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July 9, 2008

(Sorry for the long gap in blogging! So busy lately. But my Master is visiting soon, so i should have lots of new stories to share next week! In the meantime, here’s the last tale from La Domaine.)

When last we left our happy submissive, she’d just spent her evening providing guests with great entertainment as the table centerpiece. The fun continued after dinner, when Mistress Suzanne asked if she could tie me up. As much of the conversation of the evening had centered around her upcoming trip to and sessions at Shibaricon, i was both willing and eager. She started with a chest harness, and decided halfway through that she wanted to do something a little different, so undid me and started over. Along the way she shared with my Master what she was doing and why, and what the different purposes of the different knots were. Her passion for rope was very apparent!


After the chest harness was on (with my hands tied securely behind my back) she added a crotch rope complete with “happy knot” and wove it into the chest work. We chatted about all sorts of things as she worked, and we really enjoyed getting to know her. She and my Master share an appreciation for aesthetics, and a desire for things to be beautiful as well as functional. She talked about how much she enjoyed the opportunity to do rope work on her own terms – in the pro business, where time is money, clients rarely want to pay for pretty. But i was more than happy to let her make me as pretty as she wanted to!


To that end, when the bottom half of my torso was thoroughly bound (and a vibrating glove tucked under the happy knot), she moved onto each leg, managing impressive symmetry, we thought. There was some extra rope left from the various ties, where she was finished before the rope was, and when Master Max wandered over she told him to feel free to do something with them.


Noting that my posture was poor (it is) Master Max decided to remedy that situation, and soon i was standing very straight indeed, and my legs were beginning to be joined together as well. The fun would have continued if only my hands hadn’t started falling asleep (again!) so then it was the exact opposite of the slow careful knot tying, as the ropes were quickly released and my hands set free.

Afterward, we chatted a little more with the guests before people started drifting away and my Master and i retired to the bedroom to, well… do what You’d expect after the night we had. Fuck like bunnies and fall asleep.


Fetish Friday – Watersports

June 13, 2008

We don’t call it watersports, we call it being my Master’s piss slut. If you’ve read Long Distance Sub for very long at all, then you’ve probably read about some of our experiences. It started with my Master making me beg Him to piss in my mouth if i wanted to suck His cock. At the time, we were still very new to our D/s roles, and i “knew” he’d never actually do it, so i had no compunctions begging Him for it. Not today, He said. But someday.

And someday came. And there have been many more somedays since then.

Piss play can come in so many different forms. It’s common to read about it as a form of humiliation, and it’s easy to see how it could be played that way. But that’s never been our dynamic. What exactly is our dynamic? It’s complex. In the beginning, it was about my Master wanting to get completely inside of me, in every cell, to become a part of me. And this was one means to do that. It’s also about Him restructuring my sexuality. i had no inclination towards watersports before He came along – in fact, i would have put it on my limit list, if i had one. And now it’s embedded so deeply in my sexuality and my brain that it’s the fantasy that i most often turn to when i need a little extra something to get over the edge. Most fundamentally, it’s about submission. i don’t actually like it (more on that in a moment), but i do it because my Master tells me to. i do it because i am His. And that’s incredibly powerful for both of us.

i’m on a watersports group over on FetLife and there are people there (mostly men, come to think of it) who talk about how much they love the smell and the taste of piss. i am not one of those people. i love the feeling of submission that i get from obeying my Master in this, but that mostly come after. i don’t love the act itself. At point one during our visit to La Domaine, my Master had me kneel in the bathroom. At His instruction, i took His cock in my mouth and He began pissing. i tried to swallow as it came, but soon the taste overwhelmed me and i gagged and had to pull away. He let me do that – but as soon as i had recovered, He guided my face back to His cock and made me do it again. Three times in total, with me shaking my head and gasping, even a tear or two running down my face. It was hard. It was disgusting, at times. It doesn’t taste good, and the taste lingers. But i don’t do it for me, i do it for Him, and that’s really what it’s all about.

There have been times that it’s been more erotic for me, and i commented to my Master that perhaps i needed to be retrained to find the eroticism in it again. His response was “Unless I prefer it when you actually don’t like it when I piss all over your face.” Which makes sense – i don’t have a lot of limits (at least not ones that He’s interested in pushing) and sometimes that makes it hard to feel my submission. The less eager i am to do this, the more it signifies about His ownership of me.

