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February 4, 2010


My Master and i had a really really relaxing visit last weekend. We basically checked into a hotel Friday morning and didn’t leave it until it was time to take him to the airport on Sunday.  We’re both recovery from some physical stuff and lots of busy life on top of it, so a weekend with nothing to do but sleep, eat, soak in the hot tub, and have sex seemed just the ticket.

It also gave us lots of time to chat, and one of the things we chatted about was this post by discerningdom. We’d both found it very hot, and the image captivating – a sub, under the desk, holding her Master’s cock ever so gently in her mouth, comforting it as he works, but not stimulating it so much as to get him hard. “But it couldn’t be real,” we agreed, “not for an hour like that…”


Friday night we had a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant, then returned to our room.  i don’t remember the exact details, but i soon found my mouth gently holding my Master’s cock. Gently didn’t last long, however, as He soon got hard and fucked me until He came.

After that, though, when i put my mouth to His cock, and held it there gently, not sucking, just holding, as He relaxed on the bed and read his book… well, then He didn’t get hard again. And i found the feel of His soft smoothness in my mouth, the taste of His cock, to be captivating and relaxing, and i was happy to just hold Him there like that. So happy, in fact, that with the help of the wine i’d had with dinner, i actually drifted off for a little while, comforted and mesmerized by the feeling of His cock in my mouth.

Comforted, and turned on. When i woke up from my little nap, i found the realization of my service, and the objectification of it all, to be increasingly erotic.  He wasn’t touching me, except to occasionally stroke my hair, but soon i found myself pressing my thighs together, moaning a little, getting more and more aroused.

He laughed and teased me for it, all the while keeping His cock there in my mouth, still soft, for quite a while. i don’t know how long – but including my nap, it had to be nearly that mythical hour. But eventually i felt Him grow and harden in my mouth, and He started encouraging me to suck Him instead of just hold Him, and then He was ready to fuck me again. And when He pulled His cock from my mouth, i felt empty. i’d reached this kind of zen state, where i was all mouth, and i felt incomplete. So as He penetrated my cunt – my lower mouth – i reached out to the nightstand and grabbed my dildo, shoving that into my mouth and filling the place He’d left, hardness now in both mouths, in both cunts.

He used my cunt and came, then pulled my mouth down on His cock to clean Him off. And i held Him some more, feeling complete, feeling owned, feeling like i was in my place, until He decided that it was time for lights out and we should get to bed.

Thank You, Master for a wonderful and fascinating experience, and thank you, Discerning Dom, for inspiring it!


Assuming the Position

August 5, 2009


When we are together, my cunt belongs to my Master. Well, scratch that – my cunt belongs to my Master all the time.  But i’m most aware of it when we are together.

We’ll be kissing, or i’ll be sucking His cock, or He’ll be taking pictures of me, and He’ll tell me to get over to the side of the bed and spread my legs, He needs to fuck me now.  Sometimes i’ll have had a little warm up, like He’ll have been rubbing my clit or something, but most of the time, i’ve been the one pleasuring Him, and i’m just expected to be ready for Him. To assume the position.

i find this really objectifying, and really hot. Not so hot that i can say “and by the time i spread my legs my cunt was dripping wet,” though. My body just doesn’t work like that. If the goal was my pleasure, then some foreplay would definitely be in order. But that’s not the goal.

If i’m lucky, i’ll have the opportunity to use my hand to spread some saliva on my opening and His cock. But that first entry often hurts at least a little bit, and my Master likes knowing that i’m taking that for Him. My little grimaces make Him harder and hotter. By the time a few strokes have passed, i’ve caught up, His pre-cum and my lubrication making things slipperier and faster, and my grimaces turn to moans of pleasure. Fortunately, my Master likes those too.

Being used in this way really reinforces my feelings of submission and my understanding of my role.  And in what’s got to be an excellent case study of rationalization, i’m managing to extend that thinking to my difficulty orgasming too. While it would be nice to orgasm at the drop of the hat, the fact that i do not come from regular sex means that it’s not about my release. My pleasure, certainly – don’t get me wrong, fucking my Master gets me hot as hell and i adore it. But fucking is not a means to the end for me, so sex is really at His whim and for His purposes, not my own.


