Three vignettes

June 20, 2008

When i wake up in the morning, You put the chain in my cunt. As i move around the house during the day attending to my daily tasks, You can see the ring of the chain dangling out of my cunt. i bring You a cup of tea, and as i turn to leave, You reach between my legs, pulling on the ring. i jump a little in surprise, then gasp and shudder as the chain comes jingling out. You hand it to me. “Clean this up, slut. You know how.” i lick the chain clean.


Before we leave for the club You tell me to put the chain in my cunt. i’m wearing a short skirt and no panties, and i worry that people will see the ring dangling out. Lucky for me the dance floor is crowded when You reach under my skirt and pull the chain out.


We’re at a play party. At Your instruction, i am walking around asking people if they’d “like to yank my chain.” After they laugh, i spread my legs and explain that my Master wants them to pull an inch of chain out of my cunt. Between each person, You have my rub my clit until i am near to orgasm. After half the chain has been pull out, You have me lie on a table in the middle of the room. You tell me to masturbate, and when i beg You for permission to come You quickly pull the rest of the chain out as i do.


  1. Very hot! ^_^

  2. i LOVE it! AND it fits my life (well, my thursday’s) to a tee!!!

    so i read & then sat here squirming and realizing it’s saturday– a long way away from Thursday…


  3. That was so arousing! I was there every step of the way as you described it. Very nice indeed.


  4. wow…. am loving that chain!!
    😉 t. x

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