Red and Black

August 27, 2008

red and black

Of the more than 200 pictures my Master took of me this past weekend, this is the one that called to me to be posted first. It’s filled with things the remind me of the continuing evolution of our relationship. The shoes have been with us from the beginning – there are dozens of other shoes now, but those are the classic, the standard, the ideal by which the others are judged. The nails are new: my long search for the perfect red has ended with OPI’s “Vodka & Caviar,” and the beautiful acrylic nails the color is painted on mark my body and mind’s continuing transformation in service to my Master. And then there’s the rope binding me tight, just as our love binds us ever tighter with each passing day.

A perfect picture for a perfect weekend, where i gave myself fully and through doing so, got everything i needed.


  1. simply divine. all the talismen of your gradual conversion.

  2. That’s an amazing image, hon. And the description with it just makes it better 🙂

    xx Dee

  3. Great picture and yes, the words complete it. I love your nails and the colour on it. I bite my nails 😦 My Owner now have ordered me to let grow the nail of my left little finger. One at the time i suppose.

    Sweet greetings, moonheart

  4. Deity: i have to admit that we took several pictures with you in mind, because we knew You’d appreciate seeing my growing nails. So i’m glad You appreciated this one!

    Dee: Thanks. He’s really an excellent photographer. It’s a joy to model for Him.

    Moonheart: Learning not to bite that nail will definitely be a powerful act of submission! Habits like that are hard to break (although i have found that submission gives me inspiration to do all kinds of hard things). If you’d like to grow them out at some point, you might consider acrylics – i tried and tried to grow mine, and they frustrated me constantly by breaking off. Now i have acrylic nails and i absolutely adore them, and how they make my hands look so much more attractive for my Master!

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