But even though i’m not exactly eager, i do have some element of pride about it. i’m proud that i’m able to submit in this way and please my Master. And i’m proud that i’ve been able to write about it in a way that hasn’t necessarily grossed people out. In fact, about once a month or so i get an email or comment from someone saying “I’d never really considered doing this before, but you’ve made me see that it could be worth exploring.” And i think that’s really cool.

What about you, readers? Have you played with watersports, on the giving or receiving end? Do you like, or do you just put up with it? If you haven’t, is it something you’ve ever thought about doing?

piss slut 2

Dinner at La Domaine – Reality

May 29, 2008

dinner table

So, when i wrote up my fantasy post Dinner at La Domaine i really had no idea that a week later i’d be, well, having dinner at La Domaine. Although perhaps “having” is not the best descriptor for my experience of the meal.

This fantasy of being the centerpiece and entertainment at a dinner party is one that has been a permanent fixture in our fantasy life since i became my Master’s submissive. It was what attracted us to La Domaine in the first place. And Master R went to great lengths to help us live out that fantasy, for which we are incredibly grateful.

As the guests arrived my Master and i left our room and went out into the living room to meet and greet them. i was feeling very shy about the upcoming evening, so i stayed very close to Him, curled up on the floor at His feet. The guests were all friends of La Domaine who Master R had invited to come for dinner and participate in our little fantasy fulfillment. As with the previous night, it was really very enjoyable to just be able to socialize as a couple, and to do so in our D/s roles. For all my shyness in the moment, i’m a very extroverted person, so while i stayed close to my Master, i happily participated in the conversation from the floor as we got to know the other guests. Master Max was relaxed and exuded confidence and dominance. Fiend, naked and sitting on the floor next to me, was fun and talkative. Mistress Suzanne (Suze to her friends) was beautiful, charming and friendly, and i was instantly smitten.

Soon it was time for dinner. i was sent off into the bedroom to strip, and when i came back wearing only my cuffs, collar and a pretty pair of black lace panties, my Master helped me up onto the table, on my stomach, bound in a hog tie position. The table was set around me and the guests were seated. Things mostly started slowly, with the guests not quite sure what was expected or allowed. The first course was served, and my Master and Master R took turns feeding me bits of soup from their spoons, making me feel like a pampered pet. (Or as Master R would tell me later, a baby bird…) While the first course was being cleared and the next was being prepared, Mistress Suzanne pulled out a length of silk rope and using it to adjust my bondage to her liking. This broke this ice, and everyone started using me for entertainment, as was the whole point of the activity. There was much fun of trying to balance water glasses on various portions of my anatomy, and attempts to find my elusive tickle spots. Master Max was seated at my foot, quietly and sadistically flicking at the reflex spot on my knee – you know, the one the doctor hits with the hammer to make you kick? Master Max scares me. But mostly in a good way.

Going in, we didn’t have a set plan for how things would go. We knew that i could probably only take about 20 minutes in the bondage. But what to do after that? We weren’t sure, and just planned to play it by ear. And at about the 20 minute point i did start getting uncomfortable, my fingers in particular getting a little tingly. But i was having fun – really in subby heaven being the focal point of all that attention, so it was decided that there would still be room for everyone to eat if i were on my back. And that’s when the fun really started.

With so many more delicate bits on display, i was getting teased and tormented from all sides. Mistress Suzanne pulled out a little vibrator and positioned it up against my clit, and everyone debated the right vibration setting to put it on. She pulled out her Evil Stick, and there was much tormenting me with that. It is a very thin and very light composite rod. It requires almost no effort to use, but is remarkably stingy. Like a cane, it doesn’t hurt on impact, but immediately after. When her early attempts faded too quickly, she applied five quick strokes to my belly. i had enough time to think “oh, that’s not so bad…” when the blood rushed in and it was like fire. Slave riddle took things a little too far, hitting me with it directly on my nipple, which had me clutching my nipple and hyperventilating until everyone reminded me to take slow, deep breaths. At one points Mistress Suzanne had a vibrating glove on and was running her hands over my neck. i kept wincing and gasping, which had her very confused until she realized that Mistress Collette was scratching my leg with a fork at the same time, and Master Max was up to no good with the bottom of my other foot. Another memorable moment was Mistress Suzanne scratching me with a little tiny knife. Someone joked about blood on the table cloth, and i expressed that blood was a hard limit, whereupon she said “Well then you better stay absolutely still, then.” Eek!