Sealing the Deal

January 14, 2009


The company I work for isn’t a sleazy as you’d think a place that employed an office slut would be.  They’re really a very professional firm, and are well known and respected in the field because of the quality of their work and the excellent service they give.  My work is almost entirely internal – keeping the boys happy and on their toes, and amusing the CEO, for the most part. But there are a few customers who get a little “extra” in the way of excellent service.

I look forward to the times that i’m called in to help “seal a deal.” The sweet humiliation of being the naked slut serving a room of men in suits was a big part of why I took this job, after all. Nothing gets me as wet, or as eager to please.

So I was thrilled when, kneeling in his office awaiting my day’s instruction, the boss informed me that there would be an important client meeting today. One where I was to be on my best behavior, and demonstrate fully to the client what kind of service they could expect from our firm.

My mind was full of fantasies about erect cocks slipping out of Armani suits as I got the conference room ready.  Peterson walked past as I stood at the copier readying copies of our service quotes for the meeting, only to stop and quickly come back to investigate the smell of sex and desire coming from my cunt. “Excited about the meeting today, Lyn?” he asked, smirking as he ran his hand between my legs and smeared dripping cunt juice across my eager and erect nipples.

When meeting time came around, I knelt in my usual place, just to one side of the door where guests entered the conference room. Legs spread, breasts thrust out, eyes on the floor – waiting patiently to see how and if I’d be used. Sometimes I wasn’t. Sometimes just the presence of the office slut was enough. Sometimes they’d just ask me to serve coffee, the lackeys and underlings ogling my nakedness, erect cocks straining against tight slacks as I bent over them to refill a cup. Sometimes there’d be more.

I kept my eyes trained to the floor as they filed in.  Listened as the boss talked to someone – their CEO, I guessed from the tone of his voice – about the company, about who’d be attending the meeting today. He stopped directly in front of me.

“And this is Lyn.”

A hand reached down and grabbed my chin firmly, pulling it up to get a look at my face. A hand with long, red-lacquered nails. A hand attached to a body wearing a pair of red-bottomed Louboutin pumps and an Yves St Laurent suit. A body attached the face of the most gorgeous woman I could remembering laying eyes on.

Suddenly this meeting got even more interesting.

“Ah yes, I’ve heard about Lyn,” she said, and pulled me to standing, still holding on to my chin. She looked at me, and my eyes dropped to the floor, my usual smart-ass nature replaced with meek compliance as I saw in her eyes that she was not someone to be trifled with.  Her hands cupped and lifted each breast in turn, and spread my ass cheeks and inspected me there. Then one finger slid between my legs, gathering my cunt juices, making me shudder as she ran a fingernail across my clit. “I think she’ll do,” she said, as she sniffed my cunt juices on her finger, then slid the same finger into my mouth for me to clean off.

As the meeting began, I found myself in service as her footstool. I worked hard to maintain my position as the pressure from her legs weighed down on my back. Stifled my outburst when she bent her leg and rested the pointy heel of her stiletto against my ass. The meeting went on around me, and I scarcely paid attention, too busy wondering where this was going to end up, too busy imagining what she might do to me next.

The next thing I knew, everyone was standing up. Hands were shaken, backs were clapped, and exclamations of the beginnings of a “wonderful partnership” were made. Clearly, we had sealed the deal.

Or perhaps not yet.

“There’s just one thing. I do need to make sure of the slut. I think she’ll be perfect for some projects I have in mind, and her reputation does precede her, but I would like to be sure.”

“By all means,” the boss said. “Do as you like with her. I’ll have Peterson wait outside – he can bring you by my office to finalize things before you leave. I have no doubt that you’ll find Lyn to your liking. We certainly do.”

As the boss and our team filed out, I realized that there were others in the room. I’d been so enraptured by this woman, that I hadn’t even noticed the rest of her entourage. Four men in suits – just what I’d been hoping for – but completely overshadowed by her.

“I hear you like gangbangs, Lyn. Is that true?”

