Sexy Secretary

September 24, 2009

See more pictures like this in my Flickr set.




We both adored these shoes. But they just didn’t fit right. If it were a matter of a different size, we would definitely have ordered them. But the back of the shoe was cut too low for the shape of my foot, and they just weren’t going to work. So very sad.


  1. I almost always love the shoes you have. And these pics are hawt! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s to bad these heels didn’t fit you right because they look so HOT!!!! Beautiful pics as usual.
    Kara 🙂

  3. Wow. Beautiful shots.

  4. […] sub tales of submission and shoes « Sexy Secretary Secretary Bound September 26, 2009 That secretary was too sexy for her own good… […]

  5. Your sets and shots just continue to get better and better. I love your art!

    • @ brookepuppy

      If you’d ever like to be part of the art, Master says he’d be happy to photograph you (privacy assured), if you were interested.

  6. Pic#2 of the Sexy Secretary series is my fave. Your sexy toes, and a hint of pussy lip peaking out of your lacey undies…I have to stroke my cock in tribute…as soon as I get home…

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