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Everyone’s watching…

March 30, 2010


My Master and i had a really wonderful scene on Friday night. We were at our favorite BDSM club and were having a relaxing time just being close to each other, when He decided it was time to give me the spanking that He’d been craving for the long weeks since our last visit. i was craving it too, so was happy to kneel over the spanking bench and settle into the moment as He clipped my cuffs to the rings on the side of the bench.

He pushed up my flirty and short ruffled skirt, revealing my cunt lips spilling out of the crotchless panties i was wearing. And then He started spanking me, softly at first, but building harder and harder. Mostly my ass, but my pussy too. Soon His hand gave way to other implements – like the bundle of canes, with tips that wrapped ever so slightly and caused me to yelp every time it came down on me. The suede flogger, wielded with a precision that had me wondering if He’d been practicing – He was alternating ass cheeks, in a perfect rhythm to build my arousal, but hitting the same exact spot on each cheek every (damn) time. Which was the same spot – on the outside of my butt cheeks – that the cane tips had been torturing earlier. So i was torn between getting off on the rhythm and the growing pain of those points of contact. A paddle of some sort was next, i think, just to keep me on my toes, then the stingy red flogger, not just on my ass but on my pussy too. i was getting pretty floaty at this point, so i don’t remember what He was doing near the end that had me yelping so loud, arching my back, kicking my feet, and otherwise thrashing all over the bench.

Then it wasn’t pain He was giving me, but pleasure, as His fingers (or some object, i couldn’t tell in the moment) began moving in and out of my cunt and i was thrusting my body back at him. He undid the clips and flipped me over then, the position of the spanking bench forcing my legs spread wide, making room for His hand to keep working at my cunt. i pulled my shirt down and started rubbing my nipples, and soon He was asking me if i was going to orgasm for Him. i was hot – oh so hot – but i wasn’t there yet, although i was close enough and blissed out and endorphined enough to be nearly inarticulate telling Him that. i did manage to beg for my dildo, but it had been left behind at the hotel. So He brought me the shoe, and i fucked myself with that a bit, but was mewling with frustration and so much arousal. When He slid the glass wand into my cunt i knew release wasn’t far off. i rubbed my clit as He thrust the wand against my g-spot and pulled at my nipples.

“Come for me,” he told me again “everyone’s watching and they want to see You come.”

Knowing i was being watched pushed all my objectification and exhibitionist buttons, and finally i was begging my Master for permission to come, and then coming so so so hard, screaming out my orgasm for everyone to hear. It was a long orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure and release, that continued long after my hand had left my cunt and my Master was holding me against His body. We clutched each other, emotion so strong i was crying tearless sobs into His shoulder as He held me.



More fun with clothespins

September 2, 2009


Sunday afternoon of our last visit, my Master had me lie across his lap on the couch. He’d laid out a bunch of toys on the coffee table, and proceeded to give me a nice firm spanking, mostly with His hand and with the paddle. When He was done He had me flip over on to my back and hand him the bag of clothespins.

i can’t remember if i was blindfolded or just had my eyes closed, but i breathed through the pain and thanked him each time as He started putting clothespins on me.  He was playing with me, asking me where i wanted them, threatening to put them on the places i don’t like them. In the end, He’d circled my left nipple with clothespins.

“How many clothespins do you have on right now,” He asked. i thought about it, and said “Six.”

He expressed surprise that i got it right, and mock-disappointment that i’d ruined His fun. And then He set out to make sure i’d get the answer wrong the next time. He started putting more clothespins on my right breast, taking them off the left, and adding new ones too. But He was tricky about it – He’d pinch me with a clothespin but not leave it there, put one on and leave it for a bit then move it somewhere else. And this time He did put one right on my nipple, ‘which was even more distracting than all the rest.

Then He stopped and asked the question again. “How many clothespins do You have on now?”

i’d completely last track of any counting i might have been trying to do, so i tried to count as many little spots of pain as i could, and how long the whole thing had been going on, and said “Thirteen?”

