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January 25, 2010


Somehow, she didn’t notice him when she walked into her house.  Turning, she opened the closet door, and leaned into its darkness to hang her coat up. That’s when she felt his hands. One over her eyes, the other over her mouth – presumably so she wouldn’t scream. Panic passed as she breathed in the air and smelled his smell, and knew it was him. So when the hand over her mouth disappeared for a moment and was replaced by his lips, his mouth pressed hard against hers, seeking – it seemed – to devour her, she didn’t say a word. Instead she kissed Him earnestly back, feeling her knees go weak as the kiss went on and on.

His hand was still over her eyes as he turned her to face the wall, holding her body in position with his own. He moved his hand away then, and replaced it with a blindfold. Taking his hand in hers, he led her carefully up the stairs, to her bedroom. Stopping outside the bedroom door, he stripped off all of her clothes. Then whispered in her ear – “Happy birthday, dear, I have a little surprise for you.” And then they stepped through the door, greeted by four male voices, each wishing her a happy birthday and expressing just how happy they were to see her…


Leather and chains

January 23, 2010



Masturbating for my Master

January 17, 2010


i got into bed and played with my nipples a bit, the pulled out my vibrator. i ran through a whole array of my stock fantasies – exhibitionism, objectification, the usual. 🙂 i meandered into piss slut territory for a while, and fantasized about some things i’d written You before – about You making me pee myself when we were out on a walk in some strange city, and about You peeing on me and making me drink Your pee. That all made me pretty hot.

i pulled out the dildo and started using it, but i needed to add some lube. After i did that it really felt fantastic, and i was riding along on the edge of orgasm for a while as i enjoyed fantasizing about You spanking me, and then fucking me. That’s what i was thinking about when i finally knew i was about to tumble over the other side of the orgasm cliff, and gasped out permission to You to come.

i came hard, and pulled the vibe away, feeling my cunt clenching and releasing around the dildo. Eventually i took that out too, then put the vibe away, and knelt for You.

As i knelt for You i felt the collar around my neck and the cuffs around my wrists and ankles, and felt very connected and loved and wanted. i thought about how much i am looking forward to seeing You.

And then i kissed Your bracelet and went to sleep.


longdistancesub – the road show

January 12, 2010


My Master and i are really excited to be attending Dark Odyssey Winter Fire at the end of February in Washington, DC. Are any of my readers planning to go and interested in getting together for a meal, or a conversation, or to tie me up and do horrible things to me? 🙂 Comment or email me if you want to connect. And it’s not too late to register – everything i’ve heard about the Dark Odyssey events (Summer Camp, Leather Retreat) has been fantastic, so i’m looking forward to experiencing some of it for myself.

We’re especially interested in putting together a little shoe fucking scene. Something like a shoe gang bang, if you will. Cute and sexy shoes provided, *and* you get to keep them when we’re done! Email me if you’d like to play…


Across the Room

January 8, 2010


He spotted her across the bar, and couldn’t take his eyes off of her. 5.5 inch stiletto platform pumps, stocking tops peeking out from underneath a leather skirt. Why would he want to take his eyes off of her?

He saw the change that came over her the minute she noticed his insistent stare.  A slight flush, and a bit of shyness, but then a shift to confidence. Provocation even. She turned her body to face him more directly. Crossed and uncrossed her legs, flashing the bare skin above her stocking tops. Tossing her hair flirtatiously. Casting the occasional glance his way, but averting her eyes whenever he made eye contact.

This went on for some time, and he enjoyed the game they were playing. But when she got up from her seat and headed past him, to the bathroom, he was ready to see where it might lead next.

He was waiting for her when she came out of the bathroom, and as she passed him – a little too close for strangers, her body brushing his – he reached out and wrapped his hand around her wrist, waiting to see if she would pull away, or something else.

It was the latter. She yielded immediately, and followed his lead as he positioned her against the wall.  He got in close, his body pressing along the entire length of hers, knowing she would be feeling his erection. And then he spoke, low and directly in her ear.

“That’s quite the naughty performance you were putting on the bar. Does this little girl need a spanking?”

A sharp intake of breath, then a nod, and he knew his instincts had been right. And that the fun was only just beginning.


At the door

January 5, 2010


She rang doorbell, then waited. Standing in front of the door, shivering in the cold, despite the faux fur coat she wore. She was surprised that he hadn’t opened the door already, but she knew better than to ring again, and instead retreated into an internal dialogue while she practiced patience. Which, she knew, was a skill that he valued nearly as much as her ability to take him into her throat when she serviced his cock.

All she could think about was the cold, of course. Faux fur isn’t enough to keep you warm when that’s all you’re wearing, she pondered. Well, not quite all, her internal conversation went on – she also had crotchless panties and a lacy mesh bra, but those hardly counted for warmth. And the shoes, his favorite, pointy toed stiletto heels, with not even a platform sole to protect her toes from the cold pavement below.

She shivered again, and was clutching the coat closer around her when the door suddenly swung open.

“Hello, little one,” he said. “There’s a nice hot fire in the fireplace. What are you going to do for me to earn a place in front of it?”

Absolutely anything you want, she thought to herself, as she slipped into the house and closed the door behind her.


Black and Blue

January 2, 2010


(Versace platform pumps, and yes, we are keeping these ones. We’d better, after having gone through three different pairs via mail order to get the right size!)