I nodded, not sure if I should speak, not sure how to address her.

“Good. Because my boys do too.”

The first of them put me up on the conference table, spread my legs, and dropping his pants just enough to get his cock out, shoved himself into my cunt.

“Eyes on me, Lyn,” she said, as he fucked me. I struggled to keep my eyes on her as she stared into mine, as one by one the men fucked me, came in me, and pulled out for the next. Apparently she only employs particularly virile men, as by the time the fourth was done, the first was ready to go again. I watched her all the while, my body responding to the men fucking it, but my mind firmly focused on pleasing only her.

After the second round, she dismissed the men. Now it was just the two of us in the conference room.

“On the floor, slut,” she commanded, and I pulled myself off the table to kneel at her feet, embarassed by the trail of come dripping out of my cunt.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, poking the pointy toe of her shoe into my raw and abused cunt, and beginning to fuck me with it.

“Pleased to be of service, ma’am,” i responded, as my body responded to the rhythm of her foot, my stretched-out, come-filled, and used cunt accommodating more of her shoe than i would have thought possible.

“How many times did you come, Lyn, when they were fucking you?”

“None, ma’am,” I gasped, my breath coming faster now.

“Good girl. I was hoping you were waiting for me. Can you come for me now, Lyn? Can you show me that you are an obedient slut?”

My breath came faster, my cunt began to clench, my eyes rolled back in my head a little.

Crack! Her hand slapped my cheek hard. “Come for me now, slut!” she commanded, and I exploded all over her shoe in my cunt, gushing onto the floor beneath us.

“Good girl,” she said, removing her shoe from my cunt. “Now, clean up this mess you made.”

I carefully licked her shoe, cleaning off the mixture of my cunt juices and the men’s come from every inch of her shoe, making sure I got it right the first time, afraid of what she’d do if I missed a spot. Only pulling back when I was sure I’d gotten it all.

Apparently I’d done a good enough job, because she got up and walked out without another word to me. But I could hear her in the hallway as Peterson walked her out to the boss’ office.

“Oh yes, she’ll do,” she said. “She’ll do just fine.”



November 7, 2008


While it’s true that my feet get to have most of the fun, what with the endless parade of fabulous shoes that adorn them, they are not the only feet in this relationship that get some attention paid to them. Somewhere along the line of our D/s travels, i discovered that my Master has very sensitive feet. Not sensitive in the ticklish way, but He loves to have me scratch or stroke them gently after He comes. And He loves it when i rub the spaces in between His toes. i swear His eyes roll back into His head when i do that.

i think one of the reasons He likes it so much is because He’s often got some dry calloused skin in there. So for months now i’ve been talking about giving Him a pedicure, and last weekend all the pieces fell into place, with (most of) the necessary equipment and the time to devote to pampering Him.

Geek that i am, i spent some time searching the net for instructions on giving a pedicure. Even though i get them regularly as part of my grooming for Him, i hadn’t paid close enough attention to the sequence of events. But i found a good set, and we got started. The one piece of equipment we didn’t have was a pedicure tub, so we took a nice long hot bath together, and then i got out and started working on His feet. After i’d filed off all the flaky skin and He rinsed off, we moved into the bedroom, where He laid on the bed, oh-so-fetchingly attired in only a towel. Fortunately i was focused enough to not be too distracted by what was underneath!

i spent quite a while massaging His feet with lotion, something that He loves. Then i wrapped them up in towels to let them get really moisturized while i filed and trimmed and buffed His nails. Then, back to the bathroom where i did one last round of exfoliating with a peppermint pumice foot scrub.

All in all, it took about an hour of working on His feet. They weren’t perfect, but much smoother and softer, but He was happy and i was pleased that i had been able to do something so nice for Him. It was also oddly meditative, as i was completely focused on that one task for the entire time, not doing my usual scatterbrained zig-zagging here and there. That focus is one of the things that i seek and crave from my submission, so it was nice to have this new way to achieve it. i expect that pedicures will become a regular addition to our time together.


(Today’s shoes: Satisfaction from CARLOS by Carlos Santana)