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Well and truly fucked

March 16, 2011

Both of us a little bit tipsy, when my Master and i got back to our room on Saturday night we fell onto the couch and each other. He fucked me in my fancy dress, its tight straps digging into my shoulders as he used my cunt. i talked dirty to Him, told Him how much i liked Him using me, taking me. When he started slapping my face as He fucked me i was surprised, shocked a little, but i went with it, seeing how much it turned Him on to use me this way, feeling like the object i sometimes yearn to be, the dirty little slut i am inside. Thanks to the alcohol, He wasn’t coming, and He fucked me hard, for a long time, roughly, pounding into my cunt. Done with the couch, He ordered me into the bedroom, and i pulled off my dress along the way, ending up in bed with just my high heels on. He fucked me some more, then pulled out and had me suck Him instead, handing me my sex shoe to use to fuck myself as He used my mouth. i had no idea what He was up to when He suddenly pulled out of my mouth, got out of bed, and went into the other room. But i figured it out quickly as He returned and shoved the neck of a half bottle of wine into my cunt. He fucked me with it as i sucked Him and rubbed my clit with the toe of the shoe, and when orgasm overtook me my mouth was full and i was so overwhelmed that i didn’t even ask for permission. “You didn’t come, did you?” He asked, and i had to admit that i had, and He slapped me again for coming without permission. Shoving His cock back into my cunt, He ordered me to lick the bottle clean, and then the shoe, and as i did that He finally spent himself inside of me and we collapsed into a tangle of arms and legs and love.

(And just thinking about it’s been making me hot ever since.)


“Please Touch”

November 8, 2010

My back pain had put a crimp in our plans for the weekend. We tried to work around it as much as possible, but some things – like impact play, and even vigorous sex – were just not going to be okay. Since one of the things we like about going to these event is having good furniture to scene on, this was a bit of a disappointment. And then there was the matter of my period to complicate everything.

Well, luck shone on us, because by the time we were done the photo shoot on Saturday, my period was pretty much gone. We talked about it and decided that we could try one of our exposure scenes – there was a nice flat padded bed-like-thing right across from the entryway into the dungeon that would be an absolutely perfect spot to park a half-naked girl to be seen and played with.

My Master dressed me up in a cute little schoolgirl outfit (you can see it in my “fashion show” post), and we headed down to the dungeon. Only to find that the piece of furniture we had in mind was occupied, and the couple on it showed no sign of vacating it any time soon. We waited for a while, then started scoping around for other options. We ended up settling for a small raised platform, almost like a little stage. It had a piece of equipment on it, but we were just able to move it to one side. My Master put down a couple of blankets to make it a little softer, put out a box of latex gloves next to me, and then it was time to start.

When we’ve tried this kind of scene before, it’s been difficult to get anyone to engage. There’s a very clear etiquette that you don’t interfere with other people’s scenes at events, but in this instance interference was the goal. Fortunately, my Master had come prepared with signs. (Although he wouldn’t let me see what was on them until after.)

i laid on my back on the platform, blindfolded, legs spread wide, hands at my side. i could feel my Master’s hands on me, and soon after that, more hands. Something tickling my face – i thought it was a feather, but my Master told me later it was actually someone’s hair. The touches were mostly gentle, with occasional pinching and hair pulling and the like. (My Master told me later that he’d steered people away from impact/pain activities because of my back – He takes such good care of me!) People started pretty tame, with my face and my breasts, but then some ambitious souls started exploring my cunt.

i couldn’t keep track of the hands, or really make any kind of guess as to how many people were touching me. i just let myself be carried away on the wave of sensation. At one point my back was bothering me, so i called out “Sir” and my Master was right there to take care of me – i asked for a couple of rolled up towels to put under my knees, and that made everything better. Later, my panties were pulled down mid-thigh, and as things started getting more intense – fingers on my clit, the glass wand inserted in my cunt, it was driving me crazy not to be able to spread my legs. i begged “Would someone PLEASE take off my panties!” and one of the participants obliged.

Things got pretty crazy after that. So many hands, so much sensation, i was getting more and more aroused and closer and closer to coming, then… pfft. Overstimulated. i’m sure some people thought i’d come, because i’d been making so much noise and then pretty much stopped, but my Master knew what had happened and quickly ramped things down. Soon there was just one hand on me, and i reached up to touch it, recognizing my Master and feeling so close to Him. He stroked me and petted me, then took off my blindfold and gathered me in His arms.

