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Fun with clothes and shoes

March 31, 2009

For some reason, it didn’t occur to either of us until today that it would have been really fun to document my many outfit changes of the weekend. One of the reasons my Master had been looking forward to attending a weekend-long, hotel-based D/s event like this was so that He could dress me up as he pleased and show me off. This weekend was definitely a win for that!

We took 9 pairs of shoes, and i’m pleased to say i managed to wear every single pair of them. i have 4 short skirts that are really a little too short for polite company and I got to wear all 4 of them. i didn’t manage to wear all of my lingerie, but i did get to try out some of my newest matching sets.

Let’s see if i can remember them all…

i met my Master at the airport Friday in one of His favorite looks. Tight skinny jeans, red button down shirt, black stiletto boots (#1), a string of pearls and my leather jacket.

Friday afternoon He had me put on a little black shortsleeve bodysuit, with cap sleeves that slid off my shoulders to reveal the straps of a sexy zebra stripe bra. Since we were walking out to nearby Union Station to explore the lunch offerings, He let me wear a pair of comfortable but cute walking shoes (#2), knowing that i’d be up on my toes much of the rest of the weekend. (Thank You, Sir.) And my little collar (which masquerades well as a choker), which inspired a smiling nod from a couple at lunch who we later saw at BMSL.

When we got back to the hotel and were exploring the event space Friday afternoon, He had me switch into my strappy sandals with the metal stiletto heel.(#3)

For the Friday night meet-and-greet, He dressed me in my short gray school girl skirt with nude hose and black stilettos (#4), topped off with a lacy black bra under my sheer black buttondown shirt.

Saturday morning was probably my favorite outfit of the weekend – a little red school girl skirt, with a white button down shirt unbuttoned far enough to show my lacy red bra, and red stilettos on my feet (#5).

Saturday afternoon i made sure to dress appropriately for the lapdance panel, in case there was an opportunity to try out some moves. Appropriate in this case was the entirety of the awesomely sexy black and white zebra print lingerie set – bra, thong, and matching garter belt, with black stockings, short black skirt, and platform sandals (#6).

Saturday night was elegant and refined – a killer little black dress and burgundy stilettos (#7) for a splash of color and sophistication. i’ve never felt as “Princess by day, slut by night” as when my Master put me up on the spanking bench and pulled up my dress.

Sunday morning called for my stunning red corset top. With jeans and a leather jacket for breakfast, and then with a short black skirt, patterned fishnet hose, and red peep toe pumps (#8) for the first panel of the day.

It seemed a bit extravagant to change clothes between panels, but with just one more outfit change i could accomplish my goal of wearing all the shoes and all the skirts. So on went a little black bodysuit, sleeves slid off my shoulders to show sexy pink bra straps of another great matching bra and panty set, my zebra print skirt, and amazing purple platform sandals (#9).

It was really fun to get to wear so many cute outfits for my Master. As anyone who’s been reading this blog for long knows, dressing up for my Master is one of the most important parts of my submission, so it was really awesome for both of us.


Returning to the real world

March 30, 2009

My Master and i spent a wonderful weekend at Beat Me in St Louis, and i am having a hard time getting back into the swing of my normal life. For a lot of people, an event like this is amazing because it feels like “home” to them, because they enjoy that sense of community and belonging that comes with the “gathering of the tribes” as it were. For us, while it was great to be around other kinky people, neither my Master nor i have that strong need for community reinforcement, so that’s not what i’m missing today.

i’m missing Him, a lot. It didn’t occur to me until this morning that i spent probably 90% of the last few days touching my Master. Wherever we were – at a meal, attending a workshop, we were at the very least snuggled up next to each other, and quite frequently i was snuggled up on His lap or draped over Him in some other way.

Also, i was able to be un-restrainedly demonstrative. Even when we are together in vanilla space, we spend most of our time touching each other, by sitting next to each other or holding hands. But in this space, i could give into the urge to kneel at His feet just because i wanted to and needed to, knowing that no one would judge. We could kiss each other, deeply and passionately, expressing all the boundless love we feel for each other.

It was lovely. As we were preparing to part yesterday, He kept commenting on how connected we felt, and in the moment i didn’t really feel it as that different than how we had been before. But now, with that physical connection a fading memory and only the emotional connection in my aching heart to remind me, i know it and remember it, and try to hold onto it until next time.