This was the wrong answer. But only briefly, as He quickly added enough more clothespins to get me up to 13.  Leaving me writing and panting and breathing as i thanked Him for them.

My memory gets pretty hazy about then, but eventually all thirteen came off, and eventually i got well and truly fucked as i could feel their sting, and the lingering sting in my bottom from the earlier spanking.

Thank You, Sir.


Lessons not learned

July 19, 2009

See the picture above? Do up one more button, and you’ll have a perfect picture of my attire when my Master and i stopped at the hotel bar for a snack after our night out on Friday last week.  That’s right, i forgot to take my collar off AGAIN. This time my Master noticed it, but since i hadn’t remembered and He didn’t care, He just waited to see what would happen.

What happened is that we finished our snack and were getting ready to go, and He leaned into me and whispered into my ear that i was still wearing my collar. At which point i swore at Him. Repeatedly. And He just laughed at me. “There are so few things you find humiliating,” He said, “I have to take them when I can.”

Uh-huh. But i figure that probably no one noticed the collar because they were all too distracted by the 8 inch long school girl skirt it was wearing.


Although i was sitting in a much more ladylike fashion. Well, as ladylike as i could on the little end table Master was making me sit on in the bar. Eventually i switched to His lap. Better? Worse? Who knows. i’m sure there were at least some people figuring that He’d paid for me…

i had a good excuse for forgetting my collar, which was that i was blissed out on endorphins.

We’d had a really good time at the party the night before, and when our Friday night plans finished quite a bit earlier than we’d anticipated, we decided to venture out and try (one of?) the BDSM clubs in town. We got there pretty early, and a rope bondage class was just finishing up, so we had to wait around for that to clear before they opened up the play space.

i will say again that we’ve been very spoiled by play spaces in other cities. Despite having a lot of square footage, this club’s space was really oddly laid out, and the ambiance, very, well… grungy.  And once again, not the same quantity or quality of play equipment we’ve grown used to elsewhere. Particularly lacking were the nice padded spanking benches, which we are used to seeing in a wide variety of heights. i decided later that it must be part of the NYC scene vibe to make bottoms hold difficult positions for flogging or some such. But we like spanking benches because they support me so i can drift away on the pain, while putting me at a nicely ergonomic height for my Master.

At least there wasn’t much competition for the equipment that was there – in sharp contrast to the previous night’s hordes of beautiful people, this club was very sparsely attended during the time we were there.

Despite the disappointments, we did manage to have a really excellent scene. We found a spanking bench of sorts, and my Master started building me up, working me over with all the toys we’d brought with us. He was harder and meaner and spent a longer time than usual, which i liked, and i got nice and floaty and out of my head as He took me to subspace.

So really, it shouldn’t be a surprise that i’d forget my collar again. Forgot my wrist cuffs too, but at least those were hidden by my jacket, so i didn’t have to be embarrased by those until i got back to the room. And i guess i did learn one lesson. One which my Master teaches me every time He gets the chance. Whic is that a little embarrassment never hurt anyone, and is sometimes just what a submissive needs to remember her place.


Out on the town

July 14, 2009


One of the things my Master and i like to do when we’re travelling is to go to any local BDSM clubs or parties that are going on. We’ve had amazing experiences at clubs in Chicago and Seattle, and we’re always looking for a similar spot in whatever city we’re visiting.

So i was tasked with checking out the scene in NYC, and discovered that there was going to be a “Suspension” party while we were visiting. Suspension is the name of party, not necessarily the theme. There’s no website for it, but you can check out the NYC Fetish Tribe group on Fetlife for more details.

We weren’t really sure what to expect, but we dressed me up, packed a toy bag and headed off. Our first impressions weren’t great, as the space seemed really small, but then we realized that there was a whole back room we’d missed on our initial walkthrough of the space, and that made a big difference! As did the all of the beautiful people in amazing fetishwear. i felt totally underdressed.

