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Smitten by ankle boots

August 31, 2009

i think i’m in love…




A few more pics here.  If you’re smitten too, you can buy them here.


So Shiny

August 24, 2009

See more pics like these in my So Shiny set on Flickr.





48 hours

August 19, 2009


48 hours from now, if all goes according to plan, my legs will be spread and my feet will be up over my Master’s shoulders. Or, i’ll be on my knees giving Him a blowjob in front of a mirror so He can watch while i work. Or maybe He’ll have decided to spank me first, and i’ll be writhing in pain on the bed.

Whichever it is, i’m sure it will be wonderful.

This has been a fabulous summer, in that i’ve seen my Master more often and for longer periods each time than we typically manage. But this will be the first time in a while that He’ll be visiting me at my house. And while traveling with Him is awesome fun, there’s something inherently satisfying about sharing my space with Him. Waking up with Him in my bed. Making Him breakfast to eat at my table. Entertaining friends together. It’s a taste of the domesticity – the “normal time” that we both yearn to have with each other.

And to make things even more fun, we’ve ordered a record setting number of shoes to play with – 8 pairs!  Even crazier, we have designs on keeping possibly as many as 5 or 6!  It’s madness, I tell you. But it should make for some fun photographs, even if my house isn’t as neutrally photogenic as we’d prefer.



August 17, 2009


We pick up a girl in the bar. She’s cute and sexy. Long dark hair, short sequined dress, amazing platform sandals. We’re making out in the taxi all the way back to the hotel, and the taxi driver keeps looking in the rear view mirror, checking us out, checking You out, probably wondering how You got so lucky.

Back in the room we head straight to the bed, and she and i keep making out, hands slipping up under tops and skirts now that the tiny bit of modesty we were preserving in the taxi is no longer necessary. You sit back and watch us as bit by bit our clothes come off. Her dress is first, when i get frustrated that i can’t get to her nipples because of the cut of the dress. So off it goes, revealing a sexy matching bra and panty set. i pull the cups of her bra down and start sucking her ample breasts, alternating nipples and keeping the other nipple occupied with my fingers pulling and tugging and stroking.

After a while, she pulls away and slides down between my legs tugging off my short skirt and g-string panties to reveal my smooth and wet pussy. She slides two fingers into my cunt and moves them against my g-spot as she licks and sucks my clit, and i’m in heaven. Only made better when You decide to join the fun and start passionately kissing me and playing with my nipples.

i’m shuddering and nearly out of control when she slides up my body and plants her cunt on my face. You take her place at the end of the bed, but instead of sucking me, You slide Your cock into me and fuck me as she rides my face, pressing herself against me and covering my face with her juices. When she comes the sight and sound of her orgasm makes You come too, and we all collapse on the bed in a sweaty heap.


A little bit artsy

August 14, 2009


i was looking through my list of pictures that i’ve uploaded but not used yet, and came across this one. It feels more “artsy” than most i post here. i wonder what it would look like in black and white? But then you’d miss out on the sex flush on my face and neck, proof that i must have been well and truly fucked not too long before this picture was taken.


Fit to be Tied

August 12, 2009

See the rest of this photo shoot in its Flickr set.






On Location

August 9, 2009


Our hotel room on our most recent trip was not very photogenic. The lighting was odd, furniture not well placed, weird wallpaper and carpeting. My Master was feeling utterly uninspired to take pictures of me.

So we went on location. We were in Vegas, which is a town filled with people taking pictures of other people. And if my dress was a little unusual for a weekday morning, well, it’s Sin City – it couldn’t possibly be the first time. We brought a bag filled with shoes and clothes and staked out locations near to the bathroom for quick outfit changes.

On this trip, we only had time to hit our casino and the one across the street, but if we get back to Vegas, i expect that we’ll seek out some even more interesting backdrops, because this was a ton of fun.

There’s a couple more pictures below, but visit my Flickr page for the full set.




A Welcome Back

August 7, 2009


Back when my Master and i started down this path, we read a lot of BDSM blogs, trying to figure out the possibilities. What would work for us? What inspired us?

We found a lot of great bloggers, but two in particular really stood out for us, with great stories, thought provoking questions, and top-notch writing.  We learned from them, and were inspired by them.  And then they taught us the  lesson that the lifetime of a BDSM blogger is often short and unpredictable, when both of their blogs suddenly went offline.

So imagine what a thrill it’s been to have both of them back on my blogroll, titillating and entertaining as before! And impacting my life and my submission, in ways that they don’t even realize.

