Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 11

September 15, 2008

11. You are to carry your cell phone with you at all times. You are to carry your smart balls, anal plug, and two clothespins with you as well. If you want to carry a smaller purse, you are required to ask permission.

When it comes to my phone, i don’t always follow this rule well. i don’t take my cell phone to dinner, for example. i’m sorry, Sir. i do better about having the other objects with me, although sometimes when i’m traveling i do worry about going through security with them. Fortunately the TSA has only gone poking around my little black bag once…

It’s like my little black bag of remote control – i never know when You’re going to demand i pull one toy or the other out and use it to please You.


  1. Beautifull! I love you!

  2. Amazing picture, and even more amazing shoes! Where on earth do you (and your Master) find all of these gorgeouus heels?

  3. Samantha: Thanks! We find them on Zappos.

  4. Really nice blog and picture… 😉

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