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November 25, 2009

As soon as my Master sent me a link the image below, i knew it was only a matter of time before He was going to have me order one. And then, just a matter of time before our next visit and i would be wearing it.

i was right, of course, and the shoe gag now sits in my bedside table, waiting the three weeks until i’ll be seeing Him next. In the meantime, He’s instructed me to write about my thoughts about it.

From the first time He sent it to me i’ve gotten pretty turned on thinking about it. Mostly because it’s just such a perfect fantasy fulfillment device for Him, and i know it’s going to make Him so hot and so happy to see me like that. That desire to please Him combines with my own feelings, which are, shall we say, less enthusiastic. i don’t like gags. They make my jaw sore, and i really can’t stand the way they make me drool – it’s so gross! Plus, i know that we have another D/s event coming up in a few months, and given His love of exposing me in different ways, i suspect i’ll be making an appearance in public wearing this. Which will be embarrassing and humiliating.

But in that strange way that D/s works, the equation “desire to please” plus “dread, angst, and fear of humiliation” equals really hot. So every time i think about that thing, i get butterflies in my stomach and wet in my cunt. Which is, of course, exactly what my Master would like of me, so i expect He’s pretty pleased right now.



November 24, 2009



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November 20, 2009




November 18, 2009


It’s one of those visits where i get to the hotel first, and am standing in the corner awaiting Your arrival. i hear the door open behind me, and i can’t help a smile flashing across my face, even though i’m trying to be focused and serious. i continue to wait patiently as You move about the room putting Your things away. i hear and feel You got closer and i’m anticipating the feel of Your hands on my body. But all You do is reach around and place the ball gag in my mouth, do up the strap behind me head, and leave me standing there.

i don’t like the ball gag, but i try to get past that, to find submission and inner peace and just go with the flow, but soon my jaw is aching and the drool is collecting and dribbling out, and i begin to fidget to try to distract myself from it. That’s when You come up from behind me, pull me over Your knee, and begin giving me a hard fast spanking. i’m trying to cry out, but i can’t because of the gag, and soon barely noticing the gag because my burning red ass is demanding my attention.

You push me off Your lap and place me on my knees in front of You. i’m sweaty and disheveled. My makeup is running and i have streaks from tears on my cheeks. You undo Your pants and release Your hard smooth cock, right in front of my eyes. You ask me if i want it, and i nod between shuddering breaths as a try to catch my breath and reorient myself. You reach behind my head and undo the gag, and i only have a second to try to swallow all the drool that’s collected and stretch my jaw before You’re pressing my head down onto Your cock and fucking my mouth.


Just a peek…

November 15, 2009


And then a little bit more.



So strappy

November 11, 2009


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On display, Kinky Kollege version

November 9, 2009


Saturday night my Master dressed me up and took me down to the dungeon. It was time for another round of putting lyn on display.

He scouted around the dungeon for a good place to do it, and ended up settling on a wooden platform. He pulled me shirt open and pulled my panties halfway down my thighs, then had me pull my skirt up and hold it there. Topping it all off with a blindfold, He left me there on display.

Although there were many more people around than the last time we did this, i didn’t feel nearly as conspicuous. For one, i was slightly more clothed than last time. But mostly it was that i knew there was a lot of action going on in the dungeon, and wondered if anyone would even notice me there. In my fantasies about these scenes there’s a sign inviting people to help themselves, or a box of clothepins in my outstretched hand, but my Master chose not to push things in that direction.

i posed like that for a while, then started when my Master slid up to me and whispered in my ear. Unlike last time, where i was leaning up against a wall, this time i was standing free, and because of the (very sexy, but uncomfortable) boots i was wearing, i found that i was having a really hard time maintaining my position. i told me Master all of this, and He had me switch to the position You see in the picture above – sitting on my butt, legs spread, cunt wide open and exposed.

Once again, He left me alone. i didn’t know if anyone was looking or noticing. Certainly no one was interacting, as they had at the other club. The norms of dungeon etiquette call for observing from a distance and not interrupting a scene, so without a clear signal that interaction was desired, there wasn’t much. At one point i did hear someone say “Is she yours? That’s fucking hot,” so it was nice to know i was being appreciated. Every so often my Master would slip up and kiss me, but i immediately recognized His lips.

Then, THUMP. THUMP. All of a sudden, things changed. The platform i was on shook a little bit as hard boots hit the wood on either side of me. This was not my Master, i was sure – He just doesn’t move like that. And when all of a sudden my mouth was being devoured by a very different pair of lips, then i knew for certain that this was someone new.

Female, i quickly decided, as she growled a little in my ear, sniffing me along the way. Lips still on mine, soon her hands were exploring my body, pinching my nipples and making me squirm, and even straying down to my exposed nether bits.

i figured that a total stranger wouldn’t be so forward, and that this had to be the one person i knew at this event, a blog reader named Roxi that i’ve corresponded with via email on and off over the years. We’d found each other at a panel earlier in the day, and then connected in the dungeon when we’d arrived, but she was busy DM-ing at the time. So, 80% sure that it was her, i tried to quiet my feelings of “oh my god, what’s happening!?” and just enjoy the ride.

And what a ride it was, as my Master soon joined in on the fun and i was treated to two pairs of hands taking liberties with my body, two pairs of lips taking turns with my mouth, two nipples being sucked at once. At one point i could tell from the shifting of bodies that the two of them must be kissing, and i was suprised but pleased that my Master was getting some of the fun too.

Nipple kisses and sucking turned to biting, and i was squirming and eeping as i am wont to do in situations like that. Such a mix of emotions – nervous, excited, aroused, unsure – all swirling around in my head at once. Before long, my Master took off my blindfold and i had my suspicions confirmed. It was indeed the hot and sexy Roxi. With a big grin on her face.

Having anonymous fun turn into known person made me suddenly go shy, but we all shared a few more kisses after i retreated into the known safety of my Master’s arms. And then, the night being young, she slipped off to her next bit of fun, and my Master helped me pull myself together so we could figure out what we wanted to do next.