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Bathroom Blowjobs

August 17, 2010


Last night when i was masturbating for You (but not coming), i fantasized about meeting You in the airport (tomorrow!), and us stopping in a family restroom along the way so i could give You a blowjob right then and there. Then, because i’m slutty and like to fantasize about objectification, i imagined that You’d arranged for another man to follow us into the bathroom, and i had to give him a blowjob when i was done with You. i imagined that You’d undone my shirt while i was sucking You, so You could look at my bra, and that this second man shot his come all over my chest and bra. You wouldn’t let me wipe it off, i just had to do up my shirt over the sticky mess, and then follow You out of the airport to our taxi and hotel.


In search of pervertables

July 15, 2010


i’m in the midst of writing a new office slut story for my Master, and i always get really really turned on while i’m writing. Fortunately, the night i finished my first draft of the story, my Master’s instructions were for me to masturbate. i don’t want to spoil the story for when you all get to read it, but it involves Lyn being really stretched to her limit, and after writing all that, i wanted some of that same feeling for myself. But i only have my regular dildo, so i had to think creatively to find something i could use to fulfill my need to be stretched. i did find something, and here’s what i wrote to my Master about it the next day…


i was really aroused when i went upstairs, and rushed through my bedtime preparations so i could go masturbate for You. i looked around the bathroom to see if i could find anything to meet my desire for a thicker masturbation toy, and my eyes set upon my mousse canister, which was just a little thicker than my dildo. i had another mousse canister in the drawer, and that one was a little thicker yet, so i took both of them into the bedroom.

i’d been rubbing my nipples downstairs, so i was already feeling pretty wet. i lubed up my purple dildo, and it slid right into my cunt. i masturbated with it for a little bit, just stretching myself a little, then lubed up the smaller of the two mousse canisters. i was thinking about the images from my story, but also just turned on by the sluttiness of using found objects to masturbate, and by that feeling of wanting to be stretched and full. i pressed the canister to my opening, and it wasn’t quite going in. So i buzzed the vibrator on my clit to help it along, and it slid right in. i almost came right then, it made me so hot. i liked the firmness of it, and the cold, and the stretch of feeling it against the sides of my cunt. i masturbated with it for a bit, using the vibe off and on, stopping before i got too close to coming.

But i knew i wanted to at least try the bigger one, so i took it out, and lubed up the next size. It was quite a bit bigger, and i stretched my legs wide to try to open myself as much as i could. Buzzed my clit a little, but i was so close that i stopped, and just concentrated on trying to get it in. i never did, because a few seconds later i started coming just from all the sensation at my opening – i didn’t have anything on my clit. Rather than fight it, i just grabbed the vibrator and rode out a long long orgasm.

Then i had to get up to clean everything up and put it away. My cunt was very wet and slippery from all the lube, and i could feel the stickiness between my thighs as i returned to bed and knelt for You, wondering what You would think of my story and my size queen sluttiness, and looking forward to connecting with You today.

(and i’m aroused all over again now, just writing this, and fantasizing about You instructing me to masturbate again and not stop until i get the bigger one in next time.)



June 26, 2010



My Master had given me permission to masturbate, but told me i needed to “make it good” for when i reported it to him the next day. Here’s what i wrote him…


As a warm up, i pulled out my vibrator and just rested it on my clit as i played with my nipples, fantasizing about You pissing all over me. That got my juices flowing, so i turned it on and fantasized about the office slut scene i’d written You the other night, about Lyn being fucked with the mini-baseball-bat in the private box, and then i started thinking about being fucked with a real baseball bat, and those thoughts about being filled up led me to think about fisting. And to fantasize about us going to a kink con
and You recruiting some small-handed woman to fist me there, and then once i was loosened up, doing it Yourself.

That was good enough to bring me to the edge of an orgasm, so i turned off the vibrator and let myself cool down as i kept playing with my nipples.

When i turned the vibe on again, it was to thoughts of on my favorite threesome fantasies. You fucking me while a sexy woman rides my face, the two of You kissing and absorbed in each other up above while i am just the holes you are using to get off. Again i brought myself to the edge and stopped.

The third time i was fantasizing about You putting me on display somewhere and making me do what i was doing. Bringing myself to the edge of an orgasm over and over again, and then stopping. Until i was so aroused, so horny, that when You told me i could only have an orgasm if i was willing to let any stranger in the room fuck me, i begged anyone who wanted to stick their cock in my cunt. So shamelessly slutty and desperate.

And that was when i finally begged You for permission before coming long and hard.





May 27, 2010


i went upstairs and put on my cuffs and collar. i knelt for You, feeling my awareness of my body as belonging to You, and feeling grateful/ appreciative of You giving me the freedom to have fun with it. i rolled over and pulled out my vibrator and masturbated. Feeling particularly owned already, i was fantasizing about being Your piss slut, because those have been some of the times i have felt the most owned. i thought drinking Your piss at La Domaine. i thought about You pissing on me in the various bathtubs of our acquaintance. i thought about wanting to pee my panties for You again, and suck out the pee, and wad them up and stick them into my cunt for You. And thinking about how incredibly hot that experience had been, my orgasm hit and i was begging You for permission to come. Then i put the vibe away and drifted off into a nice deep sleep.