We debriefed the scene. He said the most people touching me at any one time was around 8, and the total was somewhere around 20. The participants were much more likely to be women than men. Then there was the much larger crowd of spectators. i could see the signs then, which simply said “please touch.” 🙂 i told my Master about how i’d been so close to coming, but had gotten overstimulated and it hadn’t been quite the right sensation. “If it had been the purple dildo,” i said, “then i would have come for sure.” My Master said that we did have the purple dildo in my bag, and asked if i wanted to try again. Little attention slut that i am, i wasn’t going to turn down that chance, so i took a little break to go to the bathroom and get a drink. In the hallway i met Jade and W and Ad, who’d just arrived to the dungeon, and told them what was going on.

Then it was time to start up again. This time was much more goal oriented. There was a little bit of playing, but my Master pretty quickly inserted the purple dildo into me. When a second person joined him i was nearly certain it was Jade. i didn’t much care, because whoever she was, she was rubbing my clit in a lovely way while my Master pumped the dildo in and out of my cunt, and before long i was giving the crowd my best long screaming orgasm. Man, i needed that. When the blindfold came off i saw that it was indeed Jade, and thanked her for her able assistance! 🙂 We stayed in the dungeon or a little while, but i was pretty spent and needed to just melt into my Master for a while, so we went back upstairs shortly after that.

It was really interesting being around the event the next day, not knowing who had been touching me, or who had been watching. A few people did come up and compliment us on a really hot scene, and that was cool.

This kind of scene has been a fantasy of ours for a while, so it was fun to play it out. In my fantasies it often requires more active submission on my part, as my tormentors are more cruel, and there’s more pain or humiliation or violation involved. i almost felt guilty during parts of this because i was enjoying myself so much! But my Master assured me that He was very happy with my performance, and felt very connected to me throughout. One of the main outcomes He looks for out of scenes with me is that complete single-minded attention to the moment, and this scene gave Him that because of His need to focus on how i was being handled and to keep me safe.

It was a lovely experience for both of us, and i hope for everyone else who participated by playing or watching! Thank you for helping make our fantasies reality!


Airport Getaway, Part 1

October 12, 2010


My Master had a long layover at the airport near me today, so we got a hotel room and spent the day together. In anticipation of our time together, my Master had me masturbating without orgasm for days prior to his arrival. i spent most of Sunday in a high state of arousal, wearing a butt plug in my ass or a little dildo in my cunt or sometimes both at once, and doing other slutty things to keep myself on the edge. i thought i might explode before i saw Him.

But the time finally came. i dropped my car off at the valet and walked down the long hallway into the hotel, the little dildo in my cunt stimulating me with ever step, and the butt plug in my ass filling me up. i picked up my hotel room key and headed up to my Master’s room, where He was waiting for me.

As i hinted at in my last post, the days of slutty debauchery had left me in a real state. A state of wanting to be used hard, to be taken, to be His complete submissive slut. i’d conveyed my desires to my Master, but had no idea what would await me when i got into the room. i had plenty of fantasies about it to keep my mind busy on the drive to the airport – like that He’d push me down on my knees the minute i walked into the door, and fuck me face and come all over it, then leave it there to dry for the rest of the day…

To be continued…


Building the Anticipation

September 16, 2010


A few months ago now my Master and i had a big discussion about our relationship and the rules that govern it. Some things just weren’t working for either of us, and we needed to figure out what the right path moving forward was. One of the things that came out of that discussion was that i am no longer forbidden from masturbating or having an orgasm without permission. The other was that my Master is no longer sending me instructions every night, just when there’s something that matters to him.

In the days leading up to our last visit i didn’t have any explicit instructions. i was feeling really sexual and anticipating my Master’s arrival, and so even though i knew that i could have an orgasm if i wanted too, i also knew that the sex would be much better if i didn’t. And, then i thought that the sex would be even better if i imposed a little orgasm denial torture on myself first.

So for the last 2 or 3 nights before my Master’s arrival, at bedtime every night i would fire up my vibrator, take myself to the edge of orgasm, then turn it off. Wait a few beats, then do it again. Repeat until my whole body was crying out for an orgasm, and then i’d put it away.

