Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 9

September 12, 2008

on your knees
9. Every night, after masturbation if you do so, you are to spend some time on your knees meditating on your submissiveness, my ownership of you, and anything we talked about or did that day. You are to kneel facing my direction, wherever I happen to be in the world. In the morning, you are to write about it as well.

i like this ritual a lot. When i’m having a hard time with my submission, it’s the time when i’m usually able to puzzle out what’s really going on, although it may take a few nights. When i’m secure in my submission, it gives me an opportunity to relax, focus and center myself before going to sleep, which is an incredible gift. Sometimes i think really deep thoughts and come away with great insight, other times i struggle to keep my focus amidst a flurry of other things running through my head. But always i am happy to reconnect to You and to my submission to You.


  1. This does sound like a great ritual – even for non-subs who might be dealing with a long distance relationship.

    You must be having great sleeps these days ^_~ hehe

  2. Oh, if only…

    i’ve struggled with chronic insomnia for years. The meditation helps sometimes, but not nearly as much as i’d like.

    My Master has often said that the thing He most wishes He could force me to do is nap! Unfortunately, my body/mind isn’t very cooperative.

  3. i love this rule

    i wish i had throught of this one

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