Little girl fantasies

May 18, 2010


From my “last night” email to my Master:

With all the arousal building up from all these days, i knew that i was going to orgasm lightning fast, so i did my best to stretch it out. i started off just resting the vibrator on my clit, not turning it on, just feeling the pressure there. Then i took the clothespins and clipped three around each nipple. As i did so, i fantasized little girl fantasies about You/my Daddy sneaking into my bedroom at night. Telling me that You needed to hurt me, but that i needed to stay quiet so no one else would wake up, and that if i did, You’d reward me later for being such a good girl. i felt the bite of the clothespins on my breasts, then slipped my fingers between them to play with those nipples that had wanted to be touch so much earlier in the day.

Then i got to work on my cunt that had wanted to be fucked so much earlier in the day. i lubed up my purple dildo and it slid right in – my cunt was wet and open with anticipation. i imagined that it was my Daddy’s big cock slipping into my little girl parts, filling me up. Then i imagined You rewarding me, and turned on the vibrator on my clit, just letting the dildo sit inside of me as i returned to playing with my nipples as the vibrator did its magic. i didn’t want it to end too soon, so i turned the vibe off after a few seconds, since i was already so close, and fucked myself with the dildo instead, imagining that my little girl cunt had opened up for You, and i could take all of my Daddy’s big cock now.

Finally, i couldn’t hold out any longer. i turned the vibe on again, and it was only a few seconds before i was pulling the clothespins off my breasts as my orgasm started to approach, then begging Your for permission to come, then feeling my cunt pulsing and spasming around the big dildo.


If you want one tonight…

February 25, 2010


Last night, i got an email from my Master.

“If you want one tonight, petition me for an orgasm. Do it properly.”

i have been quite horny lately, so i really did want an orgasm. i thought about my words for a while and wrote Him two sentences. “Please Sir, may Your slavegirl please give You a dirty dirty orgasm tonight? With clothespins on her breasts and a big purple dildo in her cunt like the slutty little girl she is and wants to be?” i pondered whether i needed to add more, but decided that straightforward and to the point would do.

When my Master got back online, it was with this message “I was all set to refuse you, yet you managed to convince me. I’m impressed.” Of course i was really thrilled that i had managed to please him so much with my words. And pretty happy that i was going to get to have a nice orgasm before bed!

After receiving my Master’s permission, bedtime became even more enticing, so i headed up early, got ready for sleep, and climbed in under my warm covers. i got out the Hitachi, dildo, lube, and the clothespins.

i was really aroused already, but decided a little warm up wouldn’t hurt. i buzzed the vibe against my clit and rubbed my super-hard, super-erect nipples until i knew that if i kept going i’d come. Then i turned the vibe off, lubed up the dildo, and slid it into my cunt. Sometimes i have to work a bit to get it in, but not this time – between my arousal and the lube it slid straight in, til it was nestled deep inside of me.

i rested the head of vibe against my clit again, but didn’t turn it on. Just let the weight of it keep my clit at attention as i rubbed my nipples some more and began clipping clothespins onto my breasts. 4 on each, spaced as evenly as i could around each nipple. When everything was in place i turned the vibe on. As i thrust my hips to move the dildo inside of me i tugged and pushed at the clothespins, interspersing playing with my nipples. i was fantasizing about a recent first date my Master had let me have, and wondering if this new guy’s cock would be long and lean like the rest of his body, and if our bodies would fit together as well fucking as they do dancing.

By this point i was flying high, riding the edge of orgasm, trying to keep the sensations going as long as i could. i shifted my thoughts to my Master, imagining Him putting the clothespins on (and taking them off) and His cock in my cunt. When i finally felt myself falling over the edge into orgasm i grabbed the clothespins on my breasts and pulled them off, while simultaneously begging my Master for permission to come (feeling a bit bad because i already was, but it had taken me a bit by surprise).

After, my cunt was so sensitive i was squirming to get away from the vibe still on my clit. i turned it off, slid the dildo out, unclipped stray clothespins that i’d missed earlier, and breathed a deep sigh of deep satisfaction. Then i pulled myself up on my knees to kneel for my Master, giving thanks for the gift He’d given me (and let me give Him) and thinking about how i would write it up for him (and my blog, as instructed) the next day. Then i kissed His bracelet and curled up to sleep.


Masturbating for my Master

January 17, 2010


i got into bed and played with my nipples a bit, the pulled out my vibrator. i ran through a whole array of my stock fantasies – exhibitionism, objectification, the usual. ­čÖé i meandered into piss slut territory for a while, and fantasized about some things i’d written You before – about You making me pee myself when we were out on a walk in some strange city, and about You peeing on me and making me drink Your pee. That all made me pretty hot.

i pulled out the dildo and started using it, but i needed to add some lube. After i did that it really felt fantastic, and i was riding along on the edge of orgasm for a while as i enjoyed fantasizing about You spanking me, and then fucking me. That’s what i was thinking about when i finally knew i was about to tumble over the other side of the orgasm cliff, and gasped out permission to You to come.

i came hard, and pulled the vibe away, feeling my cunt clenching and releasing around the dildo. Eventually i took that out too, then put the vibe away, and knelt for You.

As i knelt for You i felt the collar around my neck and the cuffs around my wrists and ankles, and felt very connected and loved and wanted. i thought about how much i am looking forward to seeing You.

And then i kissed Your bracelet and went to sleep.