June 26, 2010



My Master had given me permission to masturbate, but told me i needed to “make it good” for when i reported it to him the next day. Here’s what i wrote him…


As a warm up, i pulled out my vibrator and just rested it on my clit as i played with my nipples, fantasizing about You pissing all over me. That got my juices flowing, so i turned it on and fantasized about the office slut scene i’d written You the other night, about Lyn being fucked with the mini-baseball-bat in the private box, and then i started thinking about being fucked with a real baseball bat, and those thoughts about being filled up led me to think about fisting. And to fantasize about us going to a kink con
and You recruiting some small-handed woman to fist me there, and then once i was loosened up, doing it Yourself.

That was good enough to bring me to the edge of an orgasm, so i turned off the vibrator and let myself cool down as i kept playing with my nipples.

When i turned the vibe on again, it was to thoughts of on my favorite threesome fantasies. You fucking me while a sexy woman rides my face, the two of You kissing and absorbed in each other up above while i am just the holes you are using to get off. Again i brought myself to the edge and stopped.

The third time i was fantasizing about You putting me on display somewhere and making me do what i was doing. Bringing myself to the edge of an orgasm over and over again, and then stopping. Until i was so aroused, so horny, that when You told me i could only have an orgasm if i was willing to let any stranger in the room fuck me, i begged anyone who wanted to stick their cock in my cunt. So shamelessly slutty and desperate.

And that was when i finally begged You for permission before coming long and hard.



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  1. looks hot, your high heels , playing with your vibe…

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