Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 8

September 11, 2008

8. When you receive instructions via e-mail or SMS, you are to carry them out immediately, given the realities of your day. You are to promptly write me with details when you are done, including photographs if required, or an explanation of when you can do them if you cannot.

Anywhere, anything, anytime. That is what i’ve promised You, and i try to deliver it by following this rule. Sometimes when instructions come from out of the blue i’m not in the right head space. i might get a little frustrated, really not feeling in the mood to wear a butt plug, for example. But i give myself an attitude adjustment, remind myself that i serve You best by obeying You immediately and unquestioningly, and do what You have asked of me. And then thank You for the opportunity to be of service.


  1. I adore these shoes! May I ask what kind/style they are?

  2. They’re RSVP brand. You can get them from Zappos.

  3. loyalty, obedience

    they’re beautiful things

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