Thinking about sex

August 4, 2008

i knelt for You. i was tired, and still frazzled from my hectic and emotional evening. But i tried to just give You my focus and thoughts and not get distracted. i thought about You fucking me, of course, because i love the feeling of You inside of me. i thought about what You wrote about it being hot for You to know that i would spread my legs for You even if i wasn’t going to enjoy it. That still scares me a little bit, but is hot too. i mostly thought about sucking Your cock. i thought about how each time i see You i get better at doing it the way You like it and get rewarded by feeling You react to my attentions. i remembered that first day of our last visit, when i was sucking You in the chair, and You pushed me off so You wouldn’t come and You could fuck me instead. i remember how the feeling of Your cock changed in my mouth as You were about to come, and how slick You were, how the taste and texture of You changed, and how incredibly hot that was to feel.


  1. I take it you are doing a series of short posts? What good discipline . . . so far so intense. I hope they help connect you to your Master and ease your mind in the evening. 🙂

  2. Good guess, but not quite! Every night i have to meditate and sometimes follow other instructions. Then the next day, i have to write to my Master and tell Him what i was thinking about. Sometimes He likes them so much He has me post them, and that’s what these last two are about. We send each other so much email that it’s easy to lose track of things we want to read again, and that’s really why we started this blog in the first place – to have a place to put them.

    So things that are tagged “nightly” just mean that they were part of my nightly rituals.

  3. That’s sweet. 🙂 We send each other so much email too–at one point we had a private email account and we’d send stuff that we both wanted to read there. It certainly has enough material to be its own blog. And I certainly know all about the difficulties of keeping track of the most precious things–I was the designated secretary. 😉

    Lovely nightly rituals–thank you both for letting us have a peek into them.

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