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September 30, 2009



Good influence

September 28, 2009


My Master has been a very good influence on me over these last few years. He’s helped me to understand myself better, so i can make better choices about my life and what i want from it. He’s influenced my dress and appearance in ways that make me happier with myself, and more professional-looking too (when he’s not making me look slutty, that is). He’s taught me a great deal about food and wine. Through our occasional travels and my vicarious experience of His, He’s made me more worldly. He’s made me more self-aware, so i observe my strengths and weaknesses, and try to work on maximizing the former and mitigating the latter. He’s helped my sexuality bloom, and taught me how to fantasize. i am a very lucky girl to have such a positive influence in my life.


Secretary Bound

September 26, 2009

That secretary was too sexy for her own good… look at the trouble she’s gotten herself into now…




More pics from this shoot on Flickr.


Sexy Secretary

September 24, 2009

See more pictures like this in my Flickr set.




We both adored these shoes. But they just didn’t fit right. If it were a matter of a different size, we would definitely have ordered them. But the back of the shoe was cut too low for the shape of my foot, and they just weren’t going to work. So very sad.



September 21, 2009



Belated Countdown

September 20, 2009

i had a visit with my Master this past week. Unfortunately, my computer crashed a couple days before i left, which meant i couldn’t repost my countdown emails here for Him. But it’s back, so now i can.


It’s 12 nights until i see You and i’m thinking about Your hands on me, taking possession of Your property.

i’m thinking about seeing You in 11 days, and how nice it will be when You fuck me.

It’s 10 nights until i see You, and i’m thinking about You dressing me up so we can go out and i’ll look good for You. And i’m thinking about You fucking me in my dinner dress before we go.

It’s 9 nights until i see You again and i’m thinking about the feel and taste of Your cock in my eager mouth.

It’s 8 nights until i see You again, and i’m looking forward to You dressing me up and taking me out to show me off.

One week from now we’ll almost certainly be fucking, or soon to be fucking. And won’t that just be the best thing?

It’s 6 nights until i see You again and i’m thinking about You giving me a spanking, and me feeling it the next day in my meeting.

it’s 5 nights until i see You again, and even though i have a lot to do between now and then, my heart beats a little bit faster when i remember that it’s so soon.

It’s 4 nights until i see You again and i’m looking forward to being snugged up so close to Your body we feel like one person.

i can’t believe it’s only 3 nights until i see You again. i’m thinking about You kissing me, and how nice that will be.

It will be so good to see You in 2 days. i’m thinking about You spanking my cunt.

i get to see You tomorrow. i’m really looking forward to not being so stressed about the visit because it will be happening.


White shoes after Labor Day?

September 11, 2009

It’s okay by me…




And that wallpaper should tell you all you need to know about why we didn’t take many pictures in our hotel room in Las Vegas.

Shoes are here. They’re pretty reasonably priced, and i bought them with the intention of keeping them. But i just didn’t actually like them once i tried them on, so back they went.


Coming Down

September 9, 2009





September 7, 2009

It makes me wet just looking at the hot hot micro-stiletto heel on these 4.5 inch cage sandals.




You can find them on Zappos. But don’t look if your shoe budget isn’t generous.


Beauty in Bondage

September 6, 2009