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November 22, 2010

i’m completely smitten with these BCBG studded platforms.



November 13, 2010

This series of super close-ups feels so artsy to me.

Except for that last one. That one feels more pornographic than artsy. What do you think?


More Shoe Photos from KK

November 10, 2010


Red Leather Jacket

November 9, 2010


“Please Touch”

November 8, 2010

My back pain had put a crimp in our plans for the weekend. We tried to work around it as much as possible, but some things – like impact play, and even vigorous sex – were just not going to be okay. Since one of the things we like about going to these event is having good furniture to scene on, this was a bit of a disappointment. And then there was the matter of my period to complicate everything.

Well, luck shone on us, because by the time we were done the photo shoot on Saturday, my period was pretty much gone. We talked about it and decided that we could try one of our exposure scenes – there was a nice flat padded bed-like-thing right across from the entryway into the dungeon that would be an absolutely perfect spot to park a half-naked girl to be seen and played with.

My Master dressed me up in a cute little schoolgirl outfit (you can see it in my “fashion show” post), and we headed down to the dungeon. Only to find that the piece of furniture we had in mind was occupied, and the couple on it showed no sign of vacating it any time soon. We waited for a while, then started scoping around for other options. We ended up settling for a small raised platform, almost like a little stage. It had a piece of equipment on it, but we were just able to move it to one side. My Master put down a couple of blankets to make it a little softer, put out a box of latex gloves next to me, and then it was time to start.

When we’ve tried this kind of scene before, it’s been difficult to get anyone to engage. There’s a very clear etiquette that you don’t interfere with other people’s scenes at events, but in this instance interference was the goal. Fortunately, my Master had come prepared with signs. (Although he wouldn’t let me see what was on them until after.)

i laid on my back on the platform, blindfolded, legs spread wide, hands at my side. i could feel my Master’s hands on me, and soon after that, more hands. Something tickling my face – i thought it was a feather, but my Master told me later it was actually someone’s hair. The touches were mostly gentle, with occasional pinching and hair pulling and the like. (My Master told me later that he’d steered people away from impact/pain activities because of my back – He takes such good care of me!) People started pretty tame, with my face and my breasts, but then some ambitious souls started exploring my cunt.

i couldn’t keep track of the hands, or really make any kind of guess as to how many people were touching me. i just let myself be carried away on the wave of sensation. At one point my back was bothering me, so i called out “Sir” and my Master was right there to take care of me – i asked for a couple of rolled up towels to put under my knees, and that made everything better. Later, my panties were pulled down mid-thigh, and as things started getting more intense – fingers on my clit, the glass wand inserted in my cunt, it was driving me crazy not to be able to spread my legs. i begged “Would someone PLEASE take off my panties!” and one of the participants obliged.

Things got pretty crazy after that. So many hands, so much sensation, i was getting more and more aroused and closer and closer to coming, then… pfft. Overstimulated. i’m sure some people thought i’d come, because i’d been making so much noise and then pretty much stopped, but my Master knew what had happened and quickly ramped things down. Soon there was just one hand on me, and i reached up to touch it, recognizing my Master and feeling so close to Him. He stroked me and petted me, then took off my blindfold and gathered me in His arms.

We debriefed the scene. He said the most people touching me at any one time was around 8, and the total was somewhere around 20. The participants were much more likely to be women than men. Then there was the much larger crowd of spectators. i could see the signs then, which simply said “please touch.” 🙂 i told my Master about how i’d been so close to coming, but had gotten overstimulated and it hadn’t been quite the right sensation. “If it had been the purple dildo,” i said, “then i would have come for sure.” My Master said that we did have the purple dildo in my bag, and asked if i wanted to try again. Little attention slut that i am, i wasn’t going to turn down that chance, so i took a little break to go to the bathroom and get a drink. In the hallway i met Jade and W and Ad, who’d just arrived to the dungeon, and told them what was going on.

Then it was time to start up again. This time was much more goal oriented. There was a little bit of playing, but my Master pretty quickly inserted the purple dildo into me. When a second person joined him i was nearly certain it was Jade. i didn’t much care, because whoever she was, she was rubbing my clit in a lovely way while my Master pumped the dildo in and out of my cunt, and before long i was giving the crowd my best long screaming orgasm. Man, i needed that. When the blindfold came off i saw that it was indeed Jade, and thanked her for her able assistance! 🙂 We stayed in the dungeon or a little while, but i was pretty spent and needed to just melt into my Master for a while, so we went back upstairs shortly after that.

It was really interesting being around the event the next day, not knowing who had been touching me, or who had been watching. A few people did come up and compliment us on a really hot scene, and that was cool.

This kind of scene has been a fantasy of ours for a while, so it was fun to play it out. In my fantasies it often requires more active submission on my part, as my tormentors are more cruel, and there’s more pain or humiliation or violation involved. i almost felt guilty during parts of this because i was enjoying myself so much! But my Master assured me that He was very happy with my performance, and felt very connected to me throughout. One of the main outcomes He looks for out of scenes with me is that complete single-minded attention to the moment, and this scene gave Him that because of His need to focus on how i was being handled and to keep me safe.

It was a lovely experience for both of us, and i hope for everyone else who participated by playing or watching! Thank you for helping make our fantasies reality!