Things would relax a little as each course was served and everyone was busy eating (including me, in baby bird style, thanks to my Master and Master R) only to pick up again as the plates were cleared and the next course was being prepared. i was terrified when the sorbet course came out, but the room was warm enough that the little dabs of sorbet on my nipples and pussy were a welcome relief – particularly when my Master and Mistress Suzanne took turns cleaning it off my nipples!

As we finished the savory courses and headed into dessert, my Master decided i had had enough. Hopped up on endorphins, buzzing from the attention, and all of a sudden feeling self conscious, i was helped down from the table. i knelt next to Him, kissing Him and putting my head into His lap, needing to be close to Him, needing to touch Him. i ate my dessert from His spoon as He fed me as i knelt there beside Him.

If you’ve read the fantasy i wrote, then you’ll know that this reality is much different than that fantasy. My (our) fantasies are frequently darker than our realities or what we’d want our realities to be, and this was no exception. While it gave me a taste of the objectification i crave, it was also really fun and playful and joyful, and i felt like i had served my purpose well and made my Master happy, which is of course, the thing i wanted most of all.



May 27, 2008


Saturday afternoon i was treated to an opportunity to submit to the Head Mistress of La Domaine, Mistress Collette. We had shared some meals and enjoyed some conversation by this point, so i felt like i had gotten to know her a little and felt very comfortable with her. She’d demonstrated a lot of sensitivity and intuition, and i knew i would be in good hands!

Mistress Collette started off the scene by applying the beautiful rope bondage featured in these pictures and in my sneak preview post. This was my first time experiencing shibari, and i was really excited about it as it had been one of my hopes for the weekend. i knew from reading and observing others that it takes a pretty long time to tie someone up like this, but we weren’t in a rush and it was all part of the dynamic. As each rope went on and the bonds got tighter and tighter, i felt myself feeling more and more submissive and more ready to serve the Mistress and my Master through her.

When i was all trussed up i was bound to some chains descending from the ceiling, and my legs spread wide with a spreader bar. (Another first, and one i definitely enjoyed.) The chains were right in front of a mirror, and while this really for the Mistress’ benefit (so she could see my face as she worked on my back) it was certainly powerful for me to look at as well, during those rare time where i actually opened my eyes.


i don’t remember all the details of what happened in any kind of order. i’m always so impressed by subs who can recount the exact sequence of their floggings. i know she used a variety of floggers on my back and ass and cunt and breasts. Some thuddy, but most in the stingy category (which worked for me since i had earlier expressed my love/hate relationship with sting). Things that really stand out for me are the florentine flogging – i’ve always loved the way that looks when i’ve seen it at parties and clubs, and the feeling of it certainly lived up to the appearance. Very continuous and intense. Also, the horsehair whip. Soft, but vicious, all at the same time and the sound, oh the sound! Swoosh, brush, ouch. Swoosh, brush, ouch. She and my Master traded off using the vampire glove on my tender nipples, and that was probably the most difficult part of the session for me, as pokey scratchy things are definiting on the “tolerate for my Master” list, not the “love for my own sake” list.

My arms were bound up above my head and eventually the fingers on one hand started to get a little tingly. So she took that part of the bondage off and redid things with my arms behind my back, which blocked my back and ass but just gave her an excuse to work on my breasts and cunt more. (Thank You, Mistress.) Then we moved over the sawhorse, more toys and more florentine flogging, and the lovely lovely cane. Finally, Mistress applied two heavy metal clips to my cunt lips. This was intense, and hard, in part because of irritation from when my pussy was waxed. But i endured, knowing my Master would take pleasure in my doing so, and when i finally begged to have them removed, i was rewarded with “good girl” and a healthy rush of endorphins too.


Throughout the session i was very aware that i was serving my Master in all of this. Even though He was not the one yielding the crop or the flogger, it was Him that i was ultimately submitting to. When things got intense i would look to Him for reassurance and connection, begging Him to please please please kiss me, i needed to feel Him so badly. And having kissed Him, then i would be ready to serve Him more.

After this physical portion of the session was over, Mistress Collette had me kneel and taught me the La Domaine Esemar slave posture. Legs spread wide and shoulders back, making my breasts and cunt available for use as a slave’s should be. Chin up, proud to be in service, but eyes lowered, humbled by the opportunity to serve and submit. Both my Master and i found this posture very powerful and meaningful, and it is now my standard kneeling posture for my Master.

