Backed Up

December 5, 2008


Davis pokes his head into my cubicle. “The toilet’s backed up again,” he tells me.

“I know, and I’ve already called the plumber, but they can’t get here until tomorrow.”

“Boss says we should use you instead. How do you want it, in a glass, or straight from the tap?”

i’m not one to turn down the opportunity for a cock in my mouth, although i’d rather it was cum hitting the back of my throat than piss. But i know my job, and i get out from behind my desk and kneel on the floor in front of Davis.

He unzips his pants – a little too eagerly, i think – and feeds his soft cock into my open mouth. i try to relax and think zen thoughts as the taste of his piss starts to fill my mouth and i struggle to keep swallowing and not choke. Finally, he’s done, and pulls out and zips up.

As he’s walking out the door, he turns to me – “Lyn, bring me a cup of coffee, will you? i have a feeling i’m going to need a lot of coffee today.”


  1. I love these office slut entries! I mean, the piss slut thing isn’t really a personal favorite, but otherwise I just delight in these. Office sex fantasies are, however, one of my utter and absolute favorite things, so these are right up my alley!

    Keep up more of this delicious writing! I’m feeling inspired. 🙂

  2. I love the office slut series – I’m definitely hoping that there will more!

  3. Thanks all – i’m feeling pretty inspired by these too, so there should be more to come in the series.

  4. Like Rae I am not int the piss scenario but I do like the office slut I have a few of those stories of my own


  5. This aroused and scared me at the same time.

  6. Slave Jo – sing it sister! That pretty much sums up my whole experience with this piss slut thing…

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  9. Holy shit that’s a hot little post. Well done.

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