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Stress Reliever

December 30, 2009


When we’re apart and my Master is stressed, He often expresses how He wishes i were there to help Him relax. i know that spanking and fucking are both good stress release for Him. In my fantasies, i’m able to get to Him wherever He is. As soon as He sees me, He pulls me across His knees and launches into spanking me. Probably fast and furious at first, to take the edge off, then steady and rhythmic, using the pace to relax. By the time He flips me over and starts spanking my cunt He’s more under control, really able to enjoy Himself and my reactions. Then, when my cunt is hot and red, He slides the head of His hard cock into my cunt, then pushes Himself in with one hard stroke. He fucks me, maybe fast, maybe slow, but definitely deliberately, never stopping or letting back until He releases His come into my cunt and collapses on top of me.

Seems like that would help relieve a lot of stress.


Being my Master’s shoe slut

December 27, 2009


After we all woke up on Sunday morning and had room service breakfast, there ensued some conversation about what outfits everyone should wear, and then we moved onto the next highly anticipated plan for our weekend. A photo shoot.

Rita sat posed on the couch, sexy as could be in a blue shirt, black pencil skirt and black stiletto pumps. My Master had his camera at the ready. “Okay,” He said, “you know what to do.”

And i squirmed on the floor and blushed bright red and made false attempts and just couldn’t do it. This amused Rita to no end… “lyn, this is a side of you i wasn’t expecting!”

Finally i got on to the floor in front of her wearing a black pencil skirt of my own, black and white shirt, and my collar. (And – strangely – no shoes for me, since they weren’t going to be in the picture and it’s really hard to kneel in pointy toe stilettos.) i finally worked up my courage and began kissing and licking her pretty shoes.

And then it was just the click of the camera and my Master’s instructions to move my hands or try another position. Because we were so focused on the photography, it wasn’t as erotic for me – i was keeping track of so many different things that it was hard to just be in the moment.


After a lot of shoe sucking and licking and kissing shots, we started experimenting with shoe fucking. We talk about this a lot, but it turns out that there’s more to the logistics of the positions than we’d anticipated. This time, even with the emphasis on photography, my cunt was not about to let itself be distracted, and i was both embarrassed and titillated to hear the sucking sound of my cunt juices as i moved my self up and down on the toe of her shoe. And when she breathed out “this is so fucking hot…” well, that just made it even better for me, and we had a lot of fun trying out a number of different shoe fucking positions.



And there were no cameras clicking when i cleaned her shoes off afterward, which made for a much more focused experience for me. Mmmmm.

i don’t recall how we transitioned from there to all three of us in a pile on the couch again, but we did. After i’d sucked my Master’s cock for a while i moved away and offered Him to Rita, and she took over while i licked and played with His nipples. Listening to Him moaning and groaning and crying out as she finished Him off was really incredibly hot to me, and i felt really grateful and happy to have been able to give Him this lovely threesome gift (His first!).


(There are a few more shoe fucking pictures on Flickr.)


Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009



Swing clubs and cowboys and farmers, oh my!

December 23, 2009


This past Saturday night my Master and i were thrilled to be entertaining a special visitor, the fun and fabulous Rita Seagrave. We first met Rita at Beat Me in St. Louis in the spring, and through a series of favorable coincidences, her visit to a location near me coincided with my Master’s visit, and a plot was hatched.

We met up Saturday evening and checked into our hotel, then went out for a nice dinner and got reacquainted. Then it was time to head off on our adventure for the evening… a visit to a swing club. This particular club alternates Saturday nights between BDSM and swing events. We would have rather gone to the BDSM night, but this was the weekend we had available, and we figured it would be a fun adventure.

Rita’s twitter from the following day summed it up the best, i think:
“Fantastic night with longdistancesub and her man. She and I wore matching red pumps! We visited a swing club populated by farmers + cowboys.”

Our matching red pumps did garner quite a few comments.[1]  And our two on one lap dance of my Master (which started with us crawling across the floor towards Him) got some attention too. Then the three of us ended up on a couch off to one side of the main space. Most of the action at this club happened in a big really-sleazy-but-in-a-good-way room with a bunch of mattresses on the floor, but my Master likes couches, so that’s where we camped out.

