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If you want one tonight…

February 25, 2010


Last night, i got an email from my Master.

“If you want one tonight, petition me for an orgasm. Do it properly.”

i have been quite horny lately, so i really did want an orgasm. i thought about my words for a while and wrote Him two sentences. “Please Sir, may Your slavegirl please give You a dirty dirty orgasm tonight? With clothespins on her breasts and a big purple dildo in her cunt like the slutty little girl she is and wants to be?” i pondered whether i needed to add more, but decided that straightforward and to the point would do.

When my Master got back online, it was with this message “I was all set to refuse you, yet you managed to convince me. I’m impressed.” Of course i was really thrilled that i had managed to please him so much with my words. And pretty happy that i was going to get to have a nice orgasm before bed!

After receiving my Master’s permission, bedtime became even more enticing, so i headed up early, got ready for sleep, and climbed in under my warm covers. i got out the Hitachi, dildo, lube, and the clothespins.

i was really aroused already, but decided a little warm up wouldn’t hurt. i buzzed the vibe against my clit and rubbed my super-hard, super-erect nipples until i knew that if i kept going i’d come. Then i turned the vibe off, lubed up the dildo, and slid it into my cunt. Sometimes i have to work a bit to get it in, but not this time – between my arousal and the lube it slid straight in, til it was nestled deep inside of me.

i rested the head of vibe against my clit again, but didn’t turn it on. Just let the weight of it keep my clit at attention as i rubbed my nipples some more and began clipping clothespins onto my breasts. 4 on each, spaced as evenly as i could around each nipple. When everything was in place i turned the vibe on. As i thrust my hips to move the dildo inside of me i tugged and pushed at the clothespins, interspersing playing with my nipples. i was fantasizing about a recent first date my Master had let me have, and wondering if this new guy’s cock would be long and lean like the rest of his body, and if our bodies would fit together as well fucking as they do dancing.

By this point i was flying high, riding the edge of orgasm, trying to keep the sensations going as long as i could. i shifted my thoughts to my Master, imagining Him putting the clothespins on (and taking them off) and His cock in my cunt. When i finally felt myself falling over the edge into orgasm i grabbed the clothespins on my breasts and pulled them off, while simultaneously begging my Master for permission to come (feeling a bit bad because i already was, but it had taken me a bit by surprise).

After, my cunt was so sensitive i was squirming to get away from the vibe still on my clit. i turned it off, slid the dildo out, unclipped stray clothespins that i’d missed earlier, and breathed a deep sigh of deep satisfaction. Then i pulled myself up on my knees to kneel for my Master, giving thanks for the gift He’d given me (and let me give Him) and thinking about how i would write it up for him (and my blog, as instructed) the next day. Then i kissed His bracelet and curled up to sleep.


Ode to my Master’s Cock

February 21, 2010


i love the way Your cock feels in mouth, especially right before You’re going to come. The skin has this particular feeling to it, and Your precum changes taste and viscosity. It really turns me on. Especially if You then don’t come in my mouth because You want to fuck me instead. That’s a little frustrating because i can tell You’re so close, but it’s hot too, that You’re taking control of how You choose to use me for Your orgasm.


ILLP #16

February 18, 2010



ILLP #15

February 17, 2010



ILLP #14

February 16, 2010



Midnight Visitor

February 16, 2010


i wake up with a start in the middle of the night. i can sense that something’s not quite right, and as i open my eyes and scan the darkened room, i see a shadowy figure move. i start to yell out, but i only get half a shout out before Your hand is clamped over my mouth. “Quiet,” You whisper in my ear, “It’s just me.” Confusion melds with happiness as my heart jumps at the sound of Your voice while my brain is befuddled as to how You got here. You take Your hand from my mouth and my questions start to tumble out. But before i can get more than a “What are You…” out, Your lips have pressed firmly onto mine and the “doing here” is left unsaid. As You kiss me, I can feel You using one hand to struggle out of Your clothes. Soon Your cool naked body is pressed against mine, so hot from my many layers of blankets, and i stop wondering how You get into my bedroom and why You are here, and am just happy that You are.


ILLP #13

February 15, 2010