My first shout out goes to the Discerning Dom, previously known as the the English Gentleman. There aren’t very many Doms in the world of BDSM blogs, and Roper is the best. He’s a think-y sort of writer, and his posts are just as thought-provoking for the reader. And usually pretty darn hot too. My Master in particular gets inspired by Roper’s writing, and i can feel his return in my Master’s renewed expectations regarding my protocol and behavior.

And then there’s Puppy Tales.  I’m not really exaggerating when I say that the BDSM blog community was totally shaken when the old Puppy Tales blog was deleted. Brooke’s tales push boundaries and taboos unflinchingly. She doesn’t just tolerate humiliation, she embraces it, relishes in it. i can’t imagine doing half of the things that she writes about, but seeing the far reaches of her boundaries make it easier to push on mine. Her return is also having an impact on my life. Recently she wrote a tale about being the motivation for her Master to reach his biking goals. This was so inspiring for my Master that now most days i find myself wearing my buttplug for the duration of my Master’s own bike ride – He finds that picturing me waiting with a plugged ass gives Him the incentive to do just a few more miles… (i’m not sure whether to curse you or thank you, Brooke!)

So welcome back. i’ve learned my lesson about the lifespan of bloggers, but i’m sure going to enjoy having you two back for however long it lasts.


Assuming the Position

August 5, 2009


When we are together, my cunt belongs to my Master. Well, scratch that – my cunt belongs to my Master all the time.  But i’m most aware of it when we are together.

We’ll be kissing, or i’ll be sucking His cock, or He’ll be taking pictures of me, and He’ll tell me to get over to the side of the bed and spread my legs, He needs to fuck me now.  Sometimes i’ll have had a little warm up, like He’ll have been rubbing my clit or something, but most of the time, i’ve been the one pleasuring Him, and i’m just expected to be ready for Him. To assume the position.

i find this really objectifying, and really hot. Not so hot that i can say “and by the time i spread my legs my cunt was dripping wet,” though. My body just doesn’t work like that. If the goal was my pleasure, then some foreplay would definitely be in order. But that’s not the goal.

If i’m lucky, i’ll have the opportunity to use my hand to spread some saliva on my opening and His cock. But that first entry often hurts at least a little bit, and my Master likes knowing that i’m taking that for Him. My little grimaces make Him harder and hotter. By the time a few strokes have passed, i’ve caught up, His pre-cum and my lubrication making things slipperier and faster, and my grimaces turn to moans of pleasure. Fortunately, my Master likes those too.

Being used in this way really reinforces my feelings of submission and my understanding of my role.  And in what’s got to be an excellent case study of rationalization, i’m managing to extend that thinking to my difficulty orgasming too. While it would be nice to orgasm at the drop of the hat, the fact that i do not come from regular sex means that it’s not about my release. My pleasure, certainly – don’t get me wrong, fucking my Master gets me hot as hell and i adore it. But fucking is not a means to the end for me, so sex is really at His whim and for His purposes, not my own.



August 4, 2009


i got the punishment i was craving.

We’d just gotten to our hotel room. Usually my Master has me unpack first, but this time He was on me right away. He pulled me down onto the bed, across His lap, and started spanking me. In between spanks, He’d order me to apologize for my mistake, for my inattention, and i’d try my best to do that. But this was a very hard spanking, with no warning, no build up, and it hurt.

It hurt a lot. It hurt so much that even though i needed that punishment so very much, i couldn’t help but fight back a little, squirming away even as i tried to hold myself in place, my Master hauling me back whenever i got out of the position He wanted me in.

After my ass was thoroughly beaten, He flipped me over onto my front and started spanking my cunt. And i tried, i really did, to keep my legs spread, as He ordered me to do. But i couldn’t. He pushed my legs apart and gave me a few hard smacks, and then flipped me back over and began on my ass again.

That’s when i started crying. He’s never spanked me until i’ve cried before. i cried from the pain, but also from my shame and sorrow at disappointing Him. From my fear of the moment and not knowing what was going to happen. i cried out, and i cried, and – in the midst of it all – somehow also managed to worry that my makeup was going to get all over the clean white comforter on the bed.

When He was done, He held me close, kissed me, and told me i was forgiven.

Then He pulled my head to the edge of the bed, took His cock out, and fucked my face until He came deep into my throat.

We both felt better after that, although i remained off-kilter for a while. i think i wanted/expected more of a lecture, more structure, more time to get myself mentally prepared. And instead i got the physical and emotional weight of His need. And when He was satisfied, i was still unsteady and unsure. But that got better in our time together, and eventually i was able to let go of lingering concerns and ego.

Thank You, Sir.

And yes, my makeup did smear all over that pretty white comforter, and stayed there for the remainder of our visit, as a constant reminder of who i am and who i belong to.