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Periods and pinning

March 31, 2008

i went upstairs and took a nice hot bath. My period was still being odd – no real blood yet, just rusty mucus still. Cramps on and off all day. Annoying.

i got into bed and knelt for You, thinking about the period problem, knowing i needed to have a certain kind of orgasm to help it along, but also keeping in mind Your instructions to masturbate submissively.

So i rolled onto my back and started playing with my nipples. They’re sensitive right now – erotically, but also just a little sore when played with. So i knew it was really going to hurt when i put the clothespins on them, and i was right.

One clothespin on each nipple. i breathed deeply, breathed through the pain and sensation, imagining that it was You there, putting those clothepins on me, watching my every reaction so closely.

i took my vibrator out of the drawer and put it on my clit. i ran it briefly, just until i felt the climb to orgasm begin, and then shut it off. i reached and tugged and played with the clips, remembering our scene in Seattle – chained to the chain link fence as You pinned me.

i ran the vibrator on my clit again, again stopping before i came.

Tugged and played with the clothespins again, remembering You pinning me as i sat on the corner of the pool table at the club in Detroit. Remembering the first time you really tried out the clothespins and found out just how much fun they could be.

The sensation from the pins had dulled down as i put the vibrator to my clit again. This time, when orgasm approached, i let it, begging You for permission to give You my orgasm, then snatching both clothespins off at once. i rubbed and pulled on the tender nubs as the blood rushed back into them, riding the mix of pain and pleasure as orgasm overtook me.

i knelt again, thanking You, then kissing Your bracelet and drifting off into a deep sleep.


Fetish Friday – Hypnosis

March 28, 2008

This is a new one for me. Master and i got to talking about it recently, and both agreed that it’s full of erotic D/s possibility. First off, it’s about the clearest indication of trust i can think of, and perfect example of power exchange, for a submissive to let her Dom really take her mind like that. And second, the opportunities for post-hypnotic suggestion are fascinating, and help extend the scene past the actual time of hypnosis (which, as my Master pointed out to me, i wouldn’t actually remember afterwards).

As i was thinking about writing this post, i got to thinking about submissives who have been trained to come on command, and thinking that it makes sense to think about that as a form of post-hypnotic suggestion. Some of it is simple conditioning (ring bell, dog salivates), but the deep trust and closeness between and a Dominant and submissive could be equivalent to a hypnotic state even if it wasn’t intended as such. And, if the Dom suggested that she come when He counted down from 10 (for example), then her body and mind might respond as if it were an actual post-hypnotic suggestion.

In any case, fascinating stuff! If you want to learn more, i’ve heard good things about this book from Peter Masters (who also wrote The Control Book, which i was utterly fascinated by when i was discovering my submissive nature).

Anyone out there been involved in hypnosis in a sexual or D/s context? Anyone else fantasizing about it?


Fetish Friday: Ojectification

March 21, 2008

Master and i talk about objectification a lot. It’s a common component of our shared fantasies, and takes a couple of different forms. There’s the objectification expressed by the picture above – taking a person and making them take the place of a physical object (in this case, a table). We’ve talked about me being the centerpiece of His dining table (anyone know where to get butt plug candles?). Deity had a great post sometime in the not-to-distant past with tons of pictures of women as furniture.

Then there’s another level of objectification. Where the submissive is still a person, just one whose purpose is simply to be used, in whatever manner someone might wish to make use of her. That’s a component of most D/s, i think, but is different in a relationship, where such acts can be constructed by the sub as directly serving her Master.

The kind of objectification that really gets my juices flowing is objectification by strangers. i first came across this idea when reading Jefferson‘s “Postcards from Sex Camp” – tales from Dark Odyssey‘s summer camp (i really want to go someday!). One of the locations at sex camp was the “objectification room” – a room with 5 cots, each with a woman on it, obscured from the waist up, naked from the waist down. And a sign on each specifying what acts were permissible with this body. If you follow the link above to “Postcards” you can search “object lesson” to read about his experience in that room.

Reading it, i experienced that potent mix of horror and fascination, titillation and apprehension. And ever since i read it, i haven’t been able to get the idea of being one of those women out of my mind. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you won’t be surprised, as it shows up (in a variety of different forms) rather frequently in the fantasies Master has me post. It’s second only to my piss slut fantasies in the power to turn me on and make me come. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), unlike my piss slut training, it’s harder to make fantasy reality when it requires external participation. But maybe someday.

So – what about you? Do you think about objectification? Does it turn you on or squick you? (Or both?) Any experience you want to share?


Fetish Friday – Rimming

March 14, 2008

i got to thinking about rimming this morning, and thought i’d see what you all thought about it too! i recently joined FetLife – it’s kind of like Facebook or LinkedIn for kinksters. Go check it out and if you decide to join, feel free to friend me – i’m longdistancesub there. Anyway, one of the things you can include in your profile is your rating of a bunch of different fetishes. And i’m surprised at how many people have rated rimming pretty highly.