By the time i picked my Master up at the airport on Friday morning, my cunt was on high alert, my cunt lips swollen and engorged, my clit begging for attention. All i could think about was having my Master’s cock in my pussy. But my Master likes to savor that first fuck. So i slowly undressed him, playing with and sucking his nipples as i went. i teased and licked and sucked his cock. When finally He slid his cock into me, we were both so close to orgasm it didn’t take long. He began to fuck me, i slid a finger down between my folds, and in just a couple of minutes i was begging for permission as my cunt spasmed around Him just seconds after He’d come.

And that was well worth all the anticipation.


His Countdown

September 7, 2010

Many times before a visit, my Master will have me countdown the days until i see Him again, sending Him something i’m thinking about our looking forward to every night before i go to bed.  We recently had two visits very close to each other. Before the first, He had me do a long 15-day countdown. i wasn’t sure what would happen for the next one, since they were only about 2 weeks apart. i was completely tickled and excited when, on 10 days before our visit, i got a countdown email from Him in my inbox!  And then one every night until our visit. It was a delightful treat, and He gave me permission to share them here.

It’s ten days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about fucking you for the first time: you on you back with your legs up, my cock surrounded by you, and your hands on me. And you face. And your gasps. And your body. And the look and feeling of it all.

It’s nine days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about how good you looked in that chain hogtie last visit. Your legs pulled up to your ass, your arms behind your back, the leather restraints and the silver chain.  I’m thinking about it with and without underwear, with and without stockings.  I’m thinking about it with black stilettos and maroon stilettos. I’m thinking about stroking your skin gently. I’m thinking about leaving your there and ignoring you.


It’s eight days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about photographing you.  I want to to take more pictures tied up, more pictures in the cuffs and chains, more penetration pictures.  I want to take pictures with white stockings and garters, pictures with crop pants.  I want to take pictures of you fucking yourself with different shoes, too.


It’s seven days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about you dressed as a secretary, lying below me and sucking me.  I always like the look of that — it’s one of my favorite fantasies.  I just wish I could somehow see your chest unblocked by your hands, yet have your hands on my cock stimulating me.  I hate having to choose.

It’s six days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about taking you out in a see-through shirt.  I’m thinking about glimpsing the lace of your bra under your shirt, and the lace of your stockings underneath your skirt. All black, all pretty, all exposed.  And those Versace pumps, of course.


It’s five days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about shoes.  I’m thinking about the Versace pumps, and the RSVP pumps in all the colors. I’m thinking of the Madden platform sandals, and a bunch of other sandals that we had and returned. And those red Valentino pumps — and the silver pumps we had once. I’m thinking about those black shoes with all the straps in your Zappos box right now.  I’m thinking of your black sex shoes, and how I want to watch you fuck yourself with them. I know how deep you can put them in now. I’m thinking about watching, and photographing it.


It’s four days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about clothespins. I think about it more than I do it, but I think about it pretty regularly. I like pinning your breasts, and your thighs and pussy. I like hearing your gasps and moans. I like looking at you pinned. I like fucking you pinned. I like photographing you pinned. I like holding you in my arms and pinning you, hurting you and comforting you at the same time. Sometimes I gag you, too.

It’s three days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about holding you. I’m thinking about going to sleep with you, and I’m thinking about waking up with you.  I’m thinking about napping with you — bonus sleep.  And I’m thinking about being so relaxed with you that I can sleep and nap.  And I’m thinking again about waking up with you, and how nice that is.


It’s two days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about what I want you to pack. The box of shoes. And the Versace pumps. And the maroon pumps. The lingerie. And the cuffs and chains. And the rope. Stockings. The short black skirt and the short leopard print skirt. A few tops to go with them: tanks and maybe a couple of button downs. Something cute for dinner. And something for Saturday. I like dressing you, and I really am looking forward to photographing you.  I’m thinking about that, too.


It’s one day until I see you again, and I’m thinking that it’s less than twelve hours until I see you again.



Attitude Adjustment

June 21, 2010

My Master and i had a lovely trip away a couple weeks ago, but i’m just getting around to writing about it and posting the pictures now.

He changed planes at my airport and we flew on to our destination together. Which was lovely, but i was having a very angsty morning and just couldn’t get my head in the right space. This continued during our taxi ride to the hotel. Then our room wasn’t ready, and we had to hang out in the lobby for a while. i was still being angsty and a little bratty, and just before my Master had to go outside to take a call, He came over to me and asked me to present my neck.

