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Trying out the new vibrator

August 26, 2010


When i saw my Master last week He bought me a new Hitachi Magic Wand to replace my aging model which just isn’t quite doing it for me anymore. Later that night, after He’d fucked me and gotten me all worked up, i was looking forward to trying it out. But of course my Master never gives me quite what i think i want – He’s always got his own spin, to meet his own desires. In this case, He had me lay face down on top of the vibrator – not a position i usually use – so that He could spank me as i wiggled and moaned. My ass got pinker and hotter, and my arousal competed with the discomfort of the spanking, as my Master pressed on, steadily picking up the intensity of His hand. i dared to complain a little about the position, and He told me that if i wanted to have an orgasm, i’d just have to figure it out. And eventually i did, begging Him for permission to come as He finished up my spanking.


Bathroom Blowjobs

August 17, 2010


Last night when i was masturbating for You (but not coming), i fantasized about meeting You in the airport (tomorrow!), and us stopping in a family restroom along the way so i could give You a blowjob right then and there. Then, because i’m slutty and like to fantasize about objectification, i imagined that You’d arranged for another man to follow us into the bathroom, and i had to give him a blowjob when i was done with You. i imagined that You’d undone my shirt while i was sucking You, so You could look at my bra, and that this second man shot his come all over my chest and bra. You wouldn’t let me wipe it off, i just had to do up my shirt over the sticky mess, and then follow You out of the airport to our taxi and hotel.


Still more sexy spikes

August 14, 2010





In black and white

August 12, 2010







August 8, 2010


Best Mary Janes Ever

August 6, 2010


Sexy Spikes

August 4, 2010