It’s not something i’d ever done or given much thought to before D/s. And it’s not anything my Master has ever asked me to do. In fact, i’m not even sure if He actually likes it! But one day i was down there, and i started licking His asshole, and He didn’t tell me stop. And now it’s definitely something i think about and want to do. i can’t even really describe what attracts me to it, though!

So – what do you think? Have you given? Received? Do you like it, or could you take it or leave it?


Black Panties (a story)

March 13, 2008

Sir insists that I wear black panties every day. G-string, boy cut, bikini – the style doesn’t matter much (although lace is particularly appreciated) but the color is mandatory. At first I just thought that was because, you know, black underwear = sexy, but I quickly learned that there’s more to it than that.

He makes me wear black panties, because it helps him know how much of a slut I’ve been that day. Because if you’re a slut, and you’re wearing black panties, you can’t hide it. If you’ve been wet, just the slightest bit wet, the evidence – a stain of white marring the smooth black – is right there for anyone who looks.


And he looks. When we’re together (sadly not often enough) he examines them every time I change them. Which, with the things he does to me, and how wet they make me, can be pretty often. But when we’re apart, I have to send him a nightly panty photo to inspect.

Inspection is like a game I can’t win. Too much evidence of wetness and it’s “You slutty little girl, what have you been doing with yourself today? Weren’t you supposed to be working? What would your boss think if I showed him these nasty panties? Maybe I should have you send them to him in the mail.” Too little, and I’m chastised for not keeping him in my mind and or being ready to be fucked at any moment he should need me (never mind that he’s 500 miles away).

Someday maybe I’ll figure out how to achieve the perfect happy medium. But probably not, since the game is rigged. Are sopping wet panties really *my* fault when he’s ordered me to spend the day with a butt plug in my ass and smart balls in my pussy?

Sometimes inspection leads to punishment. On a too wet day, he might tell me to ball up those dirty panties and put them in my mouth while I masturbate on my knees for him, bringing myself to the edge over and over without being allowed to orgasm. A too dry day, and I might have to prove my arousal to him by coming within a time limit, or in an unusual place or position.

And in the end, it doesn’t really matter. He owns me, owns those panties, owns that wetness. My inability to control my wetness, the evidence of my wetness, just reminds of that. That I am his slut, that I need to be owned and controlled, because obviously I can’t control myself, or control the desire I feel for him. The desire that oozes out of my cunt, leaving its mark on my black panties, just as he has left his mark on my heart, mind and body.


More on shoes

March 5, 2008

i’m still recovering from being sick, but i’m back to work today, briefly. i dressed for the occasion, trying to make myself feel professional and productive after weeks in my pajamas – nice slacks, a button down shirt, a matching bra and panty set. And a pair of 4-inch stiletto heels. Which seemed kind of ridiculous for the sick person just back in the office, but as i walked down the hallway i realized something strange. They felt GREAT! It felt unbelievably wonderful to be wearing these sexy shoes. i like the way the made me walk, and the way they make my body feel.

A year ago, i owned one pair of shoes with any kind of heel, and they’d been stuffed in the back of the closet since time immemorial. You couldn’t have paid me to believe that in less than a year’s time i’d own more than a dozen pairs of heels, and that i’d be thrilled to pieces about it. (And i would have thought you absolutely insane if you told me all the parts of my body they’d be used on, but that is another story entirely…)

Submission is a life-changing experience, there’s no doubt about it.


Fantasies of a Shoe Store Slut

March 4, 2008

My master and i have an ongoing shared fantasy about me being the resident slut/toy in a shoe store. Last night’s masturbation instructions were particularly precise, and had to do with that fantasy:

I want you to play with yourself tonight, fantasizing about being my pet and plaything at a shoe store.

Play with yourself almost to orgasm and then stop. Wait a bit, then do it again. Wait a bit, then do it a third time and come for me.

I expect at least three different scenes. You can be on display in the window, tied up with a shoe stuffed in your cunt. You can model shoes for someone else while they fuck you. You can kiss and lick and suck on a patron’s shoes. You can even have her piss all over you. But you’d better lick every drop of the piss off her shoes before you come.

i found that last line quite amusing – i’ve had similar assignments to this one before, and found that i had to rely on my “money shot” of being a piss slut to actually reach orgasm, so i was amused that He remembered that and incorporated it into my instructions.

It was a hard masturbation session for me – still sick, and orgasms are not coming easily – but by the time i finally came i had three quite fully fleshed out fantasy scenes to post in response to today’s instructions.

Scene 1 – The Making of a Shoe Store Slut

You and i are out shoe shopping. We go into the store, and try on pair after pair of shoes. Pretty pumps and sandals, all in different styles and a parade of bright colors. The two people working in the store are a pretty blond and a dark haired metrosexual kind of guy – both attractive college co-ed types. At first they are trying to talk directly to me, asking me what i like, and trying to convince me that they like certain shoes that You have disapproved of, but eventually they realize that You are the one in charge and they begin catering their suggestions and bringing out shoes that will appeal to You. As the “to-buy” pile gets higher and higher, they become yet more solicitous. Finally, we’ve tried on all that they have in my size, and You hand them your credit card and suggest that they lock the store door. They do, after a moment’s hesitation, but a glance at that tall pile of shoes waiting to be purchased convinces them to do what you ask.