We hadn’t really talked beforehand about what the plans for the evening were – we were all still just feeling each other out, i think. And while my Master and i have been a bit smitten with Rita from the time we first met her, we have almost zero experience playing with other people, and we were both a bit nervous and unsure of where the limits were.

But we managed to figure something out, at least judging from my Master’s moans of “oh my god” when we were both sucking His nipples, or later, when each of us was licking one side of the head of His cock or taking turns sucking Him. And feeling Rita come as i rubbed her clit through lacy panties, and then watching her quiver through a continuous series of orgasms as i slowly fucked her with the glass wand until she begged me to stop. Then my Master fucking me as i was draped across her lap, sucking her nipples. Or my own orgasm, with her hands on my breasts while i rubbed my clit and my Master fucked me with my big purple dildo until i begged Him for permission to come and shouted my orgasm for all to hear.

My, my, that was a lot of fun.

i don’t know that i’d go back for another swing night. Rita says she’d go back for the cowboys, but the crowd wasn’t really our crowd – although it was a particularly quiet night, probably thanks to the weather, with just enough snow to make going out possible but not necessarily appealing. But the space is definitely interesting, and i hope we can make it back for a BDSM night, which i think would be even more fun.

After my Master folded me in half and fucked me until He came, we all agreed that we’d had enough, said good night to our host, and piled back into my car for the snowy trip back to our hotel rooms. We were tired and needed to rest up, because the next morning was the photo shoot my Master and Rita had been planning, and for which we’d purchased her 3 brand new pairs of shoes. Hmmm… i wonder what those could possibly be used for?

[1] Basic red stilettos, not the stunning pair of Dolce & Gabbana‘s in the picture above. Deemed too impractical, they’re going back. So sad. 😦


My Master’s Face

December 17, 2009


While not our shortest visit ever (that honor goes to a 6-hour airport hotel rendezvous from very early on in our exploration of D/s), this one was certainly one of the most extravagant, what with me flying 2000 miles to spend a mere 18 hours (8 of them spent sleeping) with my Master before flying 2000 miles home again. Made even more extravagant by the fact that it came just 3 days before our previously-scheduled visit this upcoming weekend.

But, as i wrote in my last post, it’s been a long 7.5 weeks, and we both decided that getting to see each other 3 days earlier was worth the hassle and expense.

And if i’d had any doubts about it, they were completely obliterated when i looked at my Master’s face.

Our schedules had aligned to allow for the setup He prefers, which meant that i was at the hotel before Him, unpacked and dressed to his specifications, and waiting in the corner when He arrived. He took His time, attending to this and that in the room, coming over occasionally to stroke my ass or put his hand between my legs. At long last He settled onto the couch next to where i was standing, and ordered me to turn towards Him. From His perspective, i think He was merely inspecting His property, but for me, it was my chance to finally set my eyes on Him.

i know what my Master looks like – i have His picture on the desktop at work, for instance. i can call His image to mind instantly. But when i turned to looked at Him, it was a visual feast after 7.5 weeks of famine, and it instantly made me heart sing. And even though i always feel like i should be serious in these moments, i couldn’t stop a huge smile from lighting up my face as i drank Him in with my eyes.

Eventually (and not nearly as quickly as i would have liked, but my Master likes to take these things slowly), i got to touch Him, and to taste Him, and to give Him my mouth and my hands and my cunt. But when i burst into tears as He collapsed on top of me following His orgasm, it was the love i’d felt when i looked at His face, at His eyes, that was all that i could think of and all that i could feel.


Feeling the anticipation

December 15, 2009


Written last night, counting down to our visit which starts tomorrow:

It’s 2 nights until i see You, and i’m just so excited. My heart pitter-patters every time i think about how soon it is, and how much i need and want to be with You. It’s been a long several weeks, and i’ve missed You so much.

(It’s been over 7 weeks since  i saw my Master last. We’d been very lucky over the summer to see each other a lot, so this 7 week stint has been really hard for both of us. But by this time tomorrow i will finally be with Him again. And will have been thoroughly fucked. Probably twice.)



December 14, 2009





Lots more pictures from this set on Flickr.