My service to my Master and Mistress was not yet done. As Mistress Collette sat in a heavy arm chair, i knelt beside her and she made me beg to be able to worship her feet. Shoe worship has a large place in the shared fantasies of my Master and i, but the reality of it was perhaps the only part of the session that was not quite what i had hoped for it to be. i knew from the beginning that that i was in trouble, because i had a hard time really finding the desire and conveying it to the Mistress. But she called it out from me, and my desire to serve finally satisfied her, and i settled in to kiss every inch of her shoes and her feet. Looking back, i think i wanted more direction. i knew i was doing this for my Master, and i think if there had been more reminders of that, then i could have performed better. Also, i expect i was just tired and worn out after an intense day, and coming down the other side of the endorphin rush.

When Mistress deemed me finished, she left my Master and i there in the dungeon to reconnect with one another. i was privileged to serve my Master with my mouth and my pussy, and then we went up to our room to just curl together, enjoying the feeling of closeness and connection that we felt through and through. But our resting and relaxation opportunity was fairly short – the dinner hour was approaching, and our day was anything but done!


Fun with Shoes and Bondage

May 25, 2008

Saturday morning was relaxing. We started off with another excellent meal, prepared by Master R and served by the lovely and congenial slave lips. Then we just hung out in the living room, playing with and photographing more of the lovely shoes we’d brought with us. All four of these are from Carlos Santana, and wow are they hot – pretty much everything in his line is, but we limited ourselves to these four! Links, for the shoes sluts: purple, black, white, leopard.

After much photo taking, things got a little more serious, as
Master tried out the hog tie that He had in mind for me for
dinner that night. He trussed me up and left me bound on the
couch, He and Master R discussing how the evening would go
and my cunt getting wet as i imagined what was to come. Part
of the point of the bondage was to determine how long it would
be comfortable for me, and i lasted about 20 minutes before
my hands started going a little numb.

i flipped over on my back and my Master started finding
other ways to tie me up. i wanted very much to be bound on
my back with my legs spread, and we began fiddling with
chain and cuffs and collar until i found myself pulled up into a
tight little ball, my legs apart and my cunt open and
available. (Just perfect for spanking, said Mistress Collette,
passing by and giving me a swat right there.) i wanted to
stay like that for a long long time, but the position put a lot of strain on my neck. And unfortunately, as well equipped as the dungeon is, there wasn’t a taller/stiffer posture collar that would have supported me for this position. But even this little bit of bondage had my nipples erect and my cunt so warm and wet. My Master took pity on my little mewls of arousal and sex, pulling out my Hitachi Magic Wand and using it on me right there in the living room. No one was in the room with us at the time, but i was still hyper aware of where i was and what i was, and that perfect mix of exhibitionistic arousal, humiliation and embarrassment combined with the buzzing on my clit to bring me to a screaming orgasm that could be heard, i am told, through the house and out into the yard.

When i recovered, we dressed and went outside, where we were treated to some unexpected sunshine in a weekend mostly filled with gray clouds and rain. We explored the grounds a little, although my shoes weren’t really up to the task and black fly season was in the full swing. We took care of a very special but brief photo session we’d both been looking forward to, and then it was time to go back inside to meet with Mistress Collette. Master had decided that He would like to watch me be dominated by her, and we were about to sit down and talk about what that was going to be like.


First Night

May 23, 2008

One of the nice things about our relationship is that my Master and i share much more than D/s. But it can also be one of the most challenging things about our relationship. Because there we were, in an environment where me sitting on the floor at His feet would not only be accepted, but perhaps even expected, and He wanted me up at the table with Him, so that I could be more a part of the conversation.

i lasted about half the meal, sitting in a chair next to Him. But then, just as earlier that day i’d needed to be contained, to have my wrists chained to my collar, i needed to be down. i needed to be where i could rest my head on His leg, where i could look up at my Master and feel Him looking down at me. And as it turned out, it was perfectly acceptable for slaves to participate in conversation from the floor, so that all worked out.

Speaking of slaves, our meal was served by the lovely slave riddle, who was wearing a lovely lovely fishnet body stocking that showed off her beautiful curves. Very lovely scenery. Head, the head slave and a Master-in-Training at the house, was mostly in the kitchen. We shared the table with Master R and Mistress Colette, our hosts at La Domaine.

