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Coming Down

September 9, 2009





September 7, 2009

It makes me wet just looking at the hot hot micro-stiletto heel on these 4.5 inch cage sandals.




You can find them on Zappos. But don’t look if your shoe budget isn’t generous.


Beauty in Bondage

September 6, 2009



More fun with clothespins

September 2, 2009


Sunday afternoon of our last visit, my Master had me lie across his lap on the couch. He’d laid out a bunch of toys on the coffee table, and proceeded to give me a nice firm spanking, mostly with His hand and with the paddle. When He was done He had me flip over on to my back and hand him the bag of clothespins.

i can’t remember if i was blindfolded or just had my eyes closed, but i breathed through the pain and thanked him each time as He started putting clothespins on me.  He was playing with me, asking me where i wanted them, threatening to put them on the places i don’t like them. In the end, He’d circled my left nipple with clothespins.

“How many clothespins do you have on right now,” He asked. i thought about it, and said “Six.”

He expressed surprise that i got it right, and mock-disappointment that i’d ruined His fun. And then He set out to make sure i’d get the answer wrong the next time. He started putting more clothespins on my right breast, taking them off the left, and adding new ones too. But He was tricky about it – He’d pinch me with a clothespin but not leave it there, put one on and leave it for a bit then move it somewhere else. And this time He did put one right on my nipple, ‘which was even more distracting than all the rest.

Then He stopped and asked the question again. “How many clothespins do You have on now?”

i’d completely last track of any counting i might have been trying to do, so i tried to count as many little spots of pain as i could, and how long the whole thing had been going on, and said “Thirteen?”

This was the wrong answer. But only briefly, as He quickly added enough more clothespins to get me up to 13.  Leaving me writing and panting and breathing as i thanked Him for them.

My memory gets pretty hazy about then, but eventually all thirteen came off, and eventually i got well and truly fucked as i could feel their sting, and the lingering sting in my bottom from the earlier spanking.

Thank You, Sir.