The spot for trying on shoes is in the middle of the store and is just an extra wide bench with leather cushions – essentially a bed. You pick out a pair of shoes from the pile around us, and i put them on. In short order, You have lied me down on the bench and pulled up my skirt. Pulling my panties to one side, You push Your cock into my cunt in one long push and begin to fuck me. When i am lubed up and no longer shuddering helplessly, You bring my legs up over Your shoulders, and ask me to tell You about the shoes i am wearing – how beautiful they are, how much it turns me on to see them there for You.

Amidst our groans and moans and heavy breathing, i hear something else, and crane my neck around to see. You pull out and reposition me so that You can fuck me doggy style and we can both watch the scene that is playing out behind the counter of the store. The pretty blond is bent over the counter while the guy is fucking her from behind as they watch us fuck. You only let me watch for a little while before pushing my face down to lick and suck the pretty shoe that’s just in front of my face. We reposition again, and You turn me onto my side so that You can shove the toe of the shoe into my mouth so far i nearly gag. You thrust into me hard and shoot Your come into my cunt, as the blond behind the counter orgasms noisily and the guy’s grunts tell me he has done the same.

Scene 2 – For Sale or Rent

i am bound in the window of the store, wearing a pretty bra and stockings. And a knockout pair of shoes, of course. My legs are spread, and the toe of another shoe is deep in my cunt, held there by straps wrapped around the shoes and bound to something. Yet another shoe is in my mouth, also strapped into place, and a little bit of drool drips humiliatingly down my face.

i keep my eyes tightly shut, because whenever i open them, i see people walking past the window, stopping to look, pointing and laughing at the slut on display. Eventually someone does more than laugh, however.

My eyes are shut, but i hear the man walk into the store and open them. He explains that he’s looking for a pair of shoes for his lover, but she’s not there with him today. He points over at me and asks “How about the slut in the window? Can i use her as a model?” You agree, and the two of You undo my bondage. i stretch and walk around a little, stiff from holding my position, as the man looks around the store and picks out things that he likes. i try on the shoes for him, posing prettily, walking perfectly, then crawling and kneeling so he can see their suitability for all those functions. As he hones in on a few that he likes best, i lick and suck them too.

Finally he picks out the pair he wants, and i put them on once again. “There’s just one last test,” he says to You. You nod, knowingly. “Do you mind if I use the slut some more?” he asks. “There’ll be an extra charge for that,” You tell him, and he hands over his credit card. And then he takes me over to the bench. He undoes his pants just enough to pull his cock out, and i feel my near-nakedness suddenly. He pulls on a condom and fucks me, changing positions frequently so he can check out the shoes from all possible angles. i am mostly quiet, feeling like property. Or like a prop. But i am very wet, all the same. He comes inside me and pulls out quickly, finished his business. i lie quietly on the bench, discarded, as he pulls the shoes off my feet and brings them up to the counter where You have the box ready for him, and his credit card already rung.

Scene 3: Mistresses

A pair of beautiful women walk into the shop, and i quickly go over to find out what they need. One of them is looking for boots, the kind that You always want me to wear, but end up deciding are not nearly submissive enough. That will not be a problem for this woman, as it is clear that she and her friend are both quite dominant themselves. i bring out several pairs for her to try, assisting her as she tries them on, kneeling on hands in knees in front of her so that she can see how they would look on a human footstool.

She finds a pair that she likes, and invites me to demonstrate my oral technique. i am happy to comply, and begin kissing and licking every inch of the tall tall leather boots, with their pointy toes and four-inch stiletto heels. Her friend decides to play with me and, putting her hand under my skirt, begins to rub my clit as i lick and kiss the boots. She is quite skilled at her manipulations, and as my arousal grows, i get distracted from my licking and begin to groan and thrust against her hand. i am punished for my distraction by a hard slap on my ass, and ordered to keep licking or suffer harsher punishment. it try, but eventually i slow down and falter again, and this time i’m punished with a strike from a riding crop, which You have so obligingly provided our customers.

This pattern continues, but i slowly manage to finish attending to every bit of the boots – the heels, the toes, all the way up to the top of the leather where it touches her knees. i am rewarded then, as mistress pulls my face into her bare crotch and i am allowed to lick her wet cunt. Her friend, meanwhile, continues to torment me. By this point she has given up playing with my cunt, finding more fun in abusing my ass, and as the first strike of the cane hits, she reminds me that i had better not stop licking, and that the recipient of my affections will certainly tell her if i do. So i do my best to please my mistress as my ass dances under the other’s cane strokes.