A paragraph for my Master

January 15, 2011

We’re at Winter Fire, and you’ve stationed me by the entrance into one of the rooms. Every time i woman enters i have to ask her if i can kiss her shoes, and then bend and do that. Some are willing to play a peripheral part in the game, and allow me a quick peck before moving on. Others, though, get into it, press my head down to their feet, tell me to lick their shoe, clean it up. A few recognize me from my blog, or heard about our the gangbang class at Kinky Kollege, and they know what i really want. One pushes my legs apart with her shoe and presses her shoe into my crotch. “Beg for it” she tells me, “beg me to rub my shoe against your cunt.” i beg her for exactly that, and she tells me i should show her how much i want it, so i rub myself all over her shoe, until i’m so hot and wet that the toe of her shoe is sticky with my juices and she orders me to lick it clean before she goes on her way.

(And yes, my Master and i are planning to be at Winter Fire in February in DC. Are any readers going and want to meet up?)


  1. So hot, lyn. I know you Master is well pleased.

  2. Great writing, very nice indeed.


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