One of the many things that made this visit as wonderful as it was was the food. My Master and I are both major foodies, and as luck would have it, so is Master R. We started with homemade duck liver pate, then followed that up with “Orange Cuban Mistress Chicken.” All excellent. I took my salad of fresh greens and local pea shoots down onto the floor to nibble, and was too full to eat more than a couple bites of dessert.

We chatted with our hosts, about food, about D/s, about our history and our relationship. We got to do something that we rarely get to do, which is to socialize with other people as a couple. And even beyond that, to socialize as a Master and submissive. It was wonderful.

Eventually we drifted back down to the dungeon, this time for more than photos. We wanted to try out the cross. Not just any Saint Andrew’s Cross, but one that could be tilted to every angle. Up i went, wrists and ankles cuffed to the cross, which was tilted nearly horizontal. i was fully supported, but felt like i was floating in mid air. And i felt very open and very exposed.

Surprisingly, with an entire dungeon full of toys to choose from, we mostly just used the ones we’d brought. Clothespins, like fire on my nipples, triggering my endorphins and sending me flying away on a tide of pain and pleasure. His hand and then the floggers on my cunt. Cunt spanking is something He does regularly, but this was different, more intense with my legs held wide and spread, with no way for me to resist or pull away. Then his mouth on my cunt, a rare treat.

Pulling me down from the cross and onto the couch, He fucked me right there. This is something else we rarely get to do – to scene in a setting that’s meant for it, but also to get to satisfy the passions it arouses immediately, instead of after a long drive back to the hotel. Sure, we can flog and fuck in a hotel room, but it’s nice to have the fun furniture to play on.

Then back upstairs, to fall into bed and into each other, resting and relaxing, renewing and reconnecting, readying ourselves for another day of exploration, discovery, and fantasy fulfillment.



May 22, 2008
shoes and panties

Friday morning, Master and i got on our respective planes from our respective cities. His landed before mine, and after 6 long weeks, it was such a joy to see Him when i walked off the airplane i could barely contain myself. i wished i could drop to my knees in front of Him right then and there, but i had to settle for His arms wrapped around me and His lips on mine instead.

We picked up the rental car and headed off for the 1.5 hour drive to La Domaine, me happily wearing my cuffs and collar, my wrists clipped together, each passing mile seeing another shirt button unbuttoned, or my skirt hitched up to show more of my stockings. Although we’d both read through the website and my Master had been making plans with Master R all week long, we really went in with no expectations whatsoever. We had no idea what it would be like, or how our interaction would fit or not fit with theirs. But with no expectations, we couldn’t be disappointed. It would be an adventure and we would be on it together.

We got there a little earlier and they weren’t really ready for us yet. Which was fine, as we were happy to retreat to our room and each other, to renew and reconnect. After my Master used my mouth and my cunt i felt much more like the submissive slavegirl i am and want to be. While He was fucking me i was suddenly struck by the strongest desire to have my wrist cuffs bound to my collar. i confessed this to Him afterwards and He was kind enough to accommodate my request, clipping my wrists up to my neck.

By the time we were ready to leave the room, the Mistress of the house had emerged, so we met her and arranged for a tour of the dungeon. My bound wrists were just what i needed in this new and unknown environment. i felt so safe and contained and owned and protected and submissive as we explored the fabulously equipped space.

Inspired by some promising photo backdrops, we retrieved clothes and shoes from our room and had a fun pre-dinner photo session. Long before we knew we would be travelling to La Domaine, we had ordered 6 pairs of shoes to try out on the weekend. They arrived in an absolutely huge box. When the location of our visit changed, we ended up shipping the box across the country so we could have fun with them anyway. i also shipped a box of my own shoes and toys. All in all, we had 14(!) pairs of shoes to play with for our 48 hour visit. Excessive, perhaps, but you know what they say… nothing exceeds like excess.

For our first photo session, we played with my favorite schoolgirl skirt and the fabulous pair of red platforms pictured above and below. Click on the pictures to see bigger versions. i love how this first picture makes my legs look just impossibly long!


Next up… our first dinner at La Domaine, and playing on the cross.


Unplanned Foreshadowing

May 20, 2008

A week ago last Wednesday, my Master and i both recalled a place we had read about before. La Domaine Esemar, it was called. He asked me to write them and get a little more information, in case circumstances ever allowed us to pay a visit.

A week ago last Thursday, Master told me to write Him a fantasy about a dinner at La Domaine.

