Apparently, i’m objectionable

September 17, 2008

My blog is now behind the blogger “Objectionable” content warning page. Which would be fine and and not bother me at all[1], except that it’s totally messing with my site stats. Since people hit that page first, and then move onto my actual blog, i’m not getting any information about my referrers. Everybody is counted as coming from no referring link. And well, i’m a bit of a stats slut, so this is pissing me off!

Do any Blogspot bloggers on my list have a workaround? Or does anyone have a recommendation for another host that’s not going to do this? Is migrating to WordPress the answer? Do tell, oh intertubes…

[1] Cause well, i really can’t argue that some people won’t find pictures of me fucking myself with a shoe objectionable


  1. WordPress.com is an awesome alternative and you won’t be behind a silly content filter. Of course I’m an advocate for having your site viewed they way you want and relying on personal responsibility rather than forced censorship so… go with WordPress.com šŸ˜‰ I’d follow you there and you can import all of your posts and even your comments I think. The stats is also awesome.


  2. Sensual Writer isnt bad either, from what I’ve gathered but Im with lunKM, I have my own domain.

  3. I luuurv wordpress. Ultimately I think having your own domain is the best answer, but WordPress can get you up and running quickly, and I believe it can also import all your blogger posts.

    Hope you find a comfy place to hang your . . . er, shoes!

  4. I am on the bandwagon….Wordpress rules. I switched from Blogger to WordPress and got my own domain. Its so much more fexible.

    However I did try to transfer my old blog to the new one without success. So my last post on the old one is a redirect and I have a link on the new blog if anyone cares to see the old stuff.

  5. are you kidding?

    shit, if i see “this site is unsutable for…” i’m already hard!

    and your site defiantely falls into that catagory. i say wear it as a badge of honor.!

    btw, i have little contest on my blog, stop by and say hello!

  6. Thanks all, for the WordPress recommendations. i’ll probably migrate over there soon.

    exile – i’m not bothered by the content warning itself – badge of honor indeed. But i’m really annoyed by what it does to my ability to track activity on my site.

  7. “Cause well, i really can’t argue that some people won’t find pictures of me fucking myself with a shoe objectionable”

    Heheh, it probably says something about me that I found that line hilarious!
    I’m about to jump the blogger ship, too, and move to WordPress. I think I’ve outgrown blogger…

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