story. Or check out the office slut stories. Or just look at the pictures – you don’t even have to pretend you’re here for the articles. 🙂

If you are a blogger and want to participate in Love our Lurkers day drop Bonnie an e-mail once your post (similar to this one) is up.


Airport Getaway, Part 4

October 17, 2010


Part 1, 2 and 3

Of course He couldn’t deny a request like that. It was hard to piss with the butt plug still in, but eventually i managed it, and soaked my panties. Normally for panty stuffing i’d wear a little g-string, but this time i’d worn a more substantial mesh bikini panty to hold in the little dildo. Which proved to be a bit of a challenge once the time for panty stuffing began, especially with the plug still in my ass.

i got on the bed and my Master said “Show me.” i started stuffing the panties in, but it was hard, because there was so much of them. i pulled out my vibrator to help things along, and my Master thought that was so hot he had to pull out his camera and document the last bits going in.

As i was pushing it in i started getting hot again. Normally i’m a come once and be done with it girl – long refractory period. But i’d been so worked up coming into the visit that the first orgasm hadn’t really touched my arousal, and i found myself asking my Master if if should come. He said not yet, so i flicked the vibe on and off keeping myself on the edge, until i had my whole panties stuffed into my cunt thanks to my Master’s helping hands. Then he finally let me come again, and i came hard, my cunt squeezing around my panties as i cried out.

To be continued…


Airport Getaway, Part 3

October 15, 2010


Part 1 and Part 2.

When He manhandled my pussy to the edge of the bed this time, He didn’t even bother to take the little dildo out, and just shoved His cock in my pussy along with it. i didn’t think that anything could make me feel any more slutty than i already did, but that sure did, imagining it was two real cocks inside my cunt. i couldn’t believe He was doing it, but He was, and it felt fantastic, to be so filled up, all my holes stuffed. He fucked me like that for a while. i was so hot and so desperate to come, but i really need my clit touched to come, and my hands were still chained behind my back. He pulled His cock out and grabbed the clothespins, putting 5 or 6 on one breast and nipple in quick succession, then fucking my face some more before pulling them off roughly.

He went back to fucking me, taking the dildo out this time, and as He fucked me He covered the other breast and nipple in clothespins. He drove into me and fucked me until He came, then ripped of the clothespins as i screamed. And then, although He had threatened to make me wait all day until i came, He rolled me over on my stomach, stuck my vibrator between my legs and watched me come.  After that, well, neither of us can really remember what happened! But i know my Master had another orgasm, because i was lying on top of Him afterward when i realized that i had to pee.

And even though i’d been writing Him about my fantasies for weeks, it took an act of willpower for me to blurt out – all in one long breath but quietly – “could i please piss through my panties and stuff them into my cunt, Sir?”

To be continued…


Airport Getaway, Part 2

October 14, 2010


Part 1.

He didn’t immediately stick His cock into my mouth, but He did shove me down onto the bed, pull my legs apart, and check to make sure the plug and the dildo were in place. He manhandled me around the bed, putting me into whatever position He wanted to. He slapped my face, hard, then posed me in way that was pleasing to Him and left me there as He went to unpack my suitcase and the sex toys inside of it.

Then He came back, pushing my legs apart again, pushing the butt plug and dildo deeper into me. He chained my hands behind me back, pulled His hard cock from His pants, and fucked my face, grabbing my hair and using it to move my head up and down on His cock. He pulled out and started slapping my cunt, hard, with no warm up, yelling at me to open my legs every time they closed from the pain. i was trying to keep them open, but i didn’t feel like i had control over my own body. i was shouting out “fuck, fuck, fuck” until He grabbed my sex shoe and shoved it into my mouth to shut me up. He was ruthless, pushing it in so far that i started to gag, and slapping my cunt all the while.

He pulled me around on the bed again, until my pussy was at the edge. He told me to bite down on the shoe so that it would stay in place, then pulled the little dildo out of my cunt and shoved His cock in its place. He pumped into me as He grabbed and pinched my nipples, twisting and pulling them as i whimpered in pain from around the shoe in my mouth. Then He pulled out, shoved the dildo back into me to keep me plugged up, and went back to using my mouth.

To be continued…


Airport Getaway, Part 1

October 12, 2010


My Master had a long layover at the airport near me today, so we got a hotel room and spent the day together. In anticipation of our time together, my Master had me masturbating without orgasm for days prior to his arrival. i spent most of Sunday in a high state of arousal, wearing a butt plug in my ass or a little dildo in my cunt or sometimes both at once, and doing other slutty things to keep myself on the edge. i thought i might explode before i saw Him.

But the time finally came. i dropped my car off at the valet and walked down the long hallway into the hotel, the little dildo in my cunt stimulating me with ever step, and the butt plug in my ass filling me up. i picked up my hotel room key and headed up to my Master’s room, where He was waiting for me.

As i hinted at in my last post, the days of slutty debauchery had left me in a real state. A state of wanting to be used hard, to be taken, to be His complete submissive slut. i’d conveyed my desires to my Master, but had no idea what would await me when i got into the room. i had plenty of fantasies about it to keep my mind busy on the drive to the airport – like that He’d push me down on my knees the minute i walked into the door, and fuck me face and come all over it, then leave it there to dry for the rest of the day…

To be continued…