A proper thank you

August 20, 2008

As i masturbated, i imagined that we had invited a certain red-headed mistress of our acquaintance to come for a weekend visit. She tied me up thoroughly and beautifully, and You and she took turns teasing, tormenting, spanking, flogging, and evil-sticking me. She made me her shoe slut, rubbing the toe of her shoe against my clit and into my cunt.

When finally You and she were finished with me and i was released from my bondage, i was ordered to my knees to first clean my Mistress’ shoes, and then to thank her properly for her attention. i carefully licked every trace of my cunt juices from her shoes and kissed them all over. She inspected them, approved my work, and then gave me permission to thank her. i began kissing up the insides of her legs and her thighs. Her hands were in my hair, guiding me, pushing me back down if i moved for the prize too quickly. Eventually, though, she spread her legs wide, hands directing me in to lick and suck her bare pussy.

i tasted her salty sweet musky fluid on my tongue, lapping it up like a kitten, noticing how it’s texture and flavor changed as her body responded to my attentions. i felt her hands in my hair, guiding me to the spots she liked best, gripping my hair hard when i was doing a particularly good job. My own cunt grew wet in response to her reactions, so when You came behind me, spread my legs and shoved Your cock into my pussy, it slid right in with no resistance. i moaned in pleasure, and faltered a bit in my giving thanks, but her hands in my hair tightened and reminded me of what i should be paying attention to.

With each thrust of You in my cunt, my face pushed forward on her cunt, so she could feel the rhythm of Your fucking me. As Your thrusts increased in speed and intensity i increased the intensity of my own licking and sucking. i felt the gush of fluid from her cunt as she came, her moans pushing You onto Your own orgasm, just seconds behind.

Afterwards, we fell into a tumble of bodies, with both of You patting and stroking me and telling what a good girl i was, to have served both of You so well.


  1. i love how servie can be to serve others. especially when it’s done so well

  2. This is hot!

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