But that didn’t stop us from having a good time. We watched some beautiful rope bondage and suspension, then moved into the back room and settled into a comfy little nook. The party was in the basement of a bar, so not really laid out for playing, but people made do.  My Master put me across His lap and gave me a really nice warm up spanking leading into flogging and paddling.  At various points both of my Master’s hands would be on my body AND there’d be someone flogging my ass, so i quickly figured out that He was pulling passerbys into the action, and that really got me turned on. My ass got so hot from the flogging that when my Master ran an ice cube (from a cup of ice someone had given Him to play with – such friendly helpful folks, lol) over my ass, it felt absolutely heavenly. And usually i hate ice!  This sort of thing went on for a quite a while until i gave a really big yelp over something (probably the paddle) and He decided i was done.

After that, i was feeling randy and exhibitionistic, and discovered that the sides of the booth we were in were perfectly spaced for me to lie on my back and hook my legs up on either side of the booth. i swear i wasn’t actually trying to invite my Master to spank my cunt, but of course that’s what ended up happening.  He spanked hard, and then in little light smacks that were just arousing and not painful. And then He slid a piece of leftover ice under my g-string and started spanking me hard with that against my cunt. This time the ice was NOT my friend and he got some really loud yelps, and maybe even swearing.

We wandered back out into the front room again to see what was going on, and ended up talking for a while with one of the party hosts and doing lots of people watching. The atmosphere at the party was really amazing. It was busy but not wall-to-wall people, which gave us lots to look at.  Nearly everyone was wearing great fetish clothes.  It was a pretty young crowd, the music was good, and the whole thing had really good energy. As i said to my Master, this is the sort of thing that people probably expect SM clubs/parties to be, but that in our experience they rarely are.

With all that great energy swirling through the air, it was no surprised that we ended up back in the back room for another scene. This time my Master had me lie down on a couch type bench along one wall. i don’t remember the sequence of it all, but there was more spanking and flogging, and lots more cunt spanking, which i found myself getting really into. Because i was wearing panties, it wasn’t as stingy as it can sometimes be. And we’d also been doing a lot of it that night, so my skin was more acclimated, and i was able to get past the pain to pure rhythmic pleasure from it. And it sure didn’t hurt that my Master was alternating the spanking with rubbing and patting. i came about as close to coming as that sort of thing will ever make me.

When He was done with me, it was pretty late by our standards (although the party goes until 4, so they were just getting going!) so we headed out. We’d had an early and light dinner, so after all that play we were starving. We grabbed pizza slices from a random pizza joint on the corner, and were sitting down at a table in the window to eat them when i realized that i was still wearing my collar. And not my pretty little dress collar that passes as a goth choker. No, my real, full on, inch wide collar with d-ring that you’ve seen in so many of these pictures. Neither my Master nor i had realized it until that very minute. Turning beet red, i slipped it off and into the toy bag, then finished my pizza and we headed out to a taxi, while i studiously avoided looking at the guy working behind the counter!


Fun and Games

June 15, 2009


When my Master told me i was going to be his fucktoy on our most recent visit, i had no idea just how much the “toy” part of that description was going to come into play.

As i wrote in the 22 hours post, when He arrived i was standing in the corner, hoping that i’d done everything right. i could hear him wandering around the room, trying to figure out where i’d stashed the toys. His instructions had said to put them in the top drawer of the dresser if there was one in the living room. Which there wasn’t, but the top drawer of the desk was the most equivalent place i could find.

He mostly ignored me for a little while, then told me to pull up my skirt a little in the back. i did that, and He ignored me for a while longer. Eventually he got settled in on the couch, and told me to crawl to Him.

He pulled out my collar, dangling it in front of my face, then dropped it on the floor in front of me. i picked it up in my teeth and presented it to Him. He tossed it down again. i picked it up again. This time, He tossed it a little farther away, and i crawled over to get it and bring it back. At first i thought i was being punished, or doing something wrong, but eventually it struck me that we were just playing fetch, because it amused Him to see me crawling around the floor in my tiny skirt and high heel shoes. This went on for quite a while before He told me to beg Him to put the collar on me, and then for a while after that, as i got the begging just right.


