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Like a $20 whore

September 29, 2008


On a recent visit, my Master was making me the subject of one of our massive photo shoots. If you’ve read the “renewing and reviewing” series, you’ve seen a lot of them. Taking pictures of me in all these compromising poses always makes my Master hot, and that time was no exception. After every couple of poses, He would come over to me, pop open His button fly and pull out His cock for me to suck. He told me how hot it was for Him, me sucking His cock while He was fully clothed, and it was really hot for me too. i felt really slutty, like a whore. And it got even hotter when my arms and legs were bound behind my back and my mouth was just a hole for Him to fuck. That was really fucking hot. He really likes my hands on His cock and balls when i’m giving Him a blowjob, so face fucking is pretty rare for us, but i always find it really arousing and submissive.

Fast forward to one night about a week after our visit. i’d been given permission to masturbate, and as i found myself thinking back to that day my mind took off into a fantasy.

i imagined us parked in a parking lot (maybe at the hotel?) late at night. Not right under a light, but close enough that someone really interested could see in. i imagined my Master pulling His cock out of His pants like that, and me sucking Him off right there in the car, like a whore giving a $20 quickie blowjob.

In my fantasy, my Master had just finished coming in my mouth when we heard a sharp rap on the window of the car door. Rolling down the window we saw a security guard leering in the window. He threatened to turn us in, but (of course) offered to let us off if i sucked his cock too. He came around to my side of the car and i opened the door, then leaned out the open door as He pulled his cock just far enough out of his pants for me to deepthroat. It didn’t take long at all until His come followed my Master’s down my throat. Then the rent-a-cop zipped up, told us to get moving, and walked away into the night.


Sub in Disarray (HNT too!)

September 25, 2008

So sad of me to invite You all to my new home and then not provide any entertainment! So here’s a gratuitous picture post. And since it happens to be Thursday, i guess we can all it a HNT post too!



Welcome to my new home

September 23, 2008

i’ve recently moved to a new home in real life, so i guess this is as good a time as any to move long-distance sub to a new webhome too (since blogger has decided i’m objectionable). Please update your links to point to:

Welcome to the new digs, and stay tuned for more tales of submission and shoes.


A domestic fantasy

September 18, 2008

My fantasy is about You coming to my town and spending a week with me. Every morning we wake up and You use my mouth or cunt to satisfy Yourself, then send me off to shower. When i’m done, You dress me as You please for the day and i go into work. i spend my days at work, then come home to You, kneeling in front of You to have my collar and cuffs put on as soon as i come in the door. 8 or 9 hours apart from each other is too long, so every night we manage to squeeze in some kind of sex before dinner. Maybe You shove me down on the couch, spread my legs and drive Your cock into my cunt. Or push me down on the dining room table and fuck me there. Or, i simply kneel between Your legs and use my hands and mouth on Your cock until You flood my mouth with come.

For dinner, sometimes we go to a restaurant, where no one knows that i’m wearing cuffs under my jeans. Other nights You’ve been working on something in the kitchen in the afternoon, and we eat together in my house, me on the floor next to You taking bits of food from Your fingers and lapping wine from a bowl on the floor.

My cunt is Yours, and always available to You. At any moment You might tell me to spread my legs, and i do for You, moaning as You slide Your cock into my cunt. You wake me up in the middle of the night to serve You. You demonstrate Your ownership of it other ways too – shoving a chain into it and having me wear it around the house or to dinner. My ass is Your too, and You have me use my butt plug regularly to prepare it for Your use.

On Saturday night we have a dinner party for our friends, and it’s fun and wonderful, and when everyone has left You fuck me until i can’t breathe anymore. We’re so exhausted we manage to fall asleep in each others arms for a little while before rolling over to our separate sides of the bed.


Apparently, i’m objectionable

September 17, 2008

My blog is now behind the blogger “Objectionable” content warning page. Which would be fine and and not bother me at all[1], except that it’s totally messing with my site stats. Since people hit that page first, and then move onto my actual blog, i’m not getting any information about my referrers. Everybody is counted as coming from no referring link. And well, i’m a bit of a stats slut, so this is pissing me off!

Do any Blogspot bloggers on my list have a workaround? Or does anyone have a recommendation for another host that’s not going to do this? Is migrating to WordPress the answer? Do tell, oh intertubes…

[1] Cause well, i really can’t argue that some people won’t find pictures of me fucking myself with a shoe objectionable


Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 12

September 16, 2008

12. When we are together, I own you completely and totally. I control everything about you: every aspect of your body and mind. You are my sub, my slave, my slut, my pet, my toy, and anything else I want you to be. You will do everything I ask without question or hesitation, both in private and in public. This ownership and control will take will take different forms at different times, but it is mine to decide.

We manage this long-distance thing pretty darn well, i think, in no small part thanks to all these rules that help structure our relationship. But i never feel more Your submissive than when we are together and i can be used for Your pleasure, in whatever way You desire. i crave that opportunity to serve You, and only wish i had more chances to demonstrate my submission that way. But i am thankful for every visit we are able to have, and i can’t wait to see You tomorrow.


Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 11

September 15, 2008

11. You are to carry your cell phone with you at all times. You are to carry your smart balls, anal plug, and two clothespins with you as well. If you want to carry a smaller purse, you are required to ask permission.

When it comes to my phone, i don’t always follow this rule well. i don’t take my cell phone to dinner, for example. i’m sorry, Sir. i do better about having the other objects with me, although sometimes when i’m traveling i do worry about going through security with them. Fortunately the TSA has only gone poking around my little black bag once…

It’s like my little black bag of remote control – i never know when You’re going to demand i pull one toy or the other out and use it to please You.