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Red and Black

August 27, 2008

red and black

Of the more than 200 pictures my Master took of me this past weekend, this is the one that called to me to be posted first. It’s filled with things the remind me of the continuing evolution of our relationship. The shoes have been with us from the beginning – there are dozens of other shoes now, but those are the classic, the standard, the ideal by which the others are judged. The nails are new: my long search for the perfect red has ended with OPI’s “Vodka & Caviar,” and the beautiful acrylic nails the color is painted on mark my body and mind’s continuing transformation in service to my Master. And then there’s the rope binding me tight, just as our love binds us ever tighter with each passing day.

A perfect picture for a perfect weekend, where i gave myself fully and through doing so, got everything i needed.


A proper thank you

August 20, 2008

As i masturbated, i imagined that we had invited a certain red-headed mistress of our acquaintance to come for a weekend visit. She tied me up thoroughly and beautifully, and You and she took turns teasing, tormenting, spanking, flogging, and evil-sticking me. She made me her shoe slut, rubbing the toe of her shoe against my clit and into my cunt.

When finally You and she were finished with me and i was released from my bondage, i was ordered to my knees to first clean my Mistress’ shoes, and then to thank her properly for her attention. i carefully licked every trace of my cunt juices from her shoes and kissed them all over. She inspected them, approved my work, and then gave me permission to thank her. i began kissing up the insides of her legs and her thighs. Her hands were in my hair, guiding me, pushing me back down if i moved for the prize too quickly. Eventually, though, she spread her legs wide, hands directing me in to lick and suck her bare pussy.

i tasted her salty sweet musky fluid on my tongue, lapping it up like a kitten, noticing how it’s texture and flavor changed as her body responded to my attentions. i felt her hands in my hair, guiding me to the spots she liked best, gripping my hair hard when i was doing a particularly good job. My own cunt grew wet in response to her reactions, so when You came behind me, spread my legs and shoved Your cock into my pussy, it slid right in with no resistance. i moaned in pleasure, and faltered a bit in my giving thanks, but her hands in my hair tightened and reminded me of what i should be paying attention to.

With each thrust of You in my cunt, my face pushed forward on her cunt, so she could feel the rhythm of Your fucking me. As Your thrusts increased in speed and intensity i increased the intensity of my own licking and sucking. i felt the gush of fluid from her cunt as she came, her moans pushing You onto Your own orgasm, just seconds behind.

Afterwards, we fell into a tumble of bodies, with both of You patting and stroking me and telling what a good girl i was, to have served both of You so well.



August 14, 2008

legs bound
Whenever my Master tells me to put on my cuffs, or pulls out the rope, i start to get wet right away. It usually means He’s going to tie me down and do horrible/wonderful things to me. It’s such a pleasure for me to be at His mercy, and not just because i am little bit of a masochist and need that torment. It’s just that it is always such a joy to be given the opportunity to please Him.

The ropes go on, the cuffs get clipped, and i sink deeper and deeper into my submission. Opening myself up to the moment, accepting that what will happen will be out of my control, and enjoying that moment of letting go completely and giving myself over to Him.

bound hands


A brief interlude

August 12, 2008

i’ve been too busy to write, but fortunately, i still have tons of pictures from the last visit to keep you all entertained…

After the panties come off.
crotch shot with lingerie

Wet, ready and waiting.
schoolgirl crotch shot


August 6, 2008

When Catalina invited me to participate in her newest blog project, i was really honored. You can find it at, and it’s chock full of amazing sex bloggers and erotic photographers. i’ll be crossposting some of my favorite posts from Long-Distance Sub over there, and posting some original content too. So keep your eyes open for the return of Fetish Fridays in an all new space. In the meantime, you should go over and check out the awesomeness. i’m really thrilled to be sharing a page with so many great contributers to the sexblogosphere. It’s like a new Sugasm every day, but better.


Memories of a Slut

August 5, 2008

i knelt beside the bed thinking all sorts of sexual thoughts. i thought a lot about that shoe scene at the club, and how hot that was. How i’d like to do something like that for You.