He put my leash on with my collar, and attached me to various points of the room as He did things. Moving back to the couch, He had me lie down beside Him, and started playing a little game where He would toss the end of the leash (which has a ring) towards my nipple, trying to “ring” it, while having me play with my clit. This all had me feeling nicely objectified throughout, i have to say. Master had had a busy and intense couple of days, and was enjoying indulging this light playful side, i think.


His next game was just as playful, but definitely not light! It went like this… Following His instructions, i’d reach into the bag of clothespins, pull one out, and say “Please put a clothespin on Your slavegirl, Sir,” and He would. I’d take a sharp intake of breath, or stamp my feet, or maybe even swear (depending where that particular clothespin went), and He’d hold His hand out patiently waiting for the next. i’d reach into the bag, and we’d do it again. And again. It took me a while to get into the rhythm, but i eventually i got the sequence right.

i don’t know how many clothespins He put on me. Maybe a dozen? A few on my cunt, most on my breasts. i know this is not a lot by some people’s standards, but it was plenty for me. There was one He put on my vulva very close to the end, that stung like crazy and nearly had me in tears. Shortly after that we got to the next phase of the game.

“Please Sir, please take a clothespin off Your slavegirl?” i begged Him, this time holding out my hand to take the clothespin back and return it to the bag. As soon as i could i begged Him specifically to take off the horrible biting one from my vulva, and while that was a relief, the rest had been on long enough that they were as painful coming off as they had been going on. When i begged again, and He told me they were all gone, i could scarcely believe Him, and wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad. I had gotten so thoroughly into the rhythm, that it just seemed like it was going to go on forever.

My ineptness at the next game – begging to worship His cock – may have had something to do with all the endorphins making me loopy. But that thought didn’t occur to me at the time! i started off begging to suck His cock (something i very much enjoy doing) and ended up begging just to look at it, as He guided me through all the stages of begging in between. i’m not very good at begging, but got lots of practice on that visit! Finally He did let me look at it, then kiss it, then lick it, then take it in my mouth and enjoy the full taste of Him.

He fucked me then, and god, did we both need it. He fucked me until He came, and then He kept going, kept fucking me, eventually pulling out of my cunt just long enough to switch to my mouth, and coming again there. Ahhh.

Then, we had to get off the couch and dress for dinner.



Ever higher

April 2, 2009


One of the things we realized through in the class on “ramping” is that my Master likes to be really in touch and connected to me when He is topping me in impact play. And while we have a few toys that are good for close-in work, in order to ramp the intensity of our play with our limited toy collection, He usually has to move up to toys that move Him farther away from me, which then isn’t as satisfying for Him.

Armed with this knowledge and other things we learned in the class, we headed off to the vendor’s area to see what new toys we could acquire. Since we’re long distance, our other toy requirement is that they be small enough to fit in a rollerboard suitcase. We were successful in finding a few new things to add to our toy bag, including a paddle and a bundle of canes bound on a single handle.

We headed off to the day dungeon to try things out. We were pleased that there was a day dungeon – we’re more morning people than night owls, so all things being equal our energy tends to be better for playing during the day. We picked out a nice spanking bench and started playing, with my Master trying out the different rhythmic ideas that Master Gallad had talked about in the ramping class. Unfortunately, there was another scene going on in the room, and the sub was being very loud. When it was just her moaning, i could kind of ignore it. But when she started crying out “Oh fuck!” and “You bastard” it was just too distracting. i let my Master know that the situation just wasn’t working for me, and i wasn’t going to be able to give Him the surrender we were both looking for.

This is where my afternoon took a bit of a turn for the worse. Stopping mid-scene wasn’t good for my emotional state, even though we went up to our room and cuddled for a good long time after. i wasn’t feeling well, and was frustrated that that was impacting my plans and hopes and expectations for the weekend. It took me a long time, and a hot bath in the arms of my Master, before i was able to let go of it all and head back into the fray, as it were.

