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Three vignettes

June 20, 2008

When i wake up in the morning, You put the chain in my cunt. As i move around the house during the day attending to my daily tasks, You can see the ring of the chain dangling out of my cunt. i bring You a cup of tea, and as i turn to leave, You reach between my legs, pulling on the ring. i jump a little in surprise, then gasp and shudder as the chain comes jingling out. You hand it to me. “Clean this up, slut. You know how.” i lick the chain clean.


Before we leave for the club You tell me to put the chain in my cunt. i’m wearing a short skirt and no panties, and i worry that people will see the ring dangling out. Lucky for me the dance floor is crowded when You reach under my skirt and pull the chain out.


We’re at a play party. At Your instruction, i am walking around asking people if they’d “like to yank my chain.” After they laugh, i spread my legs and explain that my Master wants them to pull an inch of chain out of my cunt. Between each person, You have my rub my clit until i am near to orgasm. After half the chain has been pull out, You have me lie on a table in the middle of the room. You tell me to masturbate, and when i beg You for permission to come You quickly pull the rest of the chain out as i do.


More chain

June 19, 2008

Last night’s instructions: “Masturbate for me, with the chain you find so appealing, but don’t come. I like thinking about you going to sleep submissive, wet, and eager to please.”

As soon as i read my instructions, my cunt started getting wet. Getting into bed, i took the longest chain from the drawer. it was cold, and i started off by just draping it down my cunt slit while i played with my nipples. i let it lay there warming for a little while, then i took hold of the end of the chain and pulled it slowly over my clit. By the time the end got to the top, it was slick and wet from my cunt juices. i started sliding it into my cunt, a finger length at a time, feeling my cunt grow fuller and fuller with each length.

When i had it all in except for the ring on the end. i got up on my knees to kneel for my Master. i wanted to know if it would stay in, and it did. i slipped my finger down to rub my clit a little as i knelt, feeling my cunt grasping around the chain.

Still kneeling, i continued rubbing my nipples and playing with my clit. Then i grabbed hold of the end of the ring and slowly pulled it out of my cunt as i continued to play with my clit. i don’t know why i find it so erotic, but i do, and after i had the chain fully out, i couldn’t help but want to put it back in. It was harder to get back in all the way, because of my kneeling position and because it was so slippery wet. So i rolled over onto my back instead and got it most of the way back in.

i kept rubbing my clit, and when i got close to orgasm i stopped and pulled the chain out, fast this time. The angle was such that as i pulled it out the chain ran along my clit, and even though i tried to stop it, i felt my body respond with a couple of spasms – not a full fledged orgasm, but something.

Realizing what had happened, i flipped over immediately to kneel for my Master, feeling guilty and contrite for going too far. i knelt like that for a while, focusing my thoughts on my Master. Then i rolled over onto my back. i was still aroused – it hadn’t been enough of a release to quiet my cunt. Thinking about His instructions, i played with my clit some more, building myself up and making sure that my cunt would be wet and wanting and i would be feeling submissive, wet and eager to please as i headed off to sleep. As i rubbed my clit, i fantasized about Him pissing on my cunt as i masturbated, and that fantasy got me very hot, very fast.

Feeling that heat in my cunt, i kissed my Master’s bracelet, then rolled over to drift off to sleep and dream of Him.



June 19, 2008


Away for work, staying in a suites hotel, all i could think of when i looked at the couch was how nice it would be to be on my back being fucked by my Master, as we have done on many a hotel couch before. i emailed Him to tell Him that, and in my bedtime instructions, he told me to lie on my back on the couch, legs up in the air, imagining Him fucking my cunt. i imagined His long strokes in and out, and Him bending me in half to get as deep as He could.

When i stay in hotels, i have to wear my wrist and ankle cuffs, and a chain to link my ankle cuffs together. As i lied on my back, the chain connecting my ankle cuffs slid up against my cunt, and i shivered at the cold. i took the chain and laid it against my clit and my slit. But that wasn’t enough. i took the chain and pushed it into my cunt. i lied there legs up, chain in my cunt, rubbing my nipples and fantasizing about Him fucking me. The chain that wasn’t in my cunt was up against my clit, and if i moved my leg it would rub against my clit, and soon i found myself eding orgasm like that, just with the chain jiggling on my clit, more chain in my cunt, and my fingers on my nipples.

i moved my legs down and the chain came out. But i needed to feel my arousal and my need for my Master, so i did it again, edging once again, amazed that if i only had permission, i could have come like that, just from the chain against my clit and inside my cunt. i played with myself like that a couple times more, not wanting to stop, the arousal of being so close somehow less frustrating than the ache in my loins as i prepared to go to sleep unfulfilled.

i wrote my Master to tell Him about it, and begged as sweetly as i could for permission to orgasm the next morning before i went off to work. i had been on edge for days, and couldn’t imagine trying to concentrate with that heat in my cunt. i promised Him that i would do it in as slutty a way as he wanted – with the chain, or the shoe, however He wanted.

