Fetish Friday – Watersports

June 13, 2008

We don’t call it watersports, we call it being my Master’s piss slut. If you’ve read Long Distance Sub for very long at all, then you’ve probably read about some of our experiences. It started with my Master making me beg Him to piss in my mouth if i wanted to suck His cock. At the time, we were still very new to our D/s roles, and i “knew” he’d never actually do it, so i had no compunctions begging Him for it. Not today, He said. But someday.

And someday came. And there have been many more somedays since then.

Piss play can come in so many different forms. It’s common to read about it as a form of humiliation, and it’s easy to see how it could be played that way. But that’s never been our dynamic. What exactly is our dynamic? It’s complex. In the beginning, it was about my Master wanting to get completely inside of me, in every cell, to become a part of me. And this was one means to do that. It’s also about Him restructuring my sexuality. i had no inclination towards watersports before He came along – in fact, i would have put it on my limit list, if i had one. And now it’s embedded so deeply in my sexuality and my brain that it’s the fantasy that i most often turn to when i need a little extra something to get over the edge. Most fundamentally, it’s about submission. i don’t actually like it (more on that in a moment), but i do it because my Master tells me to. i do it because i am His. And that’s incredibly powerful for both of us.

i’m on a watersports group over on FetLife and there are people there (mostly men, come to think of it) who talk about how much they love the smell and the taste of piss. i am not one of those people. i love the feeling of submission that i get from obeying my Master in this, but that mostly come after. i don’t love the act itself. At point one during our visit to La Domaine, my Master had me kneel in the bathroom. At His instruction, i took His cock in my mouth and He began pissing. i tried to swallow as it came, but soon the taste overwhelmed me and i gagged and had to pull away. He let me do that – but as soon as i had recovered, He guided my face back to His cock and made me do it again. Three times in total, with me shaking my head and gasping, even a tear or two running down my face. It was hard. It was disgusting, at times. It doesn’t taste good, and the taste lingers. But i don’t do it for me, i do it for Him, and that’s really what it’s all about.

There have been times that it’s been more erotic for me, and i commented to my Master that perhaps i needed to be retrained to find the eroticism in it again. His response was “Unless I prefer it when you actually don’t like it when I piss all over your face.” Which makes sense – i don’t have a lot of limits (at least not ones that He’s interested in pushing) and sometimes that makes it hard to feel my submission. The less eager i am to do this, the more it signifies about His ownership of me.

But even though i’m not exactly eager, i do have some element of pride about it. i’m proud that i’m able to submit in this way and please my Master. And i’m proud that i’ve been able to write about it in a way that hasn’t necessarily grossed people out. In fact, about once a month or so i get an email or comment from someone saying “I’d never really considered doing this before, but you’ve made me see that it could be worth exploring.” And i think that’s really cool.

What about you, readers? Have you played with watersports, on the giving or receiving end? Do you like, or do you just put up with it? If you haven’t, is it something you’ve ever thought about doing?

piss slut 2


  1. Hey! Surprised you don’t have more responses–are people shy? 😉

    I enjoy receiving and I really would like to be on the giving end–I’m not sure why we haven’t done that yet. It IS on our list of 1,000 things to do. I actually love the smell and the taste of my Dom, but he smells and tastes better all over to me than most people, so I would feel the same in other situations.

    A bit off topic . . . I was really interested to read your old post about the first time you two played in this way. That degraded feeling hit me too the first time we tried–not at first, but gradually over the course of the day. Big hugs to you–I am always glad to read about others’ hard moments in submission, because we all have them and they are something to be proud of, I think. I also think your Master gave great aftercare!

    And by the way, these were lovely pictures, as always. Forwarded the post to my Dom. 😉

  2. Thank you sera, for the great comment. The hard moments are really what it’s all about. If submission were always easy, it wouldn’t be as meaningful. It’s the stretch that let’s me know i’m alive and who i live for.

  3. maybe it’s just more submission than some subs are comfortable with…it could be that not everything is for everybody. i deeply respect what your choices are in your submission, but perhaps it’s not everyone’s dish of tea.

  4. swordfish155 – i sure hope what i said didn’t come across as suggesting that this was for everyone! Or that it’s some sign of superior submission. This is how it works for us, that’s all.

  5. Learned some new things from your post– never knew it was called “watersports” before. Also love the photos, I never knew peeing could look so hot!

  6. Those are some good shots. Even Daddy agrees. And all the better because it’s outside 😉


  7. I suspect (well know for sure) that this will be something I will have to submit to soon as well.

    I enjoyed reading your old post as well. I often wonder how I will actually react to the first time.

  8. Em loves me taking her piss (and I love taking it). Sometimes she stands over me in the batroom. Sometimes she squats over my face. Sometimes she comes out of the bathroom with a full tumbler and makes me gulp it all down quickly while she watches. Sometimes she teases me and only has me lick her clean just after she pisses in the toilet.

    We like it all.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  9. My husband has been wanting me to drink his piss for a while now. I started yesterday with a shot glas full. of really cloudy stinky piss. I was almost sick and some spilled out . I still want to do this for him and the clear piss should be nicer to drink I figure . I will be drinking straight from his cock by the New Year. Whenever he needs to release . I also lick his ass mostly when hes just showered, but 2 times I was made to lick his hole clean for him after a he had shit earlier in the day. He wants to also streach out my cunt big big big and my ass Im scared…. but He owns me and his wish is my comand. After my tight cunt is loose and saggy I will let him fuck tight ones. He will make me shown other people how loose and saggy my cunt hole is and. Tell them he wants to have his cock pleased by their sweet hole and make me lick their pissy cunt before he fucks it.So any advice will be great.Have a nice day

  10. Hello my husband wants to piss on me in the bathtub. my hair my face and cunt , titties then have me open wide for him to aim for my mouth. and then in the croch of my panties before we go out so Im smelly and no other male would touch my smelly pissy cunt. I think all males need to mark their territory with cum and piss. I also must find him a sweet tight cunt for his pleasure, I will be made to lick her cunt and ass and his cock and balls before and after he does her. I think he will need a sweet one to replace my pissy one and that is fine with me.

  11. My husband wants to fuck my ass hole I am scared and at the same time excited about him having a tight hole for his cock to be pleasured .He is slowing streching out my tight cunt day by day .So I have to give him my ass .He then wants to strech out my ass hole to . I will have to let him use my mouth for fucking a a treat for me. I can always make it tighter to his specifications . I am mouth fucked for 1 to 2 hours when he needs that now……Drinking his cum is wonderful.

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