In search of pervertables

July 15, 2010


i’m in the midst of writing a new office slut story for my Master, and i always get really really turned on while i’m writing. Fortunately, the night i finished my first draft of the story, my Master’s instructions were for me to masturbate. i don’t want to spoil the story for when you all get to read it, but it involves Lyn being really stretched to her limit, and after writing all that, i wanted some of that same feeling for myself. But i only have my regular dildo, so i had to think creatively to find something i could use to fulfill my need to be stretched. i did find something, and here’s what i wrote to my Master about it the next day…


i was really aroused when i went upstairs, and rushed through my bedtime preparations so i could go masturbate for You. i looked around the bathroom to see if i could find anything to meet my desire for a thicker masturbation toy, and my eyes set upon my mousse canister, which was just a little thicker than my dildo. i had another mousse canister in the drawer, and that one was a little thicker yet, so i took both of them into the bedroom.

i’d been rubbing my nipples downstairs, so i was already feeling pretty wet. i lubed up my purple dildo, and it slid right into my cunt. i masturbated with it for a little bit, just stretching myself a little, then lubed up the smaller of the two mousse canisters. i was thinking about the images from my story, but also just turned on by the sluttiness of using found objects to masturbate, and by that feeling of wanting to be stretched and full. i pressed the canister to my opening, and it wasn’t quite going in. So i buzzed the vibrator on my clit to help it along, and it slid right in. i almost came right then, it made me so hot. i liked the firmness of it, and the cold, and the stretch of feeling it against the sides of my cunt. i masturbated with it for a bit, using the vibe off and on, stopping before i got too close to coming.

But i knew i wanted to at least try the bigger one, so i took it out, and lubed up the next size. It was quite a bit bigger, and i stretched my legs wide to try to open myself as much as i could. Buzzed my clit a little, but i was so close that i stopped, and just concentrated on trying to get it in. i never did, because a few seconds later i started coming just from all the sensation at my opening – i didn’t have anything on my clit. Rather than fight it, i just grabbed the vibrator and rode out a long long orgasm.

Then i had to get up to clean everything up and put it away. My cunt was very wet and slippery from all the lube, and i could feel the stickiness between my thighs as i returned to bed and knelt for You, wondering what You would think of my story and my size queen sluttiness, and looking forward to connecting with You today.

(and i’m aroused all over again now, just writing this, and fantasizing about You instructing me to masturbate again and not stop until i get the bigger one in next time.)

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