A week ago last Friday, a piece we had been waiting for fell into place, and we realized that, if we wanted, we would be able to go away somewhere for our upcoming weekend visit. We immediately thought of La Domaine, and i was tasked with sending off a request to see if the guest room might be available for a spontaneous visit the next weekend.

A week ago last Saturday, i got an email saying yes, the guest room was available, but we needed to call for an interview on Monday.

A week ago last Sunday, i posted my fantasy to the blog, wondering all the while if this thing that i had written would somehow become reality.

Last Tuesday, the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed, plane tickets were purchased, and all that was left to do was to wait and wonder.


Sneak Preview

May 19, 2008

My Master and i just got back from an absolutely extraordinary weekend. It was just perfect, and i feel closer to Him than ever.

i have so many things to write about, and so many pictures to share! Sadly, no time for a real post tonight. But i couldn’t help but post this taste of what’s to come.


Dinner at La Domaine

May 11, 2008

My Master and i are very very intrigued by a La Domaine Esemar (“the world’s oldest SM training chateau”). Very, very intrigued, and we’re hoping to actually manage to visit some day. But in the meantime, my Master told me to write up a fantasy about my role in a dinner party there. Please note: i expect that some of the activities in this story might not technically be legal at such a place, but hey, it’s my fantasy, i can ignore the law!


We arrive at La Domaine on Friday. You start me off slow – during Friday’s dinner i eat with the rest of You, sitting on the floor at Your feet, You feeding me from Your fingers or putting a bowl or plate down for me to lap like a dog or a cat. i carefully observe the house slaves as they serve the meal, so i will know what to expect the next day, although i know my role will be different. i listen in to the conversation that is mostly going on around me and above me, that doesn’t include the slavegirl on the floor at her Master’s feet.

Saturday’s dinner draws near and You select what You want me to wear. Fortunately it is a warm summer evening, because i have only a lacy bra and g-string to cover me, and stiletto heels on my feet, of course.

As the guests arrive i am stationed by the door, kneeling. As each guest enters they pause in front of me, and i thank them for attending and kiss their shoes. When all the guests have arrived and while cocktails are being served and hors d’oeuvre circulated, i am stripped of my clothes and ordered to stand in the middle of the room. While everyone watches (or doesn’t watch, as they so desire) one of the Masters from La Domaine begins tying a rope harness around my body, between my legs and around my breasts, securing my arms behind my back. i am secured to a hook in the ceiling above me, then blindfolded.

Conversation continues around me, and from time to time i feel a hand reach out to touch me, pinching my nipples, spreading my legs and inspecting my asshole or cunt. i moan, and things intensify even more, and i cry out a little as clothespins are pinned to different parts of my body. i give a flinch and inhale sharply at the sharp crack of a riding crop.

Soon enough one of the Master’s announces that dinner is to be served, and the guests all move to the table. One of the house slaves unhooks me from the ceiling and removes all of bondage. i dress again in the pretty lingerie, and am sent to serve under the table. i kneel next to You first, laying my cheek against Your leg, feeling Your hand gently stroking my hair, cherishing the comfort and familiarity that is You in this sea of new experiences. But then You ask the lady to the right of You how i may be of service, and things begin again.

i move underneath the table, rubbing feet, sucking toes, spreading my legs for shoes to penetrate my hole, licking clits, taking cocks deep within my mouth. And all around me conversation goes on, only sometimes acknowledging my presence with a comment on my prowess (or lack thereof) or a request to “pass the slavegirl, please.”

Dinner ends, and guests retire to the sitting room for tea or coffee. i, however, retire to the bathroom and kneel in the tub. A small but noticeable sign reads “piss slut available for use” and as the evening winds up, one by one all the guests pass through the bathroom. Some take pity on me and use the regular facilities, but others take great pleasure in my humiliation, covering my face, hair and body with piss, or forcing me to open my mouth and take all i can that way. For the women, i lie on the tub as they squat overtop of me, and then i carefully lick their shoes clean of piss before they leave the bathroom.

It seems like forever until the last guests leave and You come into the bathroom to tell me that my service is finished. You strip off Your own clothes, turn on the hot water, and join me in the bathtub, washing my face and body and my hair, telling me what i a good girl i have been, what a good submissive i have been. You curl Yourself around me as the tears come and come and finally i am spent. You dry me off and wrap me up and take me upstairs to the guest room. You make love to me, and then hold me as i drift off to sleep.