Welcome to my new home

September 23, 2008

i’ve recently moved to a new home in real life, so i guess this is as good a time as any to move long-distance sub to a new webhome too (since blogger has decided i’m objectionable). Please update your links to point to: https://longdistancesub.wordpress.com.

Welcome to the new digs, and stay tuned for more tales of submission and shoes.


  1. Here’s to your online and RL housewarmings . . . and other-bits-warmings. ;o) I wondered what you’d been up to–glad you found a nice cozy home at WordPress.

  2. i object to you being objectionable!

    so now that i’m visiting you on your new site, does this mean you’ll be visiting me on my old one? hehehe

  3. Ain’t blogger a pain in the ass?
    If you’re interested, there’s code you can use that’ll redirect automatically to here…all you have to do is make sure that the permalink format here matches format over at blogger…
    If your permalink over at blogger included the DAY, you’re good. If not, you need to make this one match and it’ll work.


    I also used info from this place, for inserting a little popup that says “you’re being redirected, blablah, update your links, etc”, as well as information on how to remove that blog from being followed in Google so that there’s not duplicate content in Google. http://laffers.net/howtos/howto-redirect-blogger-to-wordpress
    ( to see what I mean by that popup you can go to my old blog, http://dangerouslilly.blogspot.com)

  4. Thanks a ton, Lilly! That was relatively easy easy to do and the results are amazing. Greatly appreciated.

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