Body Betrayal, Part 3

December 30, 2007

(Read Part 1 and Part 2)

This series is called Body Betrayal, and my day of utter debauchery had started when, the night before, my body had betrayed me with a surprise orgasm. Late at night after that day of debauchery, my body betrayed me again with another unexpected and unsolicited orgasm. But perhaps it was inevitable, given the evening i had…


Home, dinner with my family, got my son to bed. All the while wearing panties damp with my own piss and the cunt juices that continued to trickle from my hungry hole.

My Master had greatly enjoyed hearing about me sucking the piss out of my panties, and told me to do it again and this time to take pictures of myself to send to Him. i put my butt plug back in, drank water, read sex blogs and played with my nipples, and when the tension of my need to pee became inseparable from my sexual tension, i went into the bathroom. i sat on the toilet, rubbing my nipples and pissing through that same set of panties, then took a series of pictures of myself licking and sucking my piss and juices from them. When i finished, i took off the panties, balled them up and put them in my mouth, keeping them there until i finished uploading all the pictures and sending them to my Master. Panties in my mouth, butt plug in my ass, only my cunt was empty, and i was suddenly overcome with desire to stuff those panties up my cunt. i SMS’d Master for permission, and He gave it to me.

The panties were sopping wet from piss and saliva. My cunt was sopping wet too, and it took no effort at all to push that g-string up into my cunt. i left a little string poking out and took a picture to send to my Master. it was getting late by this time, and i kept the panties in my cunt as i moved around the house gathering up my toys and tidying a little before going upstairs to bed. Every step squeezed moisture from the panties and sent it running down my legs.

i was still wearing my big butt plug. i’d had it in most of the day and it was glorious. In fact, what had once seemed like such a big plug and such effort to use now seemed too small. i had told Master that earlier in the day and He had promised/threatened me with a larger one, a thought that pushed my arousal even further. i do have one toy that is bigger than that plug, and it is the big purple dildo that is my favorite to masturbate with.

i texted my Master, begging His permission to try to fuck my ass with that dildo. i wasn’t sure i could do it – it’s actually a little bigger than His cock, which i have yet to take in my ass, and it seemed ambitious. But i was needing and craving to feel fuller there, so i was thrilled when my Master gave me permission to do so.

But first i went to the bathroom to piss once again, with the panties still in my cunt. When i was finished, i slowly pulled the panties out of my cunt, savoring every inch and the shivers of sensation it sent through my body. Then i stuffed those sopping wet panties in my mouth again, savoring the sweet sour musky flavor of my cunt juices for a while, then rinsing them out and throwing them into the hamper.

My ass was tingling in time to my cunt in anticipation of the big event. i knelt next to the bed and took the butt plug out. i lubed up my purple dildo and reached behind me. i prepared myself for some pain, but there was only the mildest stretching sensation and the dildo slid right into my ass. “So fucking good” i texted to my Master. i put a pillow under my ass to hold the dildo in place, and fucked my ass with it by moving my ass up and down while playing with my nipples.

i reached into my drawer and pulled out a pair of clothepins, clamping one onto each nipple. i was so aroused and so high from my arousal that they barely hurt going on. And i wanted them to hurt, wanted that pain to mingle with my pleasure and the agony of my arousal. So i set out to leave them there long enough that they would hurt. i knelt and fantasized about my Master’s upcoming visit, and imagined Him doing all of these things – and worse – to me. It hadn’t been long enough yet, when another thought occurred to me. The perfect way to pass the time waiting for my nipples to go numb under the clothespins was… to put on more clothespins. So i did, adding another 5 to each breast and taking a picture and sending it to my Master when i was done.

i took the clothespins off in the reverse order of putting them on, so the pain intensified with each pair. My nipples were last, and i inhaled sharply and moaned when they came off, and immediately started rubbing them to intensify the pain of the blood coming back in. All while i was fucking myself with the dildo in my ass.

Completely spent, i put the clothespins away and went into the bathroom to take the dildo out and clean up. i was completely high and shaking from the endorphins and my arousal. i made it it back to the bedroom and collapsed into bed, then pulled myself to kneeling to meditate for my Master. i felt every inch of my body filled with my submission, and the knowledge that my sluttiness and degradation and desperation would please Him very much.

And then i tried to sleep. But i couldn’t really, and when late at night i found myself awake, i decided that i should continue to tease and torment myself for my Master. i was lying on my side, thighs together, hips rocking as i rubbed my nipples. i had time to think “i should probably stop doing…” when – damn it all – another unplanned orgasm took over my body.


i was so angry at myself for allowing this to happen. it’s going to be a very long time before my next orgasm, i know. And the regret i’m feeling about it now is going to pale in comparison to the regret i’m going to feel when my Master is through with me. i don’t know yet what my punishment will be, but i’m already dreading it. While at the same time looking forward to it as an opportunity for forgiveness and absolution.


  1. And another ‘wow’ from me.

    i have found myself glued to this series of posts to see ‘what would happen next’.

    your submission is so beautiful, and i love reading about it.

    Of course, i have to say, i am so curious as to what the punishment will be, but can so relate that the punishment is also such a reward to us as we get the opportunity to show our submission once again.



  2. i’m as curious as you are about my upcoming punishment, slave2js. Curious, and terrified. i don’t think i’ve ever been quite so trepidatious about a visit before. Master says He likes me that way – makes me more submissive, He says.

  3. […] i thought about wanting to pee my panties for You again, and suck out the pee, and wad them up and stick them into my cunt for You. And thinking about how incredibly hot that experience had been, my orgasm hit and i was begging […]

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