A Perfect Welcome

March 19, 2009


My Master opened the double doors to His fabulous hotel suite, pulled me inside and gathered me in His arms. As His lips met mine and we eagerly devoured each others mouths, His hands roamed under my coat and clothes, taking stock of this body that belongs to Him. He lifted up my skirt, and i could feel and taste His satisfaction at the garter belt and stockings i’d worn, just as instructed.

In a single movement he pushed my coat and scarf off my body, and they landed in a puddle at my feet. As we kissed, He took my hand and pressed it against His crotch, so i could feel His hard cock straining at His jeans. “Feel that?” He asked “Feel how hard you make me?”

He guided me over to the dining table in that fabulous suite, and pushed me down on it. His hands continued to roam all over my body and my face, possessing what is His already. Hands squeezing and rubbing my nipples, pressing against my cunt, fingers sliding into my mouth to be sucked.

i lay there on the slick table, the smooth surface allowing Him to move me around as He desired. Positioning my head near the edge of the table He unzipped His pants and gave me the privilege of sucking Him for a little while.

Then He was moving me yet again, moving my ass to the edge of the table, pulling my skirt up, and pushing my panties to one side as He slid His cock – slick and moist with my saliva – into my wet and eager cunt, fucking me right there on the table, just like i’ve fantasized about, just like the object that i want to be for Him. Fucking me as i gripped the edge of the table to hold on. Fucking me until He came and my cunt thrilled with the feel of His come inside of me, clenching and releasing, rejoicing in the feel of Him.


10 submissive things

March 18, 2009


1. My prettily polished nails, chosen with You in mind.
2. The way thinking of You makes me smile.
3. That when i imagine the feel of You touching me, it’s like i can feel it on my skin, and i crave to feel it for real.
4. That kneeling for You at bedtime has become an essential part of my bedtime routine, and i feel completely strange if i can’t manage it.
5. Your bracelet around my wrist that reminds me constantly of Your love, care and protection of me.
6. Your anklet around my ankle, that every time i see or feel it reminds me that i am Your sex toy and my body belongs to You.
7. My closet, filled with clothes to please You.
8. That i adore You so endlessly and deeply.
9. How comforting it was to wake up in the middle of the night last night and feel Your collar and cuffs surrounding me.
10. That the thought of giving myself over to You in every way is so intoxicatingly appealing and terrifying at the same time.


A fantasy moment

March 10, 2009


We’re in a tropical paradise. The sun is shining and a warm breeze is blowing. i’m wearing a bikini and standing by the side of the pool, and You are pouring cups of ice cold water over me. It’s very cold water, and even with the warm air and sunshine it’s a real struggle for me to submit to it instead of running away.


Sick Day, Part 2

March 8, 2009

Read Part 1 first


I run into Jenny in the lunch room, her arms laden down with Davis’ wife’s excess zucchini crop. As they tumble down to the table there, I grab one.

“Oh, these must be from Davis! I love his wife’s zucchini,” I say, as I slice one and pop a piece into my mouth. “I don’t know what she does when she grows them, but they’re the most flavorful zucchini I’ve ever had.”

It’s hard to keep myself from laughing at the mortified look on Jenny’s bright red face, but somehow I manage.

“So, how’s it going back there?” I ask as we sit down at the lunch table. “Are the boys behaving themselves? Are you having fun?”

Jenny’s eyes are staring intently at her lunch as she mumbles her response. “It’s not exactly what I expected. But…” she pauses, obviously embarrassed. “But… well… it’s all making me pretty hot.”

“That’s the way you want it to be. Just don’t get any ideas – this is a one day swap. Monday all those cocks are mine again,” i say, grabbing another zucchini and slipping it whole in my mouth, deep throating it, as I watch Jenny’s whole body blush this time.

“Phones are ringing, so I must be going. Have a good afternoon,” I say sweetly, and manage not to bust a gut until I’m out of the room and halfway down the hall. Poor innocent Jenny.

