Midnight Visitor

February 16, 2010


i wake up with a start in the middle of the night. i can sense that something’s not quite right, and as i open my eyes and scan the darkened room, i see a shadowy figure move. i start to yell out, but i only get half a shout out before Your hand is clamped over my mouth. “Quiet,” You whisper in my ear, “It’s just me.” Confusion melds with happiness as my heart jumps at the sound of Your voice while my brain is befuddled as to how You got here. You take Your hand from my mouth and my questions start to tumble out. But before i can get more than a “What are You…” out, Your lips have pressed firmly onto mine and the “doing here” is left unsaid. As You kiss me, I can feel You using one hand to struggle out of Your clothes. Soon Your cool naked body is pressed against mine, so hot from my many layers of blankets, and i stop wondering how You get into my bedroom and why You are here, and am just happy that You are.

One comment

  1. What a lovely surprise xxx.

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