When i got to thinking about being Your piss slut, my thoughts turned to an old fantasy we’d talked about, about pissing in my clothes out in a park. Being out for a walk at night, You making me stop in a pool of lamplight and ordering me to piss for You, then making me walk back to the hotel that way.

i thought about a lot of other things too – i thought about You watching me put my butt plug in, like You said You wanted to. i thought about You using my ass. i really can’t remember all the things i thought about, but by the time i kissed Your bracelet and got into bed i was feeling really aroused.

i started thinking about the times that i’ve pushed myself really hard for You. i was thinking about those three days in December when i had those accidental orgasms and the sexual frenzy You kept me in afterwards. i started rubbing my nipples as i thought about pissing my panties at work, then later that day at home. Then begging You to let me stuff those panties up my cunt and wear them around the house like that. Later, pulling out those sopping wet panties and using them to gag myself as i masturbated with my big purple dildo in my ass. All these thoughts made my cunt really wet, and i ended up masturbating myself to the edge of orgasm thinking about all those delicious thoughts. i know that wasn’t in Your instructions, but i couldn’t help myself – between wearing the smart balls earlier in the day and all that fantasizing, i was just so aroused.

And now this morning i have that lingering arousal from being so on edge, and i like that – it always makes me feel submissive and in service to You. Especially after writing all that to You, it’s all i can do not to run off to the bathroom so i can touch myself again.


A Little Shoe Fucking

August 4, 2008


When we finished our second scene at the club, we wandered around a bit, checking out the rest of the action. We’d started playing early, when things were still pretty quiet, and by the time we were done there were a lot of scenes going on.

But one scene in particular really caught our attention. If you could design the perfect scene for us to walk into, this would be it. A tightly bound sub was being worked on by two tops, one male, one female. She was in the process of being taken down from a rope suspension, and while the male top was taking rope off, the female top was keeping everyone entertained and busy. And that’s where it gets interesting.

When we walked in, the female top was lying on her back on the floor, with her high heeled shoe up in the sub’s face, demanding that she clean it thoroughly with her tongue. If she slowed her pace, or didn’t appear to be doing it enthusiastically enough, the male top behind her would slap her ass, or otherwise “encourage” her.

When she finally got it clean enough, the shoe’s wearer said “Oh good, now I can get it dirty again” and proceeded to fuck the partially suspended sub’s cunt with her shoe, bringing her (amidst much protest) to a writhing thrashing orgasm all over the shoe. And then, of course, she was commanded to clean it off again. By the time she finished that, the bondage was completely removed and she collapsed into a heap on the floor.

OMFG. If you click on the shoe slut tag for my blog, you’ll know that fantasies like this make a frequent appearance in our fantasy life. We talk a LOT about engaging in “shoe play” with a femme top. We got a taste of it at La Domaine, but the scene we’d just watched the tail end of was pretty much exactly how i have fantasized about such a thing playing out. Not the bondage or the suspension, per se, but the brash, demanding and taunting demeanor of the female top, and her clear enjoyment of the treatment she was inflicting was just soooo hot!

Unsurprisingly, that scene remains vivid in both of our minds still today. Yesterday afternoon i came all over the toe of my own sex shoe, imagining myself on my knees, legs spread wide, arms bound, and my body anchored from above with rope so that i couldn’t fall down. i imagined begging my Mistress to please fuck me with her shoe, imagined her making me really beg for it, tell her why i was worthy to dirty her shoe, making me recite over and over that i was a shoe fucking slut. i imagined her bringing the pointy toe of her black patent shoes to my face, making me lick and kiss and suck the shoe, her shoving it into my mouth so far i nearly gagged. Then taking that shoe, still on her foot, wet with my saliva, and sliding it into my dripping cunt, and fucking me with it. First slow, then faster, angled so that the top of the shoe rubbed against my clit while the point of the toe drove in and out of my cunt.

In reality, driving my own shoe in and out of my cunt in just that way, i felt an orgasm coming, and begged aloud for permission from my Master and (imagined) Mistress while my fantasy self did the same. Feeling my sticky cunt juices coating the shoe with every pulse of orgasm through my cunt, and knowing all the time what service would be required of me next, when my Mistress lifted her shoe to my face once again.

So, ahem, does anyone have any shoes that need cleaning?