Lucky slavegirl that i am, i woke up to permission to give my Master an orgasm. “With a plug in your ass. With the shoe in your cunt. On your back. On the couch.”

i went into the bathroom, lubed up the plug and slid it into my ass, thinking how appreciative i am that my Master has taught me to be His ass slut and to enjoy the sensation of being so full there.

i took my shoe and the chain i had been wearing to sleep in over to the couch. Ever since the night before i had been fantasizing about stuffing the entire length of the chain inside of me. Maybe wearing it there through my day, or just pulling it out slowly or quickly as i masturbated.

i began playing with my nipples. My cunt was already wet, and it just got wetter. i took the length of chain and started sliding it into my cunt. It went in very easily, i was so very slippery and wet. When i had everything in but the ring at one end, i went back to playing with my nipples and rubbing my clit. i was so close to orgasm already, that i took my hand off my clit and used it to thrust the butt plug deeper into my ass.

i knew i wasn’t going to last long – i’d been too aroused for too long to stretch this one out. i started rubbing my clit again and pulled the chain slowly out. Someday i’d like to come that way, but this time i made sure i didn’t. Instead, i reached over to get the shoe, and slid it straight into my sloppy wet cunt.

i thrust the shoe in and out of my cunt as i rubbed my clit, all the while imagining my Master there watching me, teasing me, egging me on. As orgasm approached, i begged aloud “please Sir, please let Your shoe-fucking slut come for You.” Like a mantra, i repeated it several times until i came in a shuddering, moaning, gasping orgasm.

And now, still, all i can think about is the feeling of the chain in my cunt.


Fetish Friday – Watersports

June 13, 2008

We don’t call it watersports, we call it being my Master’s piss slut. If you’ve read Long Distance Sub for very long at all, then you’ve probably read about some of our experiences. It started with my Master making me beg Him to piss in my mouth if i wanted to suck His cock. At the time, we were still very new to our D/s roles, and i “knew” he’d never actually do it, so i had no compunctions begging Him for it. Not today, He said. But someday.

And someday came. And there have been many more somedays since then.

Piss play can come in so many different forms. It’s common to read about it as a form of humiliation, and it’s easy to see how it could be played that way. But that’s never been our dynamic. What exactly is our dynamic? It’s complex. In the beginning, it was about my Master wanting to get completely inside of me, in every cell, to become a part of me. And this was one means to do that. It’s also about Him restructuring my sexuality. i had no inclination towards watersports before He came along – in fact, i would have put it on my limit list, if i had one. And now it’s embedded so deeply in my sexuality and my brain that it’s the fantasy that i most often turn to when i need a little extra something to get over the edge. Most fundamentally, it’s about submission. i don’t actually like it (more on that in a moment), but i do it because my Master tells me to. i do it because i am His. And that’s incredibly powerful for both of us.

i’m on a watersports group over on FetLife and there are people there (mostly men, come to think of it) who talk about how much they love the smell and the taste of piss. i am not one of those people. i love the feeling of submission that i get from obeying my Master in this, but that mostly come after. i don’t love the act itself. At point one during our visit to La Domaine, my Master had me kneel in the bathroom. At His instruction, i took His cock in my mouth and He began pissing. i tried to swallow as it came, but soon the taste overwhelmed me and i gagged and had to pull away. He let me do that – but as soon as i had recovered, He guided my face back to His cock and made me do it again. Three times in total, with me shaking my head and gasping, even a tear or two running down my face. It was hard. It was disgusting, at times. It doesn’t taste good, and the taste lingers. But i don’t do it for me, i do it for Him, and that’s really what it’s all about.

There have been times that it’s been more erotic for me, and i commented to my Master that perhaps i needed to be retrained to find the eroticism in it again. His response was “Unless I prefer it when you actually don’t like it when I piss all over your face.” Which makes sense – i don’t have a lot of limits (at least not ones that He’s interested in pushing) and sometimes that makes it hard to feel my submission. The less eager i am to do this, the more it signifies about His ownership of me.

But even though i’m not exactly eager, i do have some element of pride about it. i’m proud that i’m able to submit in this way and please my Master. And i’m proud that i’ve been able to write about it in a way that hasn’t necessarily grossed people out. In fact, about once a month or so i get an email or comment from someone saying “I’d never really considered doing this before, but you’ve made me see that it could be worth exploring.” And i think that’s really cool.

What about you, readers? Have you played with watersports, on the giving or receiving end? Do you like, or do you just put up with it? If you haven’t, is it something you’ve ever thought about doing?

piss slut 2


June 7, 2008

i’ve written about my period here before, usually to complain about how it seems that almost every time the stars and our schedules align to allow my Master and i to see each other, i have it. But that’s not the only place if affects our relationship. Every month, about 5 days before my period starts, my emotions go haywire. i start to doubt my submission. i start to wonder why i’m bothering, why he’s bothering. My libido damps right down. And all i can think about is the things we don’t have instead of the things we do.

Typical PMS, i suppose. But until just over a year ago, when i became my Master’s submissive, i wouldn’t have said i experienced any PMS-like symptoms. Now it’s so clear that when i was feeling really stressed a couple days ago, i emailed my Master asking “When is my period due?”

Submission has brought me many things – a new sense of purpose in my life, a hugely expanded sexuality, deeper love than i’ve ever known. But it’s also given me this awareness about myself and – particular to this post – about my cycles. Because the reason it’s apparent now, when it never was before, is because there’s this single thing – my submission to my Master – that provides a sense of structure around my life, and gives me a way to observe my emotional state relative to a constant of sorts.

i woke up today feeling better. No longer questioning. No longer doubting, or longing, or resisting. So i was not at all surprised to see blood a few hours later. And so the cycle begins again.


Love is…

June 3, 2008

Kneeling between my Master’s legs, taking His cock deep into my mouth, while He scratched my naked back really hard, demanding that i keep sucking, and slapping the growing welts if i slowed my pace or stopped because of the pain from His nails.

i hate hate hate hard scratching. But i love my Master.