January 9, 2008

It’s Friday morning. My Master has been in town for a couple of hours, and He’s fucking me. Generous Master that He is, i’ve already had one (sort of) orgasm and i’m working on another as He fucks me, but i have to pee. i tell Him that, but He doesn’t stop. Eventually He comes – i think in my mouth – and then turns His attentions to me, sliding my glass wand into my cunt and making me come that way. All the while, i have to pee. After i come, i really really have to pee.

He takes me into the bathroom, and i know it’s time.

“Get into the bathtub,” He says. i start to get undressed – i’m still fully clothed, in the tiny skirt, g-string panties, button down top, sheer lace bra, and black stiletto pumps with chain He was fucking me in – but He stops me, and orders me to lie down in the tub like i wrote to Him about last week.

The tub in the hotel is the wrong size and shape for the position i had taken last week, and i beg for and receive permission to kneel on my hands and knees instead.

“Now you can piss, my piss slut.”

i’m incredibly nervous about what’s going to happen next, and humiliated by my position, but i really, really, really have to pee. So i do, right through my sheer panties. My piss hits the bottom of the tub and splatters back up on my legs and skirt. i reach down to try to pull the skirt out of the way, and He stops me, telling me not to worry about it. My face is at the drain, so my piss runs past me down the drain, and He pushes my face down into it as it passes.

i finish pissing, my feeling of relief overriding my fear momentarily.

“Up. On your knees. You know what’s coming now, don’t you?”

i nod, because He’s in front of me, with His cock in His hand. It’s difficult for Him, this pissing on me, i think because my submitting in this way is so arousing for Him. But it comes, and His piss falls on my chest and open shirt, onto my face. i’m cringing and struggling, but He pulls my face towards Him, orders me to open my mouth. i close my lips around the head of His cock and my mouth fills with His piss. i want to swallow it, drink it all without spilling a drop, like the good little piss slut He wants me to be. But i can’t. i swallow some, but just hold the rest in my mouth and dribble it out when pulls His cock from my mouth.

He shoves me down so that i am lying on my stomach in the bathtub, high-heeled feet up in the air. Cold piss soaks through my clothes. “You know what to do,” He says. i put my mouth to the tub and begin to lap up the piss that’s still running into the drain, His and mine combined. But i’m not doing it well enough for His tastes, and He shoves my face down into it again. “Drink.” i suck up mouthfuls of piss from the tub, shuddering and shaking, and He is satisfied.

“Take your clothes off.”

i undress, and my piss-covered clothes and (remarkably piss-free) shoes are tossed into the corner for the moment. i’m sitting in the bottom of the bath tub, naked, covered in cold piss, shaking with fear and humiliation and submission, and He begins to run the water.

And i am terrified – completely terrified – that He is going to punish me for my disobedience, for my unauthorized orgasms, by running the cold shower on me right there. i know i have been a very bad girl and deserve to be punished, so i don’t even try to beg Him not to do it. i just sit there, body tensing in fear, trying to prepare myself to be punished, all the while convinced that i am going to completely break when it happens.

But then He climbs into the tub with me, and turns the hot shower on both of us, and holds me in His arms as i take deep shuddering breaths. i confess my fear to Him, confess to Him that i thought He was going to punish me, and He holds me even tighter, turns my face to Him, kisses my mouth that’s still filled with His taste. “How could i punish you,” He says, “when You were such a very very good girl for me just now?”

My breath comes easier now, and i’m crying from relief and emotion and the sheer intensity of it, muttering “i thought You were going to punish me” until His gentle touches finally calmed my mind and my pounding heart.

We stayed there in the tub for a long long time (hooray for hotels and unlimited hot water), until our fingers and toes were all pruny and we were ready to face the world again, a Master and His piss slut, who were both now very hungry for lunch.


  1. i hate it when i am not allowed to pee lol and i hate being cold showered.

    Your writing had developed so much while i have been away, i cant wait to catch up but i can only read one post a day so dont post too quick *smiles*

  2. What a wonderful post. He has told me that he intends to train me for this soon and the idea makes me very nervous. Glad to see that you made it through okay!


  3. Katie – Thanks! i expect there will be a flurry of posts right now, but then they’ll peter out and you’ll have a chance to catch up.

    Kitten – It was easier this time than my first time – don’t know if you’ve seen that post or not, but that’s the first time He made me His piss slut.

  4. this is hard..Richard has peed on me..he has made me pee in front of him. i know one day it will be on my face, in my mouth. i hope i am as brave as you were.

  5. What a fantastic post. He must have been so pleased with you. i am sure it felt wonderful to know that.

    He has not asked this of me, but it is very submissive so i would be surprised! 🙂

    Thank you for your posts & for sharing your life with us. -His girl

  6. PixiePie – thank you! i’m sure you’ll be equally brave – you’ve taken things for Richard that i have a hard time imagining myself doing.

    hisgirl – Him holding me in the bathtub and telling me what a good girl i was is one of my fondest memories from the weekend. It warms my heart just to think about.

    This whole piss thing is a real brain-fuck for me, because He’s done such a good job of planting this fetish into my sexuality. i find the reality really difficult, but the next time i masturbate, it’s piss images that make me come, even though i know being a real-life piss slut is totally different than it is in my fantasies.

  7. wow…. an interesting post to read. i have only ever experienced being peed on once before, in the shower, it was a weird feeling and am not sure if i liked it or not. Maybe it might happen again and i might be able to make up my mind! 🙂

  8. Wow. Just wow. I’m currently exploring the BDSM world myself, and this is such a great site! I know that BDSM is not something that would be a lifestyle for me, but it is hugely arousing in some manners for me.

    Thank you. That really was just a perfect example for me to explore some of my own wants, and some that I do not have as well.

  9. Rae suggested I come and read. I was talking about posting something on my own blog along these lines and was feeling kind of nervous. I’d always had a fasination with this but I was lucky to have a boyfriend that indulged and cultivated it. I’m glad you wrote and posted about this! I’m going to cheat and click through on the link above and read about your first time.

  10. Thanks Rae and Naughty Girl for the great comments! Welcome to my blog – it’s great having you here. i love all my readers, but i love the ones who comment best of all!

    trinity-pup – i still haven’t made up my mind! i love it and i hate it, all at once. But it is for sure profoundly submissive and never simple.

  11. […] owned. i thought drinking Your piss at La Domaine. i thought about You pissing on me in the various bathtubs of our acquaintance. i thought about wanting to pee my panties for You again, and suck out the pee, […]

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