The universe wasn’t done teaching me that particular lesson yet, but after i picked myself up from my twisted ankle, i was ready to pick up where we’d left off that afternoon.

Up on the spanking bench, a mask blocking out my view of the world, my Master began spanking me. Our afternoon session hadn’t been a total loss, because i had learned and shared with my Master which rhythm resonated best with my body, and as He spanked me i grew more and more aroused. He spent a long time spanking me, gradually increasing the intensity, and when He was ready, moved on, i think to the little wooden paddle.

This was less sensual, but my arousal stayed high and i began to slip into the rhythm of the spanking, although ever aware of my Master’s hand on my back, keeping track of my breathing and my mental and physical state. Things ramped higher, with the little red plastic flogger i love, then the new cane bundle, first with the canes splayed, and then with the o-ring moved up to bind them into a single bundle.

i needed and craved more, and i reached out my hand so my Master could grab it. He leaned in to hear what i was saying above the noise of the dungeon. “More, please Sir, more,” i begged.

He granted my wish, and took my deeper and higher. We’d been at it for quite a while at this point, and when he switched to the riding crop i found it harder and harder to keep up, to stay on that edge, that sweet spot, where it’s almost, but not quite too much. Eventually my Master put all the toys away, and returned to spanking my ass with just His hand.

My ass was so tender and sensitive at this point, and the rhythm so perfect (it’s the same rhythm He uses sometimes when He fucks me) that i was instantly hot, my breath coming faster and faster, my hips wiggling with sexual frustration.

i have never felt closer to coming from impact play, and i could think of nothing but my Master’s cock in my cunt, but alas, penetration was againt the dungeon rules. He took me higher and higher, then stopped, and slid His hand between my legs to stroke my clit. i could feel my dripping wetness against His warm hand. He leaned in again, and whispered in my ear “Are you going to come for me?”

If this were just fiction, i would have come on His hand right then. But this is not fiction, and orgasm does not come easily to this slavegirl, no matter how badly i wanted to give that gift, that thank you, to my Master.

So instead, He slowed His pace, eased me down from my dizzying heights. Helped me down from the bench, and into His warm and welcoming arms, where i belong and wish i could always be.


A hard one

January 13, 2009


i knew it was going to be a hard one while i was packing my suitcase. The packing list He’d given me had all of His favorite toys – the riding crop, evil stick, wartenberg wheel, clothespins – and none of mine – the nice thuddy and whippy stingy floggers.

Our room had a bench at the end of the king size bed, which made for a perfect spanking setup. i could kneel on the bench with my upper body on the bed, and my ass was at a very comfortable height for Him to work on.

i was thankful that He started off with a nice thorough spanking, so i was well warmed up before He started in with the crop and later the evil stick. Although by then my mind was not in a place to distinguish one sharp stingy pain from another, and i thought he was still using the crop when i was murmering “please no, please no, please no more,” only later remember that i’d brought the evil stick and that must have been what He’d been using.

Unlike our previous visit, at least this time i didn’t have to support myself – i could melt into the bed and cry out into the soft comforter, unable to just roll away and force a break when things got rough. Forced to give the submission i need to give.

Sometimes s/m scenes feel like a gift that He gives me. And sometimes they feel like something that’s taken from me. This was one of the latter times. Even though He let me play with my clit as He clipped clothespins to my inner thighs, my sore red bottom and my labia lips. As He bit my skin, already tender from the beating. As He fucked me deep with my dildo.

It doesn’t look so bad in the picture. Until you realize that those dark spots aren’t moles and freckles like the ones that adorn the rest of my skin, they’re blood blisters raised over the course of a half an hour of being my Master’s plaything.

All i could think to say when He was done was “So much for You not being a sadist.” We have both changed a lot since we began this journey together, and it makes me really happy to know that He is willing to take what He needs from me, even – maybe especially – when it’s hard for me.

Today He wrote to me: “I love you when you’re taking that for me.  I really do.  I can’t explain it, but I do.” And that made me really happy to read. Because i want to give Him everything He needs.