He had my collar in his hand – my real collar, not the pretty ones we use for show (like the bracelet turned collar in this picture, which i wore out to dinner one night). Still not in the right space, i started arguing with Him. “You are not going to do that! No, You can’t really mean it!”

“Be quiet, and stop arguing,” He told me, “or I won’t be kind enough to leave the buckle in the back.”

i shut up quickly after that, and by the time our room was ready, my attitude was much improved.



May 5, 2010


After that great hello on Friday, things just got better, and my Master and i had a really wonderful weekend filled with the perfect mix of sex, social, and relaxation. On Saturday afternoon He dressed me in the perfect schoolgirl outfit to act as a foil to the stunning Louboutin Mary Janes we’d acquired for the weekend. And after a hot round of picture taking, He sent me upstairs to the bed.

For whatever reason, schoolgirl outfits often bring out the feisty brat in me, and this time was no exception. i needed to fight, to be taken. So i resisted his attentions as best i could, until He pinned me down with His body and slapped my cunt – HARD! – with His hand. After that i felt much more contained and willing to pay attention…


And oh, it was worth paying attention. In the week of lead up to my Master’s visit, He’d been having me wear my butt plug quite regularly, and as we were playing on the bed Saturday afternoon, i suggested that i’d really like to wear it. i’d been thinking a lot about double penetration, and wanted to feel it in my ass when He was fucking me. He thought this was a splendid idea, and had me put it in right there in front of Him. Usually i do it on the toilet, so i was a little embarrassed to have Him watching me. But my week of regular practice had made it easy, and soon it had slid home. Not satisfied with the DP i’d been thinking of, my Master pulled the smaller dildo from my drawer and had me insert it in my cunt. It didn’t make me feel as full as i was craving, but He liked the fact that (unlike my big purple dildo) this one would fit all the way in, and when He pulled my red lace panties back up, there was nothing to reveal what was going on under those pretty panties. Except my writhing on the bed as He completed filling all my holes, sliding His cock into my mouth. As i sucked Him just the way He liked, He teased me, telling me He wanted to take me out in public with my cunt and ask stuffed like that, asking what people would think if they knew what a slutty little girl i was.

Finally, finally, He pulled His cock from my mouth and the dildo from my cunt, and filled me up the way i needed to be filled, fucking me until He came deep inside me.



Saying Hello

April 28, 2010


By the time my Master arrived last Friday, i was feeling pretty aroused and perhaps a wee bit desperate. He hadn’t let me orgasm in ages, and had made me masturbate without orgasm the previous two nights. So i was already wet by the time He pushed me down on the couch and started examining me – pushing up my skirt to check out my panties, unbuttoning my bra to make sure it matched.

We kissed, and He let me play with His nipples for a while. Finally He let me start to undo His pants, and it was all i could do not to lunge for His cock when i saw it straining against His underwear, i wanted to touch and taste it that badly. But i managed to control myself until He gave me permission to suck it. And then i did the best job i could as He rubbed my clit a bit, commenting on what a slutty little girl i was to be so wet already.

He asked me what i wanted, and i was so slutty that i told Him i wanted His cock in my cunt. After i begged Him some more, He took it out of my mouth and slid it straight into my cunt, hilt deep, in one push, commenting more on how wet and ready for Him i was. One, two, three, four strokes, and then He pulled Himself out and shoved His cock back into my mouth, ordering me to lick Him clean and taste my slutty self all over His cock. He repeated this cycle once or twice more before ordering me to spread my legs for Him, and this time when He stuck his cock in me He kept it there until He came deep and hard in my cunt, then collapsed on top of me.

That’s the kind of hello i can just never get enough of.


Everyone’s watching…

March 30, 2010


My Master and i had a really wonderful scene on Friday night. We were at our favorite BDSM club and were having a relaxing time just being close to each other, when He decided it was time to give me the spanking that He’d been craving for the long weeks since our last visit. i was craving it too, so was happy to kneel over the spanking bench and settle into the moment as He clipped my cuffs to the rings on the side of the bench.