Back at my desk, I tuned the video feed into the lunch room, just in time to see Smith walk in and give Jenny the once over. She barely got the words out to explain when he had her bent over the lunch table, his hands working clumsily at his zipper. Pulling his half-hard cock out of his pants, he slapped it all over Jenny’s ass, his cock growing longer and stiffer with each slap.

Then he thrust into her, one long stroke, hands gripping her around the waist as he moved in and out. And then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over, Smith stepping away from her and zipping himself back up. Sucks to be a premature ejaculator in this office (and sucks to be fucked by one too – i never get off on Smith’s days). Jenny stands up and reaches for a napkin to wipe off the cum I can see glistening on the inside of her thighs, but I see Smith shake his head. It’s his day, and he wants her to wear it all day, so the other men will know who’s top dog today.

After lunch the phone calls come fast and furious, and the boss has some other work for me too. By the time I’m able to tune into Jenny again, the day is almost done.

I find her in Peterson’s office, laid out on his desk. He’s kneeling over her as she holds her breasts close together so he can fuck her tits. I can tell she’s really into it, as she’s eagerly reaching out her tongue to lick the head on the top of every thrust. Peterson is an attractive guy, and Jenny’s got nice tits, so it’s a lovely tableau to watch. I slip my hand up under my skirt again, gathering up my slippery cunt juices and gliding my fingers over and around my clit. Between the scene on the screen and the feeling between my legs, let’s just say I’m a little distracted.

So distracted, in fact, that I don’t notice the boss has come in behind me until I feel his hand clamp over my lips.

“And what have you found here, Lyn? I see you’ve been keeping a good eye on Jenny,” he says, and pulls me up with the hand gripping my face.

As that hand steers me towards the back office, his other hand is roughly undoing the buttons on my shirt, and one or two pop off. When we’re in his office he lets go of me and orders me to finish taking my clothes off. As I do, he pushes the button for speakerphone and dials Peterson’s office. Peterson is out of breath, and I hope that he had a chance to finish, because the boss orders him to send Jenny up at once.

“So you like to watch, do you Lyn?” he asks, hanging up the speakerphone. “Well, as it turns out, so do I.”

When Jenny walks into the office i’m kneeling on the floor, my hands bound behind my back.

“The boys tell me you did well today, Jenny. You can expect a bonus on your next check. And Lyn here has a bonus for you right now, don’t you Lyn?”

I nod, and the boss orders Jenny to kneel in front of me. Arms bound, I’m a little awkward, but as I lean forward and take first one nipple and then the other into my mouth, I can taste the fresh cum there, and I know that Peterson did manage to finish. I lick and suck her nipples and her collarbone – where his pearl necklace must have collected – until I can’t taste him any more, just her smooth skin and tight nipples, exuding her own scent and flavor of arousal and need.

The boss tells Jenny to lie down and then I’m bending over between her legs, struggling with my bound arms, and knowing that the boss is getting even more turned on from watching me struggle. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of tumbling over, I finally get my face down between her legs. I can taste Smith there as I begin to lick her mound, swirling my tongue between neatly trimmed pubic hair. Then I move down to her opening, sliding my tongue from her hole, sweet and tangy with her wetness, all the way up to her clit, feeling her body shudder under me as I lick and suck her clit.

I tease her a little more before I get into a rhythm and begin working her slowly but thoroughly to climax. My shoulders are aching with my arms bound behind me, but my breasts are thrust out in front, and every time my erect nipples brush against Jenny’s legs a little shock goes down to my own cunt. I’m rocking back and forth as I suck and lick her clit, and when she finally shudders and writhes beneath me, I feel like my own orgasm is just a couple more rocks forward away.

So of course the boss is there to pull me up right away, and slap my legs wide apart, so I can’t even push myself over with a couple of thigh squeezes. “Nice work, Lyn. But nothing for you today – remember, you’re just the receptionist.”

“Who should learn to pay attention to her job,” he growls under his breath in my ear.

“And nice work for you to Jenny. But I expect you to be back on the phones on Monday, understand?” Jenny nods, and with a hard swat to the ass of each of us the boss sends us out of his office.

And sure enough, on Monday Jenny’s voice was back, and I was back in my place, fucking and sucking. But somehow I don’t think this will be the last time Jenny gets to play the office slut.


Can one ever grow tired of shoes and panties?

March 6, 2009