A Fairytale History of Master and lyn

Once upon a time there was a boy named Master and a girl named Lyn.* Lyn and Master were friends, and then one day, Master decided that he might like to be more than friends with Lyn, and told her so. Lyn was surprised, but pleasantly so, and decided she was interested in exploring this idea with Master.

And so the two became lovers. They were both married, and in open relationships, and both of their spouses blessed this new liaison. For a time, all was poly heaven.

Too soon, Master’s wife decided that she didn’t particularly like Lyn, and things became somewhat stressful for all involved. But Master and Lyn carried on in their secondary relationship, and while it was no longer poly heaven, there was much happiness. Although this happiness was mostly secret, as Master is very protective of his privacy, and was not comfortable with most people knowing about his relationship with Lyn.

Several years after Master and Lyn had begun being more than friends, they began to playfully talk about Lyn being Master’s sex slave for the weekend. While they had played around with a little bit of spanking and bondage in the bedroom (as most couples do), Master wasn’t sure that he was interested in the kind of D/s play that Lyn was interested in. But after doing some research, and realizing that if he were Lyn’s Master he could make her dress as pleased him and do horribly wonderfully kinky things with her shoes, he decided that he did want to try this D/s thing after all.

And so it began. By the end of the weekend, Lyn was wearing Master’s collar, and they had begun a new phase of their relationship, one that would bring them closer than ever before. Lyn and Master’s agreement with their spouses did not include sharing with them the details of their sex lives, so they were not told that Lyn and Master were no longer just secondaries, but also Master and submissive.

Lyn and Master grew ever closer, and Lyn became lyn, and began a blog where she could post pictures of herself doing horribly wonderfully kinky things with her shoes.  Then the day came when lyn and her husband could no longer deny that their relationship had been effectively over for many years, and decided that it would be best to part ways.

So now lyn is on her own, independent, and in the eyes of most of the world, single. Master, on the other hand, is still partnered and intends to remain so.  They love each other deeply and truly, and continue on as they have, with lyn as Master’s submissive fucktoy slavegirl (but also so much more than that). Occasionally they – especially lyn – struggle with balancing their desires with the constraints that their lives place upon them, but so far they both believe that having only what they can have is better than not having it at all.

* Not their real names.


  1. I hope you both will eventually find true happiness with out without each other.

  2. I love your words and understand your life well and I have recently encountered same flavor of things.

    I decided I rather be happy some of the time than be unhappy all of the time. So I am going off in my own world. my Master enjoys your blog and had shared much with me from your site. There is alot I feel we are very similar and have in common I am a shoe emelda without a doubt.

    I keep my strength up every day and feel I am a strong sub, and would love to forge friendship if it is acceptable to you.

    I do not speak to Masters I have no need to however, but I do feel a deep need to forge friendships kinship with other subs.

    Peace to you and your journey I wish as much happiness as this life can bless you and for myself as I also am beginnning my life in the same fashion.

  3. Fantastic images

  4. I AM discovering your blog, and it is a genuine pleasure, after reading few post to know Y/you better as you wrote it here…
    My slave is also a shoe kink… she could do horrible things and risk bad punishement for having an opportunity to have another pair of
    I AM sure that your blog will please her very much.
    hers is http://esclave-959-672-577.blogspot.com.
    your shoes and images are brilliant !
    Best Regards from France 😉

  5. MMMhhhhh sorry the right url is



  6. […] here due to following a link from love our lurkers day please stay and take a look around. Read my Fairytale to find out some of back story. Or check out the office slut stories. Or just look at the pictures […]

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