He pushed up my flirty and short ruffled skirt, revealing my cunt lips spilling out of the crotchless panties i was wearing. And then He started spanking me, softly at first, but building harder and harder. Mostly my ass, but my pussy too. Soon His hand gave way to other implements – like the bundle of canes, with tips that wrapped ever so slightly and caused me to yelp every time it came down on me. The suede flogger, wielded with a precision that had me wondering if He’d been practicing – He was alternating ass cheeks, in a perfect rhythm to build my arousal, but hitting the same exact spot on each cheek every (damn) time. Which was the same spot – on the outside of my butt cheeks – that the cane tips had been torturing earlier. So i was torn between getting off on the rhythm and the growing pain of those points of contact. A paddle of some sort was next, i think, just to keep me on my toes, then the stingy red flogger, not just on my ass but on my pussy too. i was getting pretty floaty at this point, so i don’t remember what He was doing near the end that had me yelping so loud, arching my back, kicking my feet, and otherwise thrashing all over the bench.

Then it wasn’t pain He was giving me, but pleasure, as His fingers (or some object, i couldn’t tell in the moment) began moving in and out of my cunt and i was thrusting my body back at him. He undid the clips and flipped me over then, the position of the spanking bench forcing my legs spread wide, making room for His hand to keep working at my cunt. i pulled my shirt down and started rubbing my nipples, and soon He was asking me if i was going to orgasm for Him. i was hot – oh so hot – but i wasn’t there yet, although i was close enough and blissed out and endorphined enough to be nearly inarticulate telling Him that. i did manage to beg for my dildo, but it had been left behind at the hotel. So He brought me the shoe, and i fucked myself with that a bit, but was mewling with frustration and so much arousal. When He slid the glass wand into my cunt i knew release wasn’t far off. i rubbed my clit as He thrust the wand against my g-spot and pulled at my nipples.

“Come for me,” he told me again “everyone’s watching and they want to see You come.”

Knowing i was being watched pushed all my objectification and exhibitionist buttons, and finally i was begging my Master for permission to come, and then coming so so so hard, screaming out my orgasm for everyone to hear. It was a long orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure and release, that continued long after my hand had left my cunt and my Master was holding me against His body. We clutched each other, emotion so strong i was crying tearless sobs into His shoulder as He held me.




February 4, 2010


My Master and i had a really really relaxing visit last weekend. We basically checked into a hotel Friday morning and didn’t leave it until it was time to take him to the airport on Sunday.  We’re both recovery from some physical stuff and lots of busy life on top of it, so a weekend with nothing to do but sleep, eat, soak in the hot tub, and have sex seemed just the ticket.

It also gave us lots of time to chat, and one of the things we chatted about was this post by discerningdom. We’d both found it very hot, and the image captivating – a sub, under the desk, holding her Master’s cock ever so gently in her mouth, comforting it as he works, but not stimulating it so much as to get him hard. “But it couldn’t be real,” we agreed, “not for an hour like that…”


Friday night we had a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant, then returned to our room.  i don’t remember the exact details, but i soon found my mouth gently holding my Master’s cock. Gently didn’t last long, however, as He soon got hard and fucked me until He came.

After that, though, when i put my mouth to His cock, and held it there gently, not sucking, just holding, as He relaxed on the bed and read his book… well, then He didn’t get hard again. And i found the feel of His soft smoothness in my mouth, the taste of His cock, to be captivating and relaxing, and i was happy to just hold Him there like that. So happy, in fact, that with the help of the wine i’d had with dinner, i actually drifted off for a little while, comforted and mesmerized by the feeling of His cock in my mouth.

Comforted, and turned on. When i woke up from my little nap, i found the realization of my service, and the objectification of it all, to be increasingly erotic.  He wasn’t touching me, except to occasionally stroke my hair, but soon i found myself pressing my thighs together, moaning a little, getting more and more aroused.

He laughed and teased me for it, all the while keeping His cock there in my mouth, still soft, for quite a while. i don’t know how long – but including my nap, it had to be nearly that mythical hour. But eventually i felt Him grow and harden in my mouth, and He started encouraging me to suck Him instead of just hold Him, and then He was ready to fuck me again. And when He pulled His cock from my mouth, i felt empty. i’d reached this kind of zen state, where i was all mouth, and i felt incomplete. So as He penetrated my cunt – my lower mouth – i reached out to the nightstand and grabbed my dildo, shoving that into my mouth and filling the place He’d left, hardness now in both mouths, in both cunts.

He used my cunt and came, then pulled my mouth down on His cock to clean Him off. And i held Him some more, feeling complete, feeling owned, feeling like i was in my place, until He decided that it was time for lights out and we should get to bed.

Thank You, Master for a wonderful and fascinating experience, and thank you, Discerning Dom, for inspiring it!