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Well and truly fucked

March 16, 2011

Both of us a little bit tipsy, when my Master and i got back to our room on Saturday night we fell onto the couch and each other. He fucked me in my fancy dress, its tight straps digging into my shoulders as he used my cunt. i talked dirty to Him, told Him how much i liked Him using me, taking me. When he started slapping my face as He fucked me i was surprised, shocked a little, but i went with it, seeing how much it turned Him on to use me this way, feeling like the object i sometimes yearn to be, the dirty little slut i am inside. Thanks to the alcohol, He wasn’t coming, and He fucked me hard, for a long time, roughly, pounding into my cunt. Done with the couch, He ordered me into the bedroom, and i pulled off my dress along the way, ending up in bed with just my high heels on. He fucked me some more, then pulled out and had me suck Him instead, handing me my sex shoe to use to fuck myself as He used my mouth. i had no idea what He was up to when He suddenly pulled out of my mouth, got out of bed, and went into the other room. But i figured it out quickly as He returned and shoved the neck of a half bottle of wine into my cunt. He fucked me with it as i sucked Him and rubbed my clit with the toe of the shoe, and when orgasm overtook me my mouth was full and i was so overwhelmed that i didn’t even ask for permission. “You didn’t come, did you?” He asked, and i had to admit that i had, and He slapped me again for coming without permission. Shoving His cock back into my cunt, He ordered me to lick the bottle clean, and then the shoe, and as i did that He finally spent himself inside of me and we collapsed into a tangle of arms and legs and love.

(And just thinking about it’s been making me hot ever since.)