Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 12

September 16, 2008

12. When we are together, I own you completely and totally. I control everything about you: every aspect of your body and mind. You are my sub, my slave, my slut, my pet, my toy, and anything else I want you to be. You will do everything I ask without question or hesitation, both in private and in public. This ownership and control will take will take different forms at different times, but it is mine to decide.

We manage this long-distance thing pretty darn well, i think, in no small part thanks to all these rules that help structure our relationship. But i never feel more Your submissive than when we are together and i can be used for Your pleasure, in whatever way You desire. i crave that opportunity to serve You, and only wish i had more chances to demonstrate my submission that way. But i am thankful for every visit we are able to have, and i can’t wait to see You tomorrow.

One comment

  1. Yes i understand you completely; i’m in a same kind of relationship myself. I love your